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Should I Dye My Hair Green Help

I dyed my hair GREEN! Help!?

ok so i bleached my hair from light brown to a medium shade of blond. Then i dyed it with grape kool-aid and instead of turning purple, it turned GREEN! I followed instructions on how to dye my hair with kool-aid but i cant figure out what i did wrong or if i just didnt buy the right color of kool-aid. Is there anyway i can use the rest of the grape kool-aid to turn that part of my hair purple?

Can you dye red hair green?

My friend dyed part of her hair red with Manic Panic about a week ago. Now she wants to go green. Is it safe to bleach the hair before she dyes it, or, can she just dye over the red with the green? Thank you very very much for your help.

Help I have dyed my hair and i got a green tint to it what can i do?

Usually the green tint is caused by having to much of an Ash tone in the hair. If you want to try and neutralize it you're going to have to add a warmer tone to the hair or dye it again just using a straight color with no toner in it.

For instance if you go to Sally's and buy some hair color make sure its not an Ash color. If it has a small tint of red that would be best to cover the green. or just buy a straight dark brown with NO tones and it'll cover it up and you'll have no tints in the hair.

good luck = )

What colors can I dye my hair to get rid of green?

What product can you use to colour your hair and remove the green.We will need a few details before giving you any advice because we're talking chemicals here.What product did you use to make your hair green? Did you use a hair COLOUR that said “ash” in the title? Or, did you use one of those high pigment fashion colours to intentionally have green hair?You can bleach your hair and remove all the pigmentation but you will have to fill it to make it brown. Filler includes adding the level's you have removed from yellow to orange to red to brown. You could use a red hair colour but I don't know what you have on your hair already so I don't recommend that you do anything until we know what we're working with. I'm a lisenced stylist so I can't give you advice without knowing all of your details. It's not responsible for anyone to do so.You may be best to go get it professionally done to correct the colour issue. You will get the best results that way. Make sure you tell them the name of any product you have used on your hair. When you last coloured it. Was it a different colour and faded out to the green results you have. A qualified colour tech will ask you the information required to help you out. Good luck with it. If you want to answer some of the questions I've asked you, please do. I will do my best to advise you to get the colour you desire. :-)

Will black hair dye cover green hair?

First, I have known people to get the green out of their hair with baking soda. If it works, it will be by far the cheapest method. Just make sure you use a lot of conditioner afterwards. Take your shampoo and some baking soda in your hand, and swirl it to make a paste. Put in on your hair and let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse.

Also, anti-dandruff shampoo might be harsh enough, if used a few times, to slowly get out the green.

If you can't scrub the green out of your hair, then dying it might be the best alternative. Although you might want to stick with a more natural shade a few shades darker than the blonde color you have now. Dark blond or brown would get the green out and look natural for school. I would suggest using one of the brands of hairdye that specificially go from lighter to darker hair colors, and that don't contain bleach at all.

If you dont mind a slight tint of red to your hair, adding a bit of red to it should definately get the green right out. You might even be able to get a temporary auburn color that might permanentaly cancel out the green, while returning your hair close to its current blond color. Red is the opposite of green on the hair color wheel, which should help cancel it out. However, only try this if you don't mind a bit of red in your hair. Even temporary red color can still potentially permanently leave a red tint to your hair.

The black might work, but if it fades, which it really might do after all that hair dye you've already put into it, (the hair follicles might not be strong enough to fully hold in all the color), it might still fade blue/greenish.

Goodluck. :)

Will ash hair dye turn my hair green?

I dyed my bleach blonde hair with wellas neutral light brown and its a weird like golden brassy tone. i don't like how the tones look on me. I have an ash hair dye and wella 50 cooling violet hair toner. should i use one of them? I don't want my hair to turn green.

My boyfriend dyed his hair green! Help?!?

So i came home from my vacation. And decided to drop by at my boyfriends house cuz i missed him so much. But when he opened the door, his hair was GREEN. I love my boyfriend so much! But i hate his hair now. He said to me over vacation that he was gonna dye his hair dark blue, like just a stripe from front to back in the middle of his black hair. And im just like. Okay that wouldnt look too bad, but now. I came home and his hair is green and fully covers his entire hair! I hate it! But he loves it, and i dont want him to be all unhappy or anything if i tell him to dye it back. So my question is how long does it take before his hair is back to just bieng black? Does it take a long time? He says its permanent hair dye. :( so i guess forever or what? I loved his black hait and now its totally gone :(

My hair is dark brown and I want to dye it green. I know I'll have to bleach it first, but people say it can damage my hair. Is it possible for me to dye my hair green without damaging my hair?

When you use bleach, there will be some amount of damage. Some stylists use products such as Goldwell’s Bond Pro, Brazilian Bond Builder or Olaplex. These mixed into your bleach will considerably lower the amount of damage done to your strands. When bleaching from dark brown, your hair will have to go through shades of red-orange-yellow-white. You don't need to be white white blonde, but definitely a very pale blonde. Any underlying color will affect the outcome of the green. Our hair is made up of keratin. The color of keratin is yellow. So when doing these fun fashion colors, some damage is par for the course. If done right, the damage can be as minimal as just using a permenant haircolor to lighten your hair a shade. So, go to a stylist that can help you get the green you want in the least damaging way possible.

I’m going to dye my hair blonde from red. Can you help me?

You will be bleaching out the color you have to go lighter and then perhaps adding some color to get the shade you want.