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Should I File A Claim On My Broken Car Window

My car window was just broken in. What can I do?

I was at a friends apartment complex tonight. When I left I noticed glass in my seat. Come to find out someone decided to use a bat or some other object of the same shape to beat in my rear window. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to steal anything due to the design of my car but of course I now have to replace a window. Must I pay for this myself or is it possible to get someone else to pay for it?

Typically Not.Each claim makes the insurance company incur a fixed cost, anywhere from $150 - $200 just processing the claim (even if they were to deny your claim).On top of that, there is the claim amount itself and the overhead of closing the claim.While I often fix broken windshields myself (depending on the damage), I am often able to source experts willing to do it anywhere from $250 - $400 including taxes and warranty, when it’s beyond my ability.The same experts charge 10% - 15% more than what they charge me when they handle an insurance claim because claims have higher overhead (documentation, delay in payments, need for followup)This means, that by doing the repair myself, or managing the repair myself, I am saving the system around me at least $150 - $200 per incident.So while it might seem I am being financially inefficient by not “letting the insurance handle it because that’s what I pay them to do”, I believe in:What goes around comes around.

Specific to UAE: Since you have specified that you have a dent on the backside of the car, most likely either of the below scenarios has led to this:Another vehicle has rammed into your car in a minor accident (if it was major, this question would be invalid - simply because the vehicle would fail the passing test at the annual registration renewal)Someone has dented the car with the malicious intention to cause damageYou have backed into a wall, pole, tree or other surface and have a dentIn all of the above cases, a police report is mandatory to file an insurance claim. It is to be submitted along with license and policy details to the insurance company for consideration on the claim.In scenario 1, the police will give the innocent car driver a green slip and the driver that caused the accident a pink slip. Mostly the pink slip is given to the driver that has bumped into the car ahead, even in cases where both drivers maybe at fault. If this is the case, the police officer will make a note of it on both green and pink papers.In scenario 2, depending on the police officers judgement based on the evidence, you could get the green or pink slip and in scenario 3, you will get the pink slip.The deductible you will pay to fix the dent and future premiums will depend on the recovery of the cost for the insurer.For instance, if you are not at fault at all in scenario 1, you can get the dent fixed without any deductible to be paid or any increase in next year premium.However, if you have a green slip with the note that you were partly at fault leading to the accident, then you will pay the deductible and also lose out on the discount from a Claim Free Year Bonus. This will be the case for scenario 2 (even if you have a green slip, since there is no recovery in an arbitrary claim) and 3 as well, with the pink slip.Whichever way the dent has occurred, I will suggest that you get it fixed via insurance because in the event that your car does not pass the inspection at renewal of registration - the insurance company will not entertain your claim and you will be left holding the bill for the whole amount to fix the dent at that point.To read more related information, please check Clear The Jargon and You Ask, We Answer sections on the below link:

Do you mean a window in your home? It would probably be a very unwise move to file an insurance claim over something as small as a broken window. The vast majority of people never file a claim under their homeowners policy. Only a minute fraction of people ever file 2 claims under their homeowners policy, and you definitely don't want to become one of those people, because if you are, insurance companies will not want to offer you coverage. Filing this claim would put you only one more claim away from being a pariah to the insurance companies. Putting claims on your record costs you. You don't want to do it unless there's a sizable benefit to doing it. For this reason, it's also advisable to have a large deductible. It will save you a significant amount of money on premiums, and will also keep your claims history much cleaner. It's best to regard insurance as something that protects you from a catastrophic loss, not a minor annoyance.

Broken passanger car window. Will insurance cover this?

Comprehensive coverage is what will cover a broken passenger window. Usually, there is a deductible. Since you spoke to Geico and told you it is not covered, then it is safe to assume that you don't have this coverage.

Never heard of a company replacing your window for free. Did you hear this from Geico? You may want to ask them again.

Also, you don't say what the year, make and model of your car is..
I can only assume it is an older vehicle as you are not insuring it for comprehensive and collision. If it's plain glass, without tint, it can cost any where between $150 - $400.....sounds like the other member on this post got ripped-off. $1,000-$1,500 is way out of around and you'd be surprised of the difference in prices....stay away from dealers....they don't give you any kind of break.

Good Luck!!

I live on a military base. My truck window got broken out on post. Where can I file a claim to get it repaired?

We've had things happen to our van and our truck on post so we've actually been through that and I'm not just guessing on what to do.. They paid for damage to my truck when a contractor decided to spray yellow paint all over the side of it because they where spraying the concrete in the motor pool parking lot. They also paid for damage to my van in my driveway (less than a year ago) from the idiot kids next door vandalizing cars (we weren't he only ones they did it too) Hail damage hasn't been covered by the Military for years now.

First an foremost DO NOT remove the vehicle from where it is now (where it got broken into or whatever happened) Second You need to call the MP's and have them file a report They will come, do a report, take pictures and ge the full story of what happened. If it was vandalism they will try and figure out who did it, if it was an accident like a rock off a contractors truck it's helpful if you know the companies name and the type of vehicle the rocks or whatever came off of. Once you have all that info and pictures done call your insurance company and tell them it happened. Let them know that it was on post, provide them with the report and they will tell you what to do from there. Usually they have you go and get it estimated and will fix it. They will charge the post for the repairs.

Will a claim for a broken passenger side window increase my car insurance premium?

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RE :Will a claim for a broken passenger side window increase my car insurance premium?
A rock thrown from a lawn mower shattered the side window in my car yesterday. Will my car insurance premium rates go up if I file a claim?
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Your insurance policy will likely cover fortuitous losses. A fortuitous loss is one that is unexpected and unintentional. Further to that, your insurance policy will either cover losses from all perils except those explicitly excluded or it will cover losses resultant from only a few specified perils. So the deciding factor in whether or not a claim would be payable (of note you can claim anything you want, you control that, the more important question is whether or not you have coverage for your claim) is entirely dependent on what caused the window to malfunction. If the window has failed because it was struck by a flying object or some other insured peril then you have a valid claim. If the window has failed due to some latent defect, deterioration, or lack of maintenance then you do not have a valid claim (all of these things would be deemed to be non-fortuitous and are generally expressly excluded from coverage). The insurance policy is not a warranty, it doesn’t cover wear and tear or breakdown resulting from normal use or operation.When deciding whether or not to advance a claim it is usually a good idea to check your policy to see what your coverage is. If you aren’t sure then you should contact your broker to discuss, as they should have a robust understanding of your coverage (if you don’t have a broker I strongly suggest you consider purchasing your next insurance policy through an independent broker). Remember, it is up to you to prove that your loss was due to an insured peril (we insurers will often do this for you but it is ultimately up to you) so you definitely want to know why the window isn’t working before you decide how to proceed.

My car was broken into last night, what should I do?

Last night I left my car over at my friends house for the night. I left the house and went somewhere else, not thinking anything would happen. The thing is, my friends neighborhood is really nice and expensive. But--my car is a piece of crap. It's an old cavalier. It's not beautiful, or expensive. I even have a huge dent in it.

The only thing is, I had a bunch of shopping bags in my back seat...good thing they're empty! The only thing they stole was some quarters and my favorite $50 pair of boots. And two shirts. (I changed into different clothes that night.) My whole entire window is gone too, and there's glass everywhere.

I am going to file a report, but will that really do anything? I just want to know who it was. Can they get fingerprints? Would they even waste their time getting prints? Cause I know they do that when someone dies, and obviously car robberies are common, so they might not. But can they?

I am really upset. I love my car, and I'm scared because a picture of me was out in the open--where it wasn't before. I can tell they were searching for something. It's a mess. I wish I could've seen them!! :(

Insurance fraud is a crime. In California it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Laws vary from state to state. So just don’t lie. However, if your windshield is damaged by something other than a collision then it will likely be covered by your comprehensive coverage. If you have comprehensive coverage it will be covered with out you’re having to say how it broke. But watch out for your deductible. I had a rear window broken in a smash and grab. My deductible was $500. The cost to replace it at a local body shop was $280. My insurance would have sent the car to the dealer who would charge $550. So if I made the claim I would have had to pay $500 and the insurance would have paid $50. I dropped the claim and had it fixed locally.