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Should I Get Paid For Doing Housework When I

Should children get paid for doing chores?

It depends - I personally believe they should learn to help out around the house without being paid. Things like sweeping and taking out the trash, keeping their rooms clean and everyday stuff should be expected. However if you want to pay them for some big chore like cleaning up the yard after a big storm or those not so everyday things I don't think it's such a bad thing. When I was younger my dad once paid us 5 cents a rock to pick up the rocks that the snowplows threw into the yard - he regretted it when he ended up shelling out almost $50 but we love it.
Also if they are trying to raise money for some thing specific I think it's a great Idea for them to do extra chores for money and learn the value of working for your wages.

Is it legal to do nude housework for pay?

Make sure you have a accurate job description of your duties and exactly what's expected from you because it would definitely be legal provided the employers fill out all the proper paper work required by what ever state you reside in and pay the taxes like social security, unemployment, disability and take care of with holding for state & federal income tax.
Good luck!

Is housework real work?

The quick easy answer is, yes. The longer answer is, three meals a their prep and dishes. Separating laundry, washing, drying, folding, hanging and putting up. Toilet scrubbing, always fun. Window washing, vacuuming, dry mopping, waxing floors and dusting, bed making, dusting, yard work…mowing, trimming, homework helper, tending to the pets, bill paying. Grocery shopping, other errands like post office or doctors appointments. This starts at 6am and goes until about 9pm and I’m on call those other 9 hours. Do I get paid it’s not a “job”..but work…try it let me know what you think.

If someone paid you to do housework naked would you?

Lets say she or he was over 80 years old and wanted it done while they were naked watching you. Would you still do it?.............I know I would I am very lonely, I got a telemarketing job just so people would talk to me.

Is it illegal for parents to make their children do housework, without pay?

Nope. That is called "training" and your parents are supposed to do that rather than let lazy teenager sit on their butts learning nothing. That is the whole purpose of learn the necessary skills of life under the guidance of their parents so that once they turn 18, they can become (hopefully) self-supporting and contributing members of society. Good luck and God bless.

What kind of housework is available for 7 years old kid?

My daughter’s chores are to clean the bathroom sink and vacuum the house.I pay her for this, and she keeps a small bank book with expenses and deposits and does the accounting herself. Deposits are in the range of $1 and expenses are chewing gum and candy. I think she has about $18 in her account now.Some people have disagreed with that saying housework should not be paid, but I find the best part about these chores is not that she does them (I usually have to do the finishing up where she missed) but that she has started to look for things that she can do in order to get paid. Supporting this takes ten times longer than if I would do the chore myself, but she is learning about money and balancing books.She is also learning to be an entrepreneur. She will ask me “Daddy, what can I do to make money?”I tell her “Think of something you think I need.”She ends up thinking for herself and asking “how much will you pay me if I…”Washing dishes (poorly)Watering the plantsWiping tables (that do not really need wiping)Folding other laundry (but that is not paid if it is her own laundry)Scratching my backWalking on my back as a massageTidy up my roometc.. - anything that has perceived value to anyone else in the house and that person is willing to pay for.When she was younger, we had her (without pay) “helping” to weed the garden. It was not much help, but it was fun to watch her try. If we still had a garden now, that would certainly be one of the jobs she could do and I would pay her.Usually we bargain for how much to pay. She will ask for high, I say low, we meet in the middle, but I tell her straight out that if I have to redo any part of it (of course I am very lenient if she was actually trying her hardest) the next time I will not pay as much.

Is it okay for parents to force their children to do daily household chores (without pay) when they do none themselves?

Hmmm…I am not sure it is following through on the job of parenting, which is to teach their children to be adults who are able to contribute well to the groups they belong to.However, are you sure your parents do no work around the house at all?I know that when I was 12 or 13, my mother started a business. She was the primary cook in the home, but I was given that task, as well as the task doing the family laundry.I didn’t feel like it was unfair. The business got the family a new car, and at the time I was proud to be cooking for the family, and I knew that cooking was just one of those skills a grown-up needed. In sober truth, being able to meal plan and cook with ease has saved my husband and I quite literally thousands of dollars over the years!I still hate doing laundry, but I don’t blame it on my parents. My mother, brother or I did the dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. Everyone pitched in with yard work. We heated with a wood stove, which was certainly a whole-family deal as well (which, to be fair, my brother and I hated and made complete asses of ourselves complaining about).Flash forward about twenty-odd years. When my son was in his last year of high school, my business got a large and time-consuming project. Making meals got dumped on him, as did laundry. My husband and I cleaned up after dinner.The whole household took an hour every Saturday morning to Clean All The Things (Dust, vacuum, change sheets, clean bathrooms and mop the kitchen floor). With all three (or sometimes four) of us pitching in, it often took less than an hour.What I’d internalized, and that I also wanted to make sure my son understood, was that household maintenance was a whole-family job. However, when my parents were working more outside the home, I did wind up doing more housework. That was certainly true of my children as well.If you want to talk to your parents about it, I understand. However, you might want to be very, very sure that you really know what they do. It might be they’re doing chores you’re not seeing.

Why am I doing my chores for free, when my classmates get money for doing chores? Why don't I get money?

I'm assuming you are under age so you live with your parents.Tell me, do your parents pay for your housing? Do they buy all the food? The electricity? Do they provide you with a cell phone and a computer? Do they pay for the internet? What about transportation, do they supply your transportation needs? (You know, a car or truck, gasoline and insurance). Do they buy all your clothes? Do they pay for your school (public or otherwise) and extracurricular activities? Do they give you spending money when you want to go out with your friends?Think about this seriously…everything they provide you costs money. Doing your chores “for free” is helping them offset the enormous cost of raising you.You know, when my nephew complained of this very thing (he still lives with us), my husband and I broke down how much all of that cost per person in our house. We suggested that, if he didn't want to do chores “for free”, we could give him an allowance in return for doing those chores, but, we expected him to pay 1/3 of all the bills each month. His share of the bills, obviously, was far more than his allowance so he wound up owing us a great deal of money. He never got to spend his allowance on anything but his share of the bills and STILL owed us.You think your parents are being mean or unfair. I think your parents are doing a great job of preparing you for life away from home.