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Should I Just Give Up On Her And Move On

Should I just give up and move on?

I wouldn't say move on, but don't make her your priority. If you reply immediately to every message like a whiny little pup she will not respect you because she knows you are watching your phone 24/7 waiting for her.
You need to make yourself unavailable. Don't reply for a day when she texts you next. Just leave it 24 hour minimum and see what happens. If she is into you, she will become more attentive the less you contact her. She does it to you and you're going crazy right? Familiarity breeds contempt so be hard to get. If you lose her, no great loss.
BTW when you ask her for a date, be specific. She needs to be able to visualise the event in her mind. Tell her the activity, location, day and time. eg. coffee at Starbucks tomorrow at 8pm? If she can't make it, she can at least counter offer - 9pm is better.. but something vague like lets have dinner some time.. yeah sure. If you feel ballsy, if she asks you to do something for her, just say you can't because you're doing something trivial - taking the dog for a walk. i.e. you're saying the dog is more important than her. Women hate not being your priority so don't be shy about blowing her off from time to time, she'll hate it, but it'll increase her interest in you.

Should I just give up on her and move on?

YES. No woman/girl is worth your health — mental or physical. By their own admission,women are squirrelly. Freud was correct in asking “What do women want?” Even in the early decades of the 21st Century we still don’t know. Many times it feels and seems like women want just a world filled with women. As the saying goes, “Men may as well be on Mars.”The best thing to do in any situation is to move on. That is not necessarily giving up. It is simply recognizing the reality of the situation. Move on to a relationship in which you do not have to always be knocking your head against a wall.

Should I just give up and let her go?

When you really love someone it means  not only that you give unconditionally everything you got, that you can give. But also means that you truly accept and respect that person, including her decisions about her life, the decision to believe in your relationship or not, the decision to see her life with or without you. The feeling that we can't stay without someone it comes from pure dependency we create on a person, the unconscious desire to possess someone.As long as you work on self respect, loving and caring "You" in the first place, recognising that you are indipendent. You will see that the right people, the people who care are the ones that will enjoy you in your life.I hope she is the one and that she find many good reasons  to come back, if she don't, than keep loving her even more as you peacfully let her go and wish her a happy life.5 Ways To Forgive And Forget - Peak Performance Success Coach

Shall I just give up on her?

I've fell quite hard for this girl i've been talking to recently on msn and occasionally a hello in college.

She is shy, but i've catched her saying hello to other people on myspace, so it can't be what shes like to everyone.

she has never started a conversation with me on msn, It's always been me and her replies sometimes take quite a while.

My problem being is I really like her now, But i need a way to move on.

Should I delete her from my msn and not go on myspace for a week or two?

Or should I give it as long as it takes then accept it was never going to happen.

I'm really confused!

thanks if you read all that and reply!

Should I just move on and forget about her?

I went to pick up my girlfriend for our date. She was not ready so I talked to her mom Ann for a while. Ann told me her computer had a problem and she could not get her email and ask me if I know anything about computers as she was desperate to get her emails. I inspected her computer and it had a virus. I went to my car and got my laptop computer and copied an anti virus program to Ann’s computer and it removed the virus. To say ANN was happy she could now get her email is an understatement. She was overjoyed. She said let me give you a hug to show you how much I appreciate you fixing my computer. She gave me a hug and much to my surprise she also gave me a kiss. WOW. That is a great way to say thank you.

Then the totally unexpected happened. My girlfriend watched her mother kiss me and said “Our date is off. I will never kiss someone my mother has kissed”.

Should I just move on and not try to explain this problem was not my fault.

Please give me some advice on what I should do.


Should I give up on her since I'm moving?

If I were you, I would move. Here is why: 50% of marriages end up in divorce and you are talking about someone 'whom you are attracted to and have talked a lot'. What is the probability of this working out in the long term? 10% / 20%?You have 'a bird' in hand - that is the reason you are moving.On the other hand, if she is someone you will regret 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now; then ask her to move with you? She will likely not agree because she also knows the '10%/ 20%' data point that you know.

Should I give up on the girl whom I love and move on?

You should give up under the following circumstances:When you do not love her enough, to fight for her. Love is a potent emotion, and many of us tend to confuse it with infatuation, or a crush, or lust, or a mere liking. You need to gauge the depth of your feelings.When she does not have feelings for you. You have tried, but she has made it clear that she only sees you as a friend. Have the maturity to understand this, respect her decision, and move on. Don’t be like Devdas and spoil your life or, worse, like Rahul Mehra from Darr.When she is already in a committed relationship. Here you have to be prudent. You have no right to break apart what she has with her partner. But, observe. Is she happy? She could be in a toxic relationship or a healthy happy one. You know what to do in which case. She might be your ‘happily ever after’. However, never try to have what cannot be yours. Never coerce.When there are certain external factors involved, not in either of your control. Or when either of you do not want to control. This could include family pressure, distance, or morbid concepts of caste, religion and the likes. Here again, depth of emotions play a role. You can overcome all obstacles if the love is sincere and strong.When you love her a lot, but do not have the courage, or the will, to make efforts and face all hurdles. Please give up now. If you are incapable of this, then you will be unable to sustain the relationship, if you ever get into one.Cowards are not the ones who suffer in love. Cowards are the ones who do not fall in love, as they are too afraid to suffer.But always remember…Giving up does not mean you are weak. Sometimes it just means you are strong enough to let go.

When is time to give up on getting your ex back and move on?

I'd say if the person has constantly denied you, they stopped replying to you, blocked you on social media or they drop the line "I just want to be friends". My main advice when it comes to situations like this is if you break up with someone, you should immediately in your mind focus on moving on. I know you are like whaaaa...., just bare with me for a second. Usually when people break up they are utterly confused about what they're feeling and they don't really understand the actual status of their relationship. If someone has lost interest in you or you just keep having trouble linking up. You may have to look within and discover whats up with you, is your picker off(do you pick bad mates), do you date the same kind of people, are you insecure, are you emotionally ready for a relationship? etc. When you and your significant other breaks up, you have to focus on improving YOU! yes YOU the person reading this behind the keyboard. Make yourself better, it may catch your exes eye or it may make you potentially better for your next mate. Work out, study, use the internet learn something new, become an interesting person, keep yourself constantly changing and evolving. Ultimately, each relationship is unique and different so it's not always possible to know when a relationship is actually over. There is a lot of turmoil, emotions and words spewed back and forth, I say take it one day at a time and gauge the situation, focus on you and it will all come together. Remember your ex is focusing on themselves right now, if you want them thinking about you, you need to improve yourself and do what you need to do to change the dynamic of all future relationships you may have in your life.

Should I apologize to my crush or give up and move on?

well seems like your guy friend knows what he wants already but things can change. I think you should apologize and try to be a good friend to him and let him know why you acted the way you did. He will then understand why you acted that way. You should also tell him if that situation with your family happends again then you wont flip out on him like you did last time. Tell him you made a big mistake and you learned from it. Don't try to be with him right away though. Just tell him what I just said and then say well you think we can be good friends again? I think he will say yes. I dont see why he would say no. Then after that be as close as you can to him as a good friend. Enjoy the time you are with him and just always be happy around him even if he seems to like another girl. Remember that girl that he likes has a BF so he should eventually just give up on her because that girl is going to be talking to him about her BF and tell him how much she likes him and how much she misses him and blah blah..He will eventually get sick of it and then he is going to realize how much fun and how happy he is around you and then he will start to realize he likes you. Its all a game. Just play it and you get him to like you. Just dont treat him like a BF if yall arent together. Treat him as a goood friend first and be there for him when he needs you too. Remember this too "Love makes the impossible possible"