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Should I Move Out Or Stay At Home A Little Longer

How long is a little while in your world?

depends on the context. eg when I say to my wife
"Going to the can for a little while": 10 to 15 minutes
"I'll do the dishes in a little while": 1 to 2 hours
"I'm going to the bar for a little while": 5 to 8 hours

by the way your sister's taters are perfect for serving Tequila shots

I'm 22 years old. Should I move out or stay home for a little while longer?

Our culture is weird about living with your parents. Because we use to live in a world where you turned 18 and either got married or otherwise moved out of the house. That was then.

The world is a different place..people return to living at home when they are 50 years old because of the poor economy/divorce/just because they want to and they go back to school at all ages. So, no, 24-26 is not too old to live on campus.

Forget about age. You are very lucky to have many options in front of you. Financially, living at home makes the most sense. And don't feel weird about that. When you look around the world, people live with big extended families throughout their lives.

Be smart, realize things are radically changing all the time and do what's best for you. Good luck, keep up the great work!

Should you move out of your parents’ house during college?

It is probably a good idea to move out. Unfortunately with today’s economy and jobs situation and housing and unemployment and food banks and the whole demographic lifestyle situation, many post-grads are going back and moving back home in with their parents and other relatives. This could be in the house, in your old room, in the attic or basement or garage, etc. Some post-grads even live in “guest houses” or such on their parents’ property.It is good to get out of the house during your four years of college. You need that development time and aire of freedom, irresponsibility, opportunity to either do good and better things and/or get in trouble. Some say that college helps one find oneself, but that is not necessarily true any longer. It may be years or even decades before you find yourself. Our society is just no longer set up like assembly lines pumping out teachers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. There is no cookie cutter process any longer.At least get out of the house and live in a dorm and/or apartment and have both the freedom and responsibility of looking after yourself and maybe someone else and picking up after yourself, doing the laundry, dishes, cleaning, and basic functioning. You will be far from learning it all in college, but there are some good things about those four years. If you can grasp and take even just one thing out of those four years, you may have gained something for your life.

Too poor to move out on my own, too old to stay with my parents?

I am twenty years old and a junior in college. Because of a medical issue I can't work full-time but I do go to school full-time. I never went away to college and now I am seriously regretting it because my parents are driving me crazy.

Everytime I leave the house, even if it is just to get gas they want to know where I am going, how long I will be and who I am going with. I understand they want me to be safe but for the love of God, I am twenty and I don't drink or do drugs or party and they know it.

My parents never go food shopping so whenever I go to the store and get myself a bag of chips or a drink or something they eat/drink all of it before I ever get a chance and they don't replace it! I started hiding my food in my room and guess what, they open my door when I am not (without my permission) go in my room, watch my TV, eat my food and who knows what else they do in there. I know this because my door is always left open and I always close it before I leave.

Everytime I get home my mom is asking me to do a laundry list of things for her: takes your brother to the video store, go get my medicine for me, massage my neck, go find my glasses, empty the dishwasher, answer the phone, do this, do that. One day she even asked me to stay home from my college courses to help her with her job.

My parents are not old or uncapable of doing things on their own and yet I end up doing everything in the house. My dad also seems to hate my guts and calls me stupid all the time when I am nothing but nice to him. Every night I come home and ask him how his day was and he doens't even turn around from his desk to say hello to me. My brother is 13 and in his rude teenager phase.

Whenever my boyfriend comes over we can never get alone time because my brother is always all over him. I am at my ropes end.

What do you do when you're too poor to move out but too old to want to stay?

Moving out for community college?

If you really can't live at home, another option is to find a community college that offers dorms, and live on campus. Here's a list of ccs with housing:

That's not a complete list, but it'll get you started. Look for a cc in your home state, so you get the lower, in-state rate on tuition.

It's more likely you'll get enough financial aid to cover housing if you live in the dorms, rather than off-campus. So this is something to keep in mind.

Another option is to live in an apartment with other students from your college. Most college students do this, if they live in an apt, because you can split costs with your roommates.

Moving out at 18. Tips? suggestions? Previous experience? anything will help.?

I turn 18 in 5 months and I plan to move out. I have a job and saving up money for a car and insurance. I want to become completely independent from my mom. My dad isnt in the picture I havent seen him for many years. My mom is driving my up the wall and being insanly controlling and manipulating. I want to move out now but legally and financially cant. When I turn 18 i SHOULD be able to financilly. I have a job now and my plan is to save as much $ as possible, move in with friends to a cheap apartment, buy a motorcycle (cheaper and more mpg) and insurance and pay for my own cell phone and own everything. Any tips on how I should do this? Advice?u