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Should I Re-stretch My Ears

Why can't you stretch your ears if they aren't fully healed?

First off, can/can’t implies one’s ability to do something, and nothing’s STOPPING you from doing much of anything—it’s CIRCUMSTANCE that should represent a deterrent. So the operative term then becomes “shouldn’t”—you SHOULDN’T stretch your ears if they aren’t fully healed. Now, with that established, let’s reconsider the question and broaden the spectrum: why shouldn’t you play soccer if you a broken leg that hasn’t healed yet? Why shouldn’t you chew solid food right after dental work on a chipped tooth? Why shouldn’t you scratch a new tattoo?Because it’ll hurt like hell. Because it impairs the healing process. Because it can impair the body’s ability to do what you’re asking it to do (in some cases permanently). Skin is elastic, like a rubber band, but, like a rubber band, if there’s a tear in it and you try to stretch it beyond its capacity, it’ll snap. Like so many other things, the area is only as strong as its weakest point. If you demand too much too quickly you risk tearing your piercings or suffering a blowout.

Query on re stretching my ears?

It really depends on how well you took care of your ears last time you stretched. If you have tons of scar tissue, it will probably be more difficult. However, you can take a little time now and work on softening up your lobes before you stretch again. Try some gentle massages with vitamin E oil.

Some people recommend periodically downsizing a little, leaving your plugs out overnight, and just giving your ears a break for a while. This, combined with oil massages, can help promote healthy circulation and break down any scar tissue (which will make it easier to stretch, and likely easier for the holes to shrink again, if you decide to go back down to a small size).

If you do stretch again, make sure you take your time and give your ears enough time to adjust.

What causes infections in stretched ears?

There can be a whole lot of causes But the most common are:1.) the jewelry you're wearing is of poor quality and should be switched out for something that is implant grade2.) you're stretching too fast which causes small cuts on the inside of your ear leading to infection. Adding poor quality jewelry on top of that will highten the chance of infection3.) the tools/ jewelry you’re using may be dirty. treat stretching like a fresh piercing. You want everything to be 100% clean and sterile.

How long does it take 00 gauge stretched ears to close?

That's difficult to gauge (haha), as healing differs for everyone. Fortunately 00 gauge is certainly big, but not huge when compared with other ear projects. You're looking at perhaps 3 to 4 months, or a few months more, depending on how fast of a healer you are. A very slow healer, like someone who is chronically ill, (like me), could take closer to a year. I'm pretty sure the first estimate, maybe a month longer, is how long it took my brother's 00 ears to heal.I can't guarantee that in the end they will close completely, nor look like regular ear lobes. My brother's closed completely, but it's obvious looking at him that he stretched his ears. Again, having a smaller gauge to close, relatively speaking, will benefit you. It will probably be noticeable, but your lobes won't be terribly disfigured. They might have some of that "bunched-up skin" look. But there are no promises. You may heal perfectly, you may have odd lobes. There are plastic surgeons who do correct this, although of course this is elective surgery and costly. But really, fuck the critics. All our ears look different these days.Help your ears along by keeping them clean. If that's not enough and you want to micromanage your healing, look online for diets for healing. They aim to give the body nutrients it needs to recover; just like if you were healing from a broken arm or prolonged sickness. I personally feel a regular healthy diet works just fine, but there are those out there a bit more intense than I.

Downsizing Stretched Ears and Re-Stretching?

My ears are currently stretched to 9/16" (14mm) in which it's taken me about just over a year to get this far and I'm contemplating going to 5/8" (16mm) although I wasn't sure if it's worth downsizing and re-stretching from about 00g (10mm)?
My lobes are very healthy and plump but the inner part of my lobes in some spots my mum likes to say look like cat butts so I'm not sure if I have stretched a little too quickly. I rub emu oil in them everyday and rest them at night. Ever since I stretched from 00g (10mm) I've dead stretched obviously waiting quite some time after they were healed and were ready to stretch again.
Will I see the benefits of downsizing for now back to 00g (10mm) and starting the stretching process again?
Thanks in advance x

Downsizing and Restretching ear again ?

Hi, so a week ago I downsized to a 2g from a 0g because after the stretch to a 0g my ear kept hurting and bleeding so I downsized to a 2g(I only stretched my left ear), after downsizing I babied it with Jojoba Oil and Seasalt Solution, massaged my lobe and cleaned the jewlery daily.
It looks pretty healed now and it doesnt hurt or bleed anymore, I was wondering when I can restretch back to a 0g, I use plastic tapers from Hot Topic by the way.
Thank you for your time (:

Are acrylic gauges safe to use while stretching ears?

Acrylic really isn't a good material to use for stretching, or for wearing in general for that matter. The problem with acrylic is that it can't properly be sterilized, breaks down over time & cracks, & is often toxic, & the heat from your body can cause it to break down & leach those toxins into your skin. When it comes to body modification, you'll get alot of people that will insist that because they used it & nothing (seemingly) bad happened to them, it therefore won't happen to anyone, but unfortunately this is not true as we are all different. A great alternative for stretching would be single flared glass plugs. Many piercers recommend glass for stretching because it's nice and smooth & slides in easily & comfortably, can be properly sterilized, won't cause any allergic reactions, & comes in all sorts of neat colors & styles! Glass is my personal favorite for stretching, plus it's very affordable which is nice because I certainly didn't have the money to spend tons of money on plugs I would only be wearing for a few months anyway.

How long is ear stretching supposed to hurt?

I stretched me ears from 12 to 10 a few hours ago and it stung pretty badly, and my ears felt like they were on fire, so I took out the 10 gauge plug and put my 12 gauge claw back in.
It's not supposed to even hurt, right? I think maybe I stretched too quickly. I waited about 3 weeks in between my stretches. Should I have waited longer?