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Should I Really Do This With My Hair

Do I REALLY have to wait 72hrs after my perm...?

Do I really have to wait 72hrs after my perm before washing it or even WETTING it? I've heard both that it doesn't really matter, and the stylist yesterday insisted on my not washing it, but I forgot to ask about wetting it in the shower for instance... Please help I'd like to wet it and put a little leave in conditioner in the ends, but I obviously don't want to ruin my perm that took 6hrs to complete yesterday....

Should I really scrub my scalp when I wash my hair?

Yes, that's what I've always heard the pros say. Otherwise you can damage sensitive hair follicles. I never use my nails. But I do use my fingertips to gently massaging my scalp after I apply conditioner in the shower. I don't even slide them, though. I simply put them on a particular area and then use a slight squeezing motion to stimulate circulation in the scalp. You may want to bend over while you're doing this so the top of your head is pointing down. This brings even more circulation to the scalp while massaging, as well as being very relaxing.

I've been using this technique for years. It can't be hurting--I still have a full head of thick hair at an age when many of my peers are beginning to lose theirs. Of course, part of that is genetics. But at the very least, you'll increase the circulation to the scalp and give yourself a few moments of deep relaxation.

Should I really have to argue with my dad about my hair?

I feel for you. This is a tough situation. At your age, I tried dying my hair purple, and my parents vetoed it within the day. So, I understand when you say you feel trapped, frustrated, and undermined; those are perfectly valid feelings to have. I know you are awarded precious little freedom at your age. And, I agree that your appearance should be entirely within your realm of choice.I'm a father now though, and I can understand your father's feelings too. You are his baby boy. He's seen you grow up from a little rolly-polly ball of cute pudgy babyness into who you are today, standing on the cusp of manhood. It's tough for a father to see his handsome little boy become a man, and it's only natural that he would want to share his opinions with you on how a man ought to present himself--even his hair.That said, your dad is being a bit immature about his own feelings concerning your chosen style. Your dad is standing behind a defensive shield of jokes and mockery. I imagine that what he truly wants to convey to you is very simple: he thinks you look handsome and maybe even a bit dashing with shorter hair. He's likely proud of what a nice young man you are, and he wants the world to see all that greatness he sees in you.So, although I know it's rough, and I know your dad is not really trying to see your side of the argument, please do try and step into your father's shoes for a moment. If you could see things from his perspective, you might understand his behavior better. In fact, just ask him why he feels the way he feels about the hair style you prefer. He may skirt the question, but he might also tell you the truth.Lastly, I've found that growing up is partly about understanding that one's parents are humans with faults of their own. Your father sounds like he is being insensitive about your feelings. This may be one of his faults, and you may have to learn to accept that, move on, and find a way to love him for who he is, not who you wish he would be. And hopefully, with the example you set in mind, he can do the same for you. Right now, your dad is acting a bit childish, but so are you. Stay calm, be rational, and attempt to understand your father's feelings through introspection and dialogue. Do all that and you'll be acting like the adult in this situation, no matter what your hair looks like.

Should i dye my hair?

No - Your hair looks pretty good.

Will "hair food" (grease) really make your hair grow faster?

hi guys i'm sure add certain point in life you guys have probably experienced either a bad haircut will you want to chase after some sort trend and youbad haircut? getting into a trend? how can you make your hair grow faster [1] want to go ahead really fast regardless if you have shot along hey it's always good to know what to eat and how to take care of your hair so it can grow fasterhow to naturally make your hair grow fasterthe first let's talk about head on average a hair grows about half an inch a month, your well being your help and genetics play a big factor on how fast hair,everyone will growth ahead whether it's colleen long should trade everyone grows, at a paste some might be faster so much slower few ahead some i have a lot of hair we also lose about a hundred strands per day so just because you're losing head doesn't mean that you're not growing so each had pretty much has a life cycle so it will stay in your head for about 90% and then the 10% of it actually falls off andrew and the new harry osborn you're pretty much going to constantly lose hair and grow hair you know at a certain rate there are fewFootnotes[1] how can you make your hair grow faster

Does soaking your hair in black tea really make it a few shades darker?

Black tea has a natural ingredient which is a bit making a dyeing effect. It darken hair while it adds shine and pretty highlights. Simply brew two cups of strong tea and use to rinse damp shampooed hair.Do be aware that very strong black tea can cause tan-like staining of skin.

But using it alone does not make a notable diference in the hair shade. However if it is mixed up with other natural ingredients, it is very effective. There is a combined natural ingredients which we had proven effective in making hair look darker, gives benefits of increasing the bulk of hair, prevents hair falling, and even makes hair growth faster.

You may be interested to try with his natural mixture:
** A cup of "black henna,"( but look for the brand which is a mixture of henna and indigo as this doesn't cause allergy.). This can be availed from Indian stores or any oriental markets.
**2 cups of plain yoghurt.
**10 strong black teabags.
**a cup of water

Soak or brew the teabags in plain water until the water turns very dark. Use such water to mix up with henna powder, and yoghurt. Mix it well. The tea and yoghurt acts to make henna release its dye. Apply it in your entire hair and wrap your hair with a towel leaving it for 6-8 hours. Wash your hair the usual way you do it with your prefered shampoo. Once your hair gets dry you will notice the difference of its color and glow.

It is said that henna coats each hair shaft with a natural, semi-permanent protein called hennatannic acid. Heat causes the hennatannic acid to cling to the proteins found in the hair. Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind and pollution in the environment. It can help minimize split ends and acts as "hair insurance" if you spend a lot of time in the sun, surf or wind. Rather than producing dramatic color changes, henna enhances and deepens existing color.

Just be sure you are compatible with using the henna, and yoghurt as you know smells a bit sour but all the smell will be gone after the hair is washed. Do this once or twice a week and I assure your hair will get healthier.♥

I found a site using henna for hair but it uses diferent ingredients including tea as well. Check this out: