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Should I Room With My Girlfriend Next Year College

How can I make friends in college next year?

Being incredibly stable friends would not advise you would be incredibly stable roommates. It relies upon a great style of despite in case you have the comparable attitudes appropriate to here: How sparkling your place ought to be (it fairly is extensive -- in case you have diverse standards, it's going to be incredibly tough on the friendship). regulations in direction of travelers. Hours. (If one in each of you likes to make noise and social gathering late, and the different desires to examine or sleep, it fairly is a persevering with source of conflict.) nutrition and ordinary sharing: in case you the two the two elect to eat communally, and proportion the expenses and procuring; or in case you the two agree you do no longer elect to do this, and you like the comparable meals, then it's going to artwork; otherwise, back, substantial source of conflict. Ditto with issues like sharing outfits, track, home equipment, and each thing else. think of approximately all of the flaws that folk who stay mutually could desire to have comparable needs and perspectives approximately. in case you think of you're like minded on all those themes, then clarify all that. yet once you're no longer the comparable in all those techniques, hear on your buddy. The roomy wreck up is annoying for a friendship to stay to tell the story, as you get incredibly mad on the different individual once you're incompatible and stay mutually. attempt to verify the place she thinks the themes will come from, then be trustworthy with your self approximately despite in case you're incredibly like minded.

Should I go to the same college as my girlfriend?

You didn't specify how long you've been together. Nor did you say whether you're trying to share a room with her. Either way: 1) Do not dorm WITH her. Living arrangements with your SO may seem like a fun idea but ask yourself if that's the situation you want to bind yourself to. Be aware there is such thing as too much time spent together. Value the time you get to spend together instead of trying to spend ALL your time together. 2) Beware of protectiveness. It's a bad sign if you're worried about her coming into contact with other men. She needs to be her own person with her own space. You should not control her social interactions any more than she should yours. This ends up bad. Trust me. 3) Stop copycatting It sounds like you probably set your classes up so you're in a couple of the same classes. For future reference don't do that. Remember that your priorities are what classes you are taking at times that work for you, not WHO is in your class. Same with commuting/dorming. You guys can do your own thing.. and it will probably be more healthy that way.

Can I room with my girlfriend in college? (I'm gay af) or will they kick me out?

Generally friends can arrange to share a room in most colleges. They don't need to know your sex life.

Attending college next year should I room with my best friend?

All those issues that are endearing once you do no longer stay with somebody replace into rather stressful once you do. I roomed with a competent chum...we are only civil now. of course each now and then it works, and from what i've got seen, it many times works greater useful with men. in the past you pick in spite of if or to no longer room with one yet another, you ought to take a seat and communicate on the topic of the regulations you're able to have. some issues you men ought to talk: -priority for whilst somebody has an examination (have faith me, once you pick sleep/quiet the nighttime in the past, you somewhat do no longer pick to be sexiled or subjected to an impromptu social gathering) -the full sexiling ingredient in many circumstances... -Noise/reading time -What time ought to you somewhat ought to close up and make the attempt to no longer be noisy so the different man or woman can sleep additionally, are the two certainly one of your girlfriends going to that college too? because of the fact otherwise, that argument would not delay.

Should i go to a 4 year college?

OK I see on your list of priorities you want:
to feel accepted
a girlfriend
good friends
a tennis team

Nowhere on that list do I see anything about a career. Remember, the purpose of spending so much on an education is to develop a career. If you don't take your education seriously, your bachelors degree and all that money you spent will be useless.

Furthermore, going to a community college at this point will also be pointless. If you have enough credits to transfer, then a CC will most likely not benefit you in any way.
My advice is to go back to the university and focus on your studies most of all. You can play tennis, but remember why you are actually there in school.
Those things on your initial priority list WILL come with time, but they will likely not come with time if you're not able to turn your education into something useful and instead just try to coast with what's easiest in your life.

Next year I will be attending college, and I need to know whether or not to room with one of my bestfriends?

I think one of the biggest things is to make sure your living habits are compatible. Does one of you get up early and one sleep in? Is one messy and one neat? If you're different on those kinds of things, it's hard to live together because one person is likely to get frustrated with the other. Also, make sure if you DO decide to live together, that you take time to make other friends. Spending time with different groups of people and not with each other 24/7 will help keep you from getting sick of each other. The girlfriends thing could potentially be a problem. If one person's girlfriend is over all the time, if the girls don't get along, if one couple breaks up and the other doesn't. These are all things to consider. Finally, if you do live together, yes, I think rules can be helpful. You might want to consider a personal "quiet time" for when lights stay out, and headphones go on so that the other roommate can go to or stay asleep. Buying food can be a big problem for roommates when one is always grocery shopping and the other eats everything in sight. Finally, I'd decide on a good problem solving method. If you guys have a disagreement, you should have a way to let each other know non-confrontationally and work it out. Honestly, I think it's a lot easier for guys to live together with a good friend. Girls can be catty, jealous, selfish, and competitive. So it's easy for one to get her feelings hurt when the other girl is getting invited to things she isn't, or the other girl is making her uncomfortable by making noise, having people over, etc. Good luck with your decision!

Should I room with my best friend next year when I go to college?

Being really good friends doesn't mean you'll be really good roommates.

It depends a LOT of whether you have the same attitudes about the following:

How clean your place should be (this is HUGE -- if you have different standards, it will be really rough on the friendship).

Policies toward visitors.

Hours. (If one of you likes to make noise and party late, and the other wants to study or sleep, that's a constant source of conflict.)

Food and general sharing: If you both either want to eat communally, and share the costs and shopping; or if you both agree you don't want to do that, and you like the same foods, then it'll work; otherwise, again, major source of conflict. Ditto with things like sharing clothes, music, appliances, and everything else.

Think about all the things that people who live together need to have similar wants and views about. If you think you're compatible on all those issues, then explain all that.

But if you're not the same in all those ways, listen to your friend.

The roomy break up is hard for a friendship to survive, as you get really mad at the other person when you're incompatible and live together.

Try to find out where she thinks the problems will come from, then be honest with yourself about whether you're really compatible.

Should I room with my best friend in college?

I realize that this question gets asked a lot, and is usually met with a big fat NO, but hear me out.

I have been friends with this girl since we were ten years old. We were best friends through middle school, and spent a lot of time together. Then we got to high school, and definitely had our own friends, but I still knew she was my best friend and that at the end of the day, I could go to her with anything. We didn't hang out 24/7, but it didn't matter.

Then, sophomore year, I moved to Hong Kong. Most of my friends basically dropped contact with me, but not her. We've stayed in contact for the whole three years I've been away. When I come home to visit, she always makes sure to see me, but gives me plenty of time with my other friends.

Now, we (by the forces of fate) will be going to the same school next year, and I'm really torn. On one hand, it'll make the whole transition SO much easier for me. But I worry about being tied to her, you know?

Help? Thanks.

Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?

I have been friends with this girl for almost 2 years now. We met in college during freshman year and we are part of the same friend group. Anyways, we have definitely gotten a lot closer over the past few months and I am starting to think she wants to be more than friends. We hang out in a group setting all the time and stared to hang out alone a lot more. We go out to parties together and I usually sleep over in her room the past few weekends because her roommate moved out. We've been on one date already and it went really well. I asked her on a second date in which she accepted, but due to bad timing with school and other issues we haven't been able to go out. We talk everyday and I enjoy spending time with her. However, last night she seemed upset with me. When I asked her what was wrong she said "I was hard to read." She said it's frustrating because she doesn't know where I stand. So I told her how I felt and that I would like to be more than friends. She responded with pretty much the same answer when I asked her. So my question is should I just ask her to be my girlfriend or should I go on a few more dates? I try to move slowly, but I think if I wait, she's going to start distancing herself away from me. We won't be able to go out on another date until early December due to timing issues mentioned earlier. We are going to a hockey game this Friday so I was thinking maybe just ask her after the game?