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Should I Say Something To Him

Should i say something to him?

Instead of getting other people to say it for you, say it yourself. It's sweeter, and it shows that you mean it. Don't worry about what to say. If he means everything to you, it will be easy and it will come straight from the heart. You should explain, you don't want him to feel pressured by anything of what is being said...
Don't be affraid of rejection. it only holds you back, in life.

Answer mine, please?;...

Should I say something to him?

Well he already tried to cut off communication with her by blocking her and you were still mad. You overreacted. He's right, he cannot control who messages him, he can only control his response. If he wasn't doing anything to encourage her he didn't do anything wrong. TBH, he really didn't even need to block her, I mean unless she was sending him sexual messages or something. He could have just politely responded and said "I have a GF so it's probably not a good idea that we chat much, but thank you anyway." And it would have been completely harmless.

Jealousy is very harmful to a relationship. Unless you have good reason to suspect your partner is being deceptive in some way, you can't react to every little thing. And the more you accuse someone of cheating it almost drives them to do it.

If I were you, I would ask to meet up, talk to him and apologize for being out of line and that you should have more trust in him. After that its up to him what he decides to do.

Should I say something to him?

Talk to him! Express your feelings! :)

Should i say something to him?

So the guy i like, let's call him tom. Tom really really liked me a year ago but he's two years older than me and he was being really stalkerish and i was afraid of him. My friends were all trying to keep me away from him because he was so stalkerish but i secretly had a little thing for him aand talked to him anyway. He kept dropping hints and flirting with me and i let him down kinda hard =/ we still talked though. Now a year later we still talk all the time. He has a 'girlfriend' see he's never actually met this girl she lives in a different country and he met her online. She seems too pretty to have an online bf if that makes sense. But see he's fixed that she's coming to see him in a couple of months. I'm worried she may be dangerous. I've told him a lot but he just gets angry or else jokes it off. Other than being worried, I selfishly want him and i think ( it may come across as snobby) that i would be better for him than some online gf. He talk's to me all the time and when we see each other we'r barely away from each other, i mean hugging and sitting next to each other and straying from the crowd and stuff. He acts a lot like he likes me and everything yet he's still with this online girl. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Should I say something to him? Or not?

Tuesday's the last day for one of my classes. There's this guy I talk to/sit next to that I haven't completely gotten to know, but we've had short conversations here and there, and we worked together on a group project for another class.

Anyways, should I say something to him? Like: "It was nice meeting you." I mean, I have a feeling we wouldn't be friends or anything like that, since he's never asked me to hang out.

And if you guys suggest getting his number, I already have it from working on a class project with him, and we're friends on facebook.

Should I say something to him?

Okay, where to begin. When I was 15 I smoked and got high and hung out with girls other than my girlfriend. You have to trust him, if you can't trust him its not worth being in a relationship with him. I know you don't like his smoking but cigarettes are addictive and thats his life style choice he is making. You can influence him not to smoke by not smoking your self, that has always worked for me and not making it okay to smoke around you. And its a good thing to try to stop him because smoking is bad and addictive and if he stops now he has a better chance not to get addicted. But remember you cant make him quit. he has to want to. SO my answer is don't let him smoke around you, be a good influence, communicate with him that you are uncomfortable with him getting high with this girl. Don't expect hhim to quit, because he probably won't but there is nothing wrong with trying. Just tell him you care about him and the money he spends on cigarettes he could buy other things, like take you to dinner and a movie or saving it for a car, make a deal with him if he quits offer something in return. if all else fails if you thin you are going to see this guy for awhile get him an electronic cig. You have to 18 to get it and a kit usually runs 100 bucks and it does still have nicoteen but it helped me quit and alot of people. good luck with your relationship but keep in mind your 15 and you are probably going to have alot more boyfriends come and go so I would'nt worry to much.

Should i say something more to him?

i was texting this guy that i like that i met while playing volleyball at a party. he told me that he was going to play volleyball tomorrow and then i started to ask a few questions about it, and he sent me full texts explaining this stuff and where it was at, etc. so, my question is, do you think he was telling me this so i would go and watch the game? or not? do you think i should text him and suggest this and if so what should i say to him?

oh, and one more thing, he's already said many times that we should hang out sometime but we never have yet. i'm 16.

My dear friend , There is a poem written by Kahlil Gibran called "On Marriage"In it the last stanza goes like this"Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.And stand together yet not too near together:For the pillars of the temple stand apart,And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow."You have to respect her personal space . Love her more than any one else in this world and expect very little in return and only then you will find happiness as soon as you start to think about the returns of your love and you lay down criteria in your affair soon you will find her drifting away into someones hand, Never ever criticize about your girl friends friends or relatives, of course she will react to that. Its totally natural. what would you do if your girl criticize about your friends. In love there are no two scales of measure but only oneFight less- When you fight actually you are feeding her topic to start a discussion with her friend. when you have less fighting and more romance she don't have anything to discuss with him and you will have her backWe cant take people for granted we have to earn them. good luck

*10 points* Should I say something to him first?

Our mutual friend tried to hook us up, I ran away like a little girl because I was super intimidated.

Otherwise he doesn't talk to me, after the truth came out now he is back to staring, the stare is so deep that it looks like he wants to f*** me. Now he doesn't speak to me.

Before it looked like he was ignoring me, and going to weird length to do it.
Honestly its confusing the heck out of me.

What do you guys think, any comments would be appreciated? *10 points*

Should i say something to him? please help me!?

okay so i broke up with my bf a couple months ago but we still talk and are friendly and stuff. but i know that we definitely rushed into the relationship when we went out, [for example he didn't know my last name]

and like i know i wasn't 100% myself around him, and i have changed for the better definietely

and now that i know him better i discovered that i like him again. i wasn't planning on worrying about but then i hung out with him yesterday and it set me back 2 steps and now i really like him

i don't want to ask him out or anything i just want to like apologize for being a sucky girlfriend and tell him how i feel and how i know that we probably won't go out again and stuff.

so my question is: do you think that's a good idea[to tell him how i feel and apologize] ??????

thanks so much!