Should I Still Be Friends With A Married Man

Should a married man have any female friends?

Couples can have other couples for friends. But a man and woman or a woman and a man, cannot be friends. God did not design us that way. There is a sexual attraction regardless and if the right time would ever present it self, a man and woman will step over that line. A married man should "WANT" to do things with his wife, if he wants to hang out with a female. And "vice versa" double standard here!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Can a married man and a single woman be friends?

Yes, they can be friends. Hang out after work, drinks, lunch...all the time. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The wife should always know when he is with her and where they are at. Why would he want to spend time with his female friends away from work (when they spend so much time together at work) instead of spending time with his wife???

Should married men have female friends?

If you want a successful marriage, then no, not really. Anyone that tells you different is single or hasn't been married long.

BTW, I had a opposite sex best friend from 5th grade to high school. We tried to stay best friends after we both married, but quickly realized that it was causing too much anxiety with our spouses. We are still friendly, but we never do things together alone together--our spouses are always there with us. My wife is my best friend now.

Can single women be friends with a married man?

Don't do it. If he's befriending you alone, there's an issue. He will turn to you eventually. Same thing happened to me, I started to ignore him. I wasn't interested in him, but he left his wife for me, her and I were still friends after because she trusted me, she knew I didn't want her husband. I was disgusted, he was 39 and I was 18 at the time, two years ago this was. Since I was also friends with his wife and ended up meeting her at some point and plus we got along great, I found it to be a no go zone for me anymore.

Can married women have guy friends?

Yes you can have male friends. But most of the things in this world comes as conditions apply. Similarly the same conditions go even in the relationships sometimes. There is nothing wrong in having male friends provided there is a limit to that relationship. When your husband gets to know that the guy was you friend in the past the one thing that immediately strikes is your friend was a part of your life that your husband does not know about. Not only your husband most of the husbands are like that it creates a curiosity in them to dig more into your past. Knowingly or unknowingly the old friends general laugh around at many things about their past that their spouses do not understand. Such things create a sense as if they are being alienated from the conversations, their minds do not rest unless they are informed back what you guys really laughed at in the past. It creates a sense of insecurity in many husbands if they are possessive about their wivesI personally have witnessed many of my friends had their girl friends in college who stopped talking to them after they got married. They had nothing in between them expect friendship but they have opted to stay away from talking. The same implies to the guys, they try to cut down the contact with their girl friends if there is a pressure from his wife.Most of the husbands are never comfortable if their wife maintain contacts with their guy friends in the past. I do not say your husband is right but he is not equally wrong also, the same thing goes in most of the husband’s minds. If your husband is good in other aspects except this one then I will suggest you to trim down the contacts with your males friends. You can just keep them limited to Facebook messages or occasional phone calls. End of the day your husband is the one whom you really share the relationship, friends can only stretch to some extent and help us. If you husband has become over possessive and if he is troubling you he seriously needs some counseling. But if he is only feeling bad about it do not worry it is a quite common feeling. There is nothing wrong in maintaining the contacts but you might need to limit them. Same thing implies even to men also.

Can a single girl be a good friend with a married man?

Details: They don't meet at all, just text as friends.Depends on the content of the texts. If he is acting as a mentor, and the career he is mentoring her in is clear, then sure.A married man texting with a single girl, without a clear goal, is a recipe for future problems.

My girl slept with married man before us, and stayed friends with him.?

Well, you already know your "baby girl" lies, cheats and has no respect for a committed relationship since she decided it was just fine and dandy to sleep with a married man a number of times, while at the same time knowing the wife and being able to look HER in the eye. What does that say about her? Do you really think she won't justify sleeping around with someone else if things don't go perfect for you two, which it sounds by your story that it's heading there quicker than you can whistle Dixie. Sure, she didn't make the vow to the wife, but she participated in the lying and sneaking around for sex. Your relationship with this woman has red flags flying all over it. My advice, get out now while the goings good and you're still young. You could drag yourself to the depths of hell with this one.

How often should a married man go out with his singles friend?

It's one thing if a married man has good friends that he goes to sporting events with or fishing and hunting and things like that. As far as a husband going out with buddies to the bar and all of them drinking and hanging in strip clubs they are asking for trouble. You may trust your husband but it's the beer with naked women and enticing friends that you have to watch out for. It's true that strippers are only out for the money and that's what they want from the men that patronize these places but what about the lose skanky women that hang out there to looking to hook up with a man if he is married or not? Single friends have no boundaries and have nothing to lose or a serious relationship they can hurt so I would encourage you and your husband to find some other married couples that you both have things in common with. This is only my opinion though and only you know what you are comfortable with sweetie.