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Should I Take Adderall To Get A Quick Edge

Should I take Adderall at 5 AM?

My recommendation is that you do not take Adderall for the SAT, I know from my own personal experience how it can harm you more than hurt you on timed exams. Everyone I know who has taken it finds timed tests more difficult because you worry so much about perfection. What you should have done what taken it as a study aid, and then gone without on test day.

However that wasn't your question, but I thought I would just say that in case you wanted to re-take the test in the future. As for your actual question, an empty stomach will make the Adderall high kick in harder, and a majority of the time faster. It's too bad you couldn't experiment with it earlier to see your exact times, but my recommendation from personal experience is to take it at 5AM instead if you have an empty stomach, and if you didn't eat past 6 or 7pm tonight you could probably wait until 5:30 or 6 to take it. I wouldn't go to sleep, simply because it will be a restless sleep due to the amphetamines. You don't have to worry about being tired during the test because the Adderall will wake you right up, and it should last the duration of the test.

Good luck!

A quick question about adderall?

It isn't going to help you at all, you have completely missed the point of adderall, but yes you can divide it up. It is in little beads like that because it is the time release variety. You can just pour those out of the capsule and divide it in half and swallow the beads (if you want to be a total brazen idiot, you can crush them up and snort them!). The time release mechanism is not in the capsule, but in the beads themselves. If will not hit you all at once unless you crush up the beads, which is a bad idea. It isn't going to be of much help, but knock yourself out.

I was in a similar situation as youAderall is not an Advil. This is a seriously powerful drug and should only be used as a last resort.If you…Meditate every dayExercise regularlyEat a healthy wholesome diet with minimal sugars or bad fatsHave healthy relationships with friends and familyActively and meticulously work on your concentrationTry other nootropics like caffeine and aniracetam…modafinil if those don't work.Have a clear and define purpose for getting up in the morning. A personal goal you strive for every day.And those don't work, only then can you get Aderall. These aren't easy do but a quick dangerous fix is not the answer unless you absolutely must.I was in a similar situation as you. I scheduled an appointment to get the Aderall but did everything on the list before. I didn't go to the appointment after seeing the benefits of everything i listedGood luck to you!

30 mg of adderall questions?

i took 30 mg of adderall this morning at about 9AM. no, i usually dont take it..but i took it because i had a big test and i know that when i take adderall i flyyyy through my work. so obviously i abused it. im just wondering how long this will last. its about 1230 AM and i CANT sleep. my hearts still beating extra fast and im still a bit shaky.
its been like 15 hours and i thought it would be gone by now...
idk if this has anything to do with it but im only 100 pounds.
i havent eaten anything alllll day.
i have drank a lot of water though.

should i take the chance by trying to sleep and then waking up exxtraaaa tired at 5AM
or should i pull an all nighter and hope that this lasts till like 2 tomorrow when my classes are over.

i dont need your lectures on how i shouldnt take it.
i just need the questions i asked...answered.

Should i take adderall before my math final?

Adderall is prescribed to people who have trouble focusing on one thing and is supposed to help you concentrate. 

I heard the same thing so figured I would try it. Honestly, it did make me focus, but on everything other than the test.. On how long my nails were, a friend tapping her feet, a pencil that hit the ground. 

I'm not here to be your mom and tell you drugs are bad but I definitely don't recommend taking it before a test, especially if you've never taken it before and don't know how you will feel on it.

In my opinion, a good nights sleep and a good breakfast is the key. Just make sure you're wide awake and your mind will work much better clear headed than on anything. Good luck!

It's a side effect of taking amphetamine salts. I use 10 mg. twice daily to stay calm and keep my thoughts going one at a time instead of 10 at a time and not getting one resolved. Also it takes all the horrible feelings away. A drug that has saved my life. But back to answering your question. When I first started taking amphetamine salts for ADHD I played with the dosage a little and I took 20 mg. once. I became highly aroused (im talking like when your 15 aroused) It's not viagra so I wouldn't use it for that purpose. I think you may be taking too much. Ask your Dr next time your there so you can dial in your dosage. It can be close in that respect. If I take 10 mg I'm fine and functioning normally. If I take 20 mg. I get horny, my brain sort of just shuts down and I will be sleeping shortly. It's a fine line.

Its a very good (The the most well known besides ritalin) drug for those with ADHD, as it helps them function a little better.The real question you might be wanting to ask is Why are all the other kids taking it?! Why does it seem that every kid in high school and college has tried it?Well with the every increasing standards for testing and the pressure to get through college and make money (So they can be out of debt) kids have been trying any way they can to get an edge. Most think it’s like the drug in the movie limitless, but more and more studies show that especially when kids dont have ADHD all it does is speed up their heart and give them a placebo effect.

Who has ever taken Adderall?

I have been taking adderall since I was 12. I am 25 now. I hate it. When I don't take it im just lazy and hungry and sleepy. I wish I'd never started. I feel like I can't motivate myself without it. Whole I was pregnant and nursing I did not take it, and I felt like the old 'me' came back. I did well in college without it, but stupidly started taking it again. It is the easy way out, but the side effects are huge. It makes you angry, and annoying sometimes because you talk too much and jump around. Best substitute if you need an edge? Coffee. Or similar things. Hope this helps.

Should I take adderall before my math final?

Ok, so your friend just committed a crime, as did you by accepting the pills.

ADD has symptoms similar to many other disorders.

Anyway, you don't know how your body is going to react to adderall or if the dosing would be correct. It could make you quite jittery and make it impossible for you to sit still. Some people get agitated if the dosage is too high.

It would be a mistake for you to take this before your math test.

EDIT: Well, it seems you are just looking for directions as to how to do this. How long the dosing lasts depends on the type of adderall. Some adderall is slow release. One hour before should do it if it is straight adderall - it will spike in your system by 1 hour.

I am going to repeat that I think this is a stupid idea. I have 2 kids on ADD medication. One had horrible problems with adderall and had to go to another medication. You would be FAR better off learning to manage your condition rather than self medicating. I mean...grow up a little.