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Should I Take Multiple Trips To Plato

Plato's Crito Philosophy Question?

Is Socrates destroying the Athenian State by escaping the prison without their consent?

a. Premises?
b. Is Socrate's argument valid?
c. Is his argument sound?



1. Crito gives Socrates the bad news: his life is going to end
2. S feels that he will not die until the 3rd day b/c a dream he had of some woman telling him this puts him at ease somehow
3. C plays the guilt trip with S
• How can he lose a friend?
• What will others think when they hear that you refused?
• He offers to pay to get him out, but S refuses
4. C asks if S is worried about…
• If he helps S escape, then they will take away his property
• Or, take away his funds
• C is pushing to risk it (“please do as I ask”)
5. Athlete allusion
• fear blame
• welcome praise
• ^ all from one man and not multitude
• disobeying this -> harm on his own body
• we ought to follow and fear the opinion of one than many
6. Life isn’t worth living once the body is ruined and worthless
7. Right & wrong is much more important for the body
• results in not feeling guilty
• less stress on oneself when one acts morally and logically
• when one does the right thing, then one can live happily
• when one does the right thing, then one is worthy
8. S thinks it is wrong to escape
9. S: “A man who is obligated to do what he has agreed to do”
10. (50a) if we go away from here without the consent of the state, we are doing harm to the

Why did Plato claim that Atlantis existed?

It is called allegory and was one of Plato’s favorite techniques. What eludes many is that Plato didn’t write dry doctrinal (let alone historical) works, but lively dialogues, which are both philosophical and literary masterpieces. Allegory is essentially a metaphorical story, whose elements and plot represent something abstract, moral or philosophical. Plato’s best known allegory was that of the cave: it’s about a group of people who have spent their entire lives in bondage deep inside a cave and the only thing they see is the wall in front of them, on which shadows of objects carried behind them are projected; thus, they’ve come to believe that these shadows are the true objects. The allegory visualizes Plato’s theory of the Forms; the goal of philosophy, which is liberation from the tyranny of the senses; and the duty of the ones who manage to free themselves (the philosophers), which is to go back into the cave and educate their peers. That’s the case with Atlantis; it’s a metaphor/allegory for hubris, the arrogant violation of one’s existential limits, which was the biggest “sin” according to the ancient Greeks.

What is your personal interpretation of Plato's allegory of a cave?

I am grateful that this question is phrased, “What is your personal interpretation . …” Personal interpretation and opinion are all we have to offer on Quora, despite claims by some that they “know” something about the real truth about a question posed. We know NOTHING; and one of the biggest weaknesses of the Quora platform is that it gives humans a chance to pretend that they KNOW something, when they do not.No one but Plato himself could answer accurately what he meant by his allegory. Scholars and would-be authorities, such as Wikipedia and some Quora members, claim to know the answer, but each is only guessing.Here is my personal interpretation of Plato’s allegory of the cave:Plato was a student of Socrates and was attempting to convey real truth that Socrates had taught. Socrates knew the real truth, because his brain was tweaked by advanced human beings, allowing Socrates to speak with authority, as a True Messenger. Socrates left no writings of his teachings, so Plato attempted to do so.Socrates taught the youth of Greece that mortal life upon Earth might not be exactly what our five senses perceive. Plato attempted to convey Socrates teaching in the Allegory of the Cave.The allegory conveys that humankind can speak, hear, taste, touch, smell and think about their reality on Earth, without any awareness of the real truth about who they are and why they exist.The allegory presents the idea that mortals are chained inside a cave, facing towards the back of the cave and unable to turn their heads. There is a fire, a source of light, behind the chained people that casts shadowy forms upon the back wall of the cave that the people see as their only reality. The people, however, do not really know the true nature of reality. The shadowy forms represent our mortal world of appearances that are constantly changing and are unreliable.

For what does Plato's Closet use your name, address and driver's license?

It is a bit concerning to me that Plato's Closet collects such personal information before they even consider buying your clothes for their store. What do they use this information for - your name, address, driver's license? Does anyone know if the form you fill out is properly destroyed after each sale? I'm just a little worried, since I've sold to Plato's Closet multiple times and now I'm having some regrets - this privacy issue being one of them.

Can someone define "Platonic Ideal"?

This is also called a Platonic Form yes?


its hard to define, really. Lets start with this... all horses are, in theory, the same. they all have 4 legs, drink water, whatever, and we can identify them as horses. Plato said that a particular horse can "flow", like in time it will get old and die, but the "ideal" or "form" of Horse is eternal and immutable.

OR, you might think of it in terms of cookies, yum, cookies! If you see ten gingerbread men all sitting on the counter that all look the same, you have a subconscious understanding that they came from a cookie cutter, and what that cookie cutter is like. In Plato's world, that cookie cutter in the "ideal" of a gingerbread man.

I hope this helps.

How much will Plato's closet pay me for hollister shirts ?

not much, it depends on the quality of your clothes. they'll probably give you $1-5 for the shirt and $3-8 for the pants, they're super picky and its really not worth selling your clothes to them anyways.
i would just donate your old clothes.