Should I Talk To Her Or Not

I have a crush on a girl but I am not able to talk with her, what should I do?

That depends what kind of girl she is & what type of boy you areDo's : If you want things to turn your way then dont overthink bring out the man inside you and talk to her. Try to get to know her personally.If you are shy or nervous you dont need to speak publicly with her about your feelings just take her some place private and open your heart.Dress nicely and be confident(atleast try to look)Before opening up make sure that you both have a good base(being friends)Be honest about yourself and your feelings about her, if you tell the truth she will belive it.Dont'sDont's use any googled pickup linesDont say 'i love u' kinda things publicly, it might embarrass both of youDont plan anything special until you are sure about her response.

Should I apologize for not talking to her?

There's a girl I like alot, and we haven't talked in much time, and that's because I'm too nervous and stuff to go up to her and say hi and stuff, and today i felt like she was trying to be near me to make me go talk to her and I didn't even look at's been like that for a week now, so I'm thinking about telling her I have something to tell her tomorrow, and when she comes, say sorry for not talking to her. Should I do it? will it be awkward? And if I do it, how can I get some confidence to talk to her when she comes to me tomorrow? and should i ask her to come to me tomorrow at all? Tell me your opinion!

Should I talk to her everyday?

No, don't talk to her every day. Give her a day to miss you :) But don't want too long because then she'll just think you're not into her. Maybe on a day you don't text her, you could like, comment on her FB pictures and say she looks pretty or something similar. It sounds cheesy, but girls love it and it'll make her happy that you don't mind that anyone can see you think she's pretty.

Secondly, as a girl, no matter how old fashioned it seems, I usually expect the guy to text me first. I'm always freaked out I'll come on too strong if I text him first a lot and I don't want to annoy him. This is how a lot of girls feel, so most definitely text her first. I mean, you can wait a few days, but don't expect her to text you first. :)

If she told me to never talk to her, do I ever talk to her?

DON’T talk to her. not unless she initiates it someone who has had to deal with someone they’ve tried to cut out of their lives repeatedly trying to contact them again I can tell you this; the moment you start pushing for contact against their wishes is the moment you start reducing your chances of them ever deciding to change their mind abut it. if you have any respect for them respect their wishes and hope they change their mind on their own without you trying to push it.because I can tell you if those I’d told I needed time away from had respected what I said or taken accountability for the actions that made me say that (instead of one trying to blame the other and pretend innocence) I may have easily changed my mind eventually, especially since I’m not one to hold a grudge. but because they pushed and pushed they brought their chances down to zero.

Should I talk with her personally ?

Based on your statements, it is very clear that the girl does not have any interest in you in any manner whatsoever. My advice is that you should respect her decision. You are both young, and I reckon that you should not focus on these things, instead on your studies.

I understand that you do not want to lose her; I experienced that myself. However, I ended up failing because I did not follow the right way. Love must include patience. If you ask if you should talk to her personally, yes, you can do that. But I think I already know what will happen.

Do not be blinded by that. There are so many women in the world to choose from. :)

should i talk to her if I am missing her so much ?

Oh friend, we have all been there, haven’t we? (I Wish I Could Tell You How I Feel, Now That You’re Gone- An Open Letter – Paperless Postcards)Breakups or even unrequited love is not easy to move on from. Moving on, actually, is always a very painful process. It’s completely normal for you to miss her. Expected even.But the question here is does she miss you just as much?The only way you can know this is by asking her. So if you miss her so much and if you think that there is any hope of reconciliation, then you should contact her once to find out what she feels.If she misses you too, then you can figure out a way together to patch up.If she has already moved on or doesn’t want to get back with you, then you have to let go. You can’t force anyone to be in a relationship against their will. It’s just not right.So I suggest you express your feelings to her and ask her about hers. Make sure it is a mature discussion without yelling or accusations from either end. Those will only cause you more pain.

What if my girlfriend still talks to her ex?

She hasn't completely broken up with him. It is what I like to call "break-up hangover". I was in a similar situation, but the role is reversed, I was in you gf's position. It is that fickleness that pops up while breaking up, "Why can't we be friends? After all I spent so much time with my ex, there should be no harm, right?" WRONG! Initially it was fine with my current gf, my ex and me. But in the end no one is happy - it is the formation of a triangle. During this period, my current gf would constanly be checking up on me to see if I spoke to my ex. My ex would compare herself to my current gf to see where our relationship went wrong. I would have to prove my every action to these girls, even though my intentions were honest. In the end it was mentally exhausting for all of us, the pain increases for all of us, and it affects other areas of life as you are occupied with the thought of losing both of them. The reason I am with my current gf is because it didn't work out with my ex. Yes, I had a great time together with my ex, but I am sabotaging having a good time with my current gf. So to prove that I am honest to my current gf I did this:1. I cut off all ties with my ex, I did it in front of my current gf. I told my ex we needed to move on and wished her luck in finding a partner she wanted. There is nothing one can do - it usually turns out to be an abrupt end, and this is what everyone hates - the abrupt end.2. Delete all chat records - facebook, hangouts, whatsapp etc. And delete all contact numbers of ex. Again, I did it in front of my gf. Yes, it is sad and hard to delete shared photos and places visited - the memories which you believed would have lasted forever. 3. I let my gf access to all my social media + personal email access etc. To show I am not hiding anything from her. This was done to regain the shaky trust. She is free to access my personal stuff even now, but she respects my private space. Now, we both are happy.What your gf is doing is totally unacceptable and will ruin your relationship, give her an ultimatum.

Should I talk to a girl who rejected me? simply does not tell a girl "You can text me only if you want to." It makes you look weak. And lame. If she doesn't want your company, then don't communicate with her. Communicate with girls who WANT to talk to you. The ones who actually enjoy your company. This girl isn't some Goddess from another world.She has placed you in the friend zone. Unfortunately, you're not getting out of it. I tell women all the time to have self-respect but males need to start demonstrating it as well. By accepting her terms, you're putting yourself out there as inferior. That's not what you want to do. Roll Miss Priss to the curb with the rest of the trash and find someone who is more deserving of your time. xo