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Should I Tell This Girl I Don

How do I tell a girl I DON'T love her?

You have to make her understand in clear words, and choose your words wisely!Don't give her any false notion that you are into her, or that you want to come into a relationship with her at some later stage in life either! She should not have any hopes of any future with you. Just copy-paste this into her mail-box, you can make some changes if you want to -Dear ABCD,I know you like me, and I really respect your honesty and your valor for confessing it to me, but unfortunately my thoughts don't resonate with you. I don't like you the way you do and I want to make this thing perfectly clear to you that there is no future of both of us together! This does not mean we can't be good friends. This simply means we can't be a couple, as for being a couple, both the persons have to love each other equally and in a similar manner. If I come into a relationship with you, that would be injustice to you and your honest feelings for me, and I don't want to do that. I want you to understand that I can't see you hurt, but if you keep crying, it will worsen the matters. You deserve someone who loves you, and that is certainly not 'me'!I know that you want to be just friends now, but seeing you cry everyday has been challenging for me too! I can't see you getting hurt because of me, I can't see you crying if I am the reason behind it, because I don't think I am at fault anywhere! Please try to see my point of view as well. If I ask you to come in a relationship with my best friend, will you do that? No, right? Because you don't love him! Then how can you expect me to come in a relationship with you if I don't love you? Love is a strong feeling and I haven't felt it for anyone yet, not even you. That is the truth. I don't want to lie to you, or give you any false hopes, and I want to make it clear from my side once again that there is no future of 'us', so stop expecting anything. The day you will stop expecting, would be the day you won't be hurt anymore, and you will stop crying too, which will relieve me the most. If you want to be friends, you have to stop crying and be strong. I hope this works. Good Luck! :)

How do you tell a girl that you don't want to go to the prom with them anymore?

basically i had arranged to go with this girl to the prom for a couple of months and i have changed my mind because i don't know her that well as a friend and i want to go with this other girl
how should i go about doing it and what should i say because i don't want to do it to hurt her feelings and i don't want to damage our friendship because we have a good friendship.
if anyone can help that will be great :)

How to tell a girl you don't like her?

Time to man up and give it to her straight. If she hasn't got the message in 7 years, then it's time to speak plainly. Something like this:

"Sometimes I get the feeling you have romantic feelings for me, and well, if that's true, I think you should know that I don't feel that way about you."

I like this approach because it will give her the opportunity to save face by saying you're imagining things or whatever.

If she takes the conversation in another direction, like "Why don't you like me like that?," shrug and say something noncommittal like, " the heart can't be reasoned with," or similar.

Good luck. And don't lose your nerve.

How do I tell a girl that I don't like her?

First of all: You don’t let anyone down! That is Cruel and can make a mark in someone’s life forever.You talk to the person and tell her it’s not the right time for you and gently explain that you have feelings for someone else, and she will find someone else, because she is beautiful, and smart and all the nice things you can think about it, so she don’t feel down, and she feel like you’re a nice guy, even if you’re not :)you have to talk to her and make her feel good about her self in the same time you’re explaining to her you like her as her friend but nothing ele :)be gentle and be very nice… Bad experiences count in someone else’s life too, not just in yours

I love a girl but I don't know how to tell her. What should I do?

I will tell you what to do. I have not read others advises. But consider mine.Never, disclose your feelings to her with out analysing her. She may be looking at you as a good friend. But if you try to forward it, it may end your friendship also.Think twice, and check before,whether she had / have any boyfriends. Usually not all women try to play dual games. Some may be too serious about their relation. If you found the second type. You are sucked.But be friendly to her. Ask her to be normal as friends before making move if things went in opposite way.But, don't take things in a negative way. Usually men think about women in a wrong perspective when they denied them or when she is close to some one even. What ever happens. Be positive on her and think everything in a positive way. Because it helps you to analyse her correctly.And finally when you think, all is well, take a good move.Note: Things like this will only work,when the girl is being different to you. If she loves you, you will sense it, ’cause they will make us know their feelings.Warning: I skipped all these steps and Mis judged a girls opinion on me. And Now I am suffering. But you don't do this.

Should I tell this girl I used to like her? ?

Hey Ivan, got some advice for you :)

Get together with her, talk about what's new, and what's old. When you both start to leave stop her, grab her arm and say...

"Wait... this might be a little wierd and I'm sorry but you have to know something about me. I umm had a huge crush on you during High School, I know you have a boyfriend and I don't want this to affect it but I can't move on without me saying it. I was going to tell you but someone beat me to it and you became his girlfriend. I can't deny that I felt jealous and even today I still feel the same way. I'm sorry but I just wanted you to know..."

Then start leaving, pay for her stuff first but leave it off there and start leaving, maybe she will talk to you and things will change.

How do I tell a girl that likes me that I don't want to date her, without hurting her feelings?

You can't avoid hurting her feelings. "No" always leaves a feeling of disappointment, no matter how brief. Mature individuals keep it in perspective and are grateful to have that information. Hopefully she is mature, for her own sake, but that isn't in your power to control.Keep in mind that the earlier she knows that you don't see her that way, the sooner she can get over it. Anticipation without reward is its own form of strain. Knowing not to anticipate cuts the mental anchor for most people.If she tells you she likes you or asks you on a date, to make your answer easier thank her: Acknowledge her feelings as a compliment. Then simply say, "I can't see you in a romantic way," or "I like someone else, sorry."With anyone who is already a friend it’s best to have an honest conversation and put both the interest and rejection out in the open. With strangers or vague acquaintances, just allow the natural flow of life to continue keeping them at a distance.If she doesn't talk to you about her interest, you will have to separate yourself from her more indirectly.Try not to be overly conscious of her. Once you notice,... "Oh, she likes me?” then “That's nice, but I’m not interested," is all you need to understand.There's no reward for paying extra attention to her and trying to figure out why she is attracted to you, that will compensate for misleading her in the process. Knowing you're not going to follow through with dating her doesn’t mean she won’t see your curiosity about her intentions as a reason to hope.If she doesn't speak up, the most you can do is talk about the person you like in front of her or make yourself seem unavailable for a relationship in other ways. Do not encourage closeness of any sort during the time when she isn't being honest about her feelings. Normal social interaction in groups is fine. Just don't give her any form of preferential treatment, including the casual social gestures you share with good friends.Any injury she inflicts on herself by not facing reality is her own choice, and nothing you can help.

Should I tell a girl I like her even though I don't have the time for a relationship?

No. If you don't have the time, and refuse to make the time, why drag her emotions into something that cant happen? What possible good could come of taunting her like that? Secondly,  time is something people have a lot of. Its a matter of budgeting it. I, believe you may like her as a friend. You probably care about her fate. However, I don't for one second believe that you love her. If you did, and your head was screwed on straight, you'd not only make time, you'd be going out of your way to do so. So, what's so damn important that you'd put it above love? School or work? Those are the usual excuses....Horse puck to either. Millions of people are busy with work or school, yet they manage their time. Tons even get married and raise families....A good, solid, loving relationship is worth more than any job and should be treated with the utmost respect and honor. Love will be there when your job gets rough, and they always do at some point.  What if you get fired, or downsized? No one is irreplaceable, even the President/CEO. Even owners can be replaced. Love will be there in sickness too, a point that recently became important  to me personally.So solid advice: you are not ready for any relationship. It's sad, to me, but there is absolutely zero reason to mention anything to her. Perhaps, if an opportunity presents itself, you can give her a hug and tell her "you know, you're really a good friend".Until your emotionally ready for dating, don't burden her or other's with irrelevant statements of affection.Ps. What does her problems with her prior bf have to do with you? Your complaint was of time, not that he's an ass, or she's somehow damaged. I understand hating drama, but that last statement doesn't seem relevant to your problem at hand.

How do tell my girlfriend I don't trust her?

We have been dating for 13 months and just recently I've learned some pretty hurtful things about her and we cut off the relationship. A week later i can sense she wants to get back together I love this girl more than anything, but I really don't trust her at all, she lies! I want to tell her lets wait until I gain some trust for her before we start up the relationship again, but i dont know how to tell her that with out hurting her. How do you recommend

What are the best ways to tell a girl you don't want to see her again, without offending her?

It depends on the situation:1. Short term but still fun/nice: You have been on a few dates, she's fun but not your type to date." I've had a lot of fun with you, I just don't think you and I are meant to be dating."Optional (if it's true): "It would be great to stay friends if you are interested."2. Short term but bad: You have been on a date or 2, and they were the worst dates ever (not fun)." I didn't really feel a connection with you, I would prefer if we didn't go on another date."3. Longer term:"Over the course of our relationship my feelings have changed, and I don't think it's best if we continue to date."You can swap out words, but the general trend in those answers is you DON'T explain yourself. Having a guy tell a girl WHY he doesn't want to date her, is actually way worst. It's the equivalent of him saying "Hey, I don't want to date you, and here is everything wrong with you too".If she asks why, then go to Jeremy's answer. The key is to let her ask, you may be surprised and she won't ask. If she does, give her an honest answer, at least she initiated the question.