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Should I Watch All The Previous Jack Ryan Movies In Order To Enjoy The New Movie More

What are the modern Spiderman movies (in order)?

2002: Spider-Man (2nd best)
2004: Spider-Man 2 (best)
2007: Spider-Man 3 (4th best)
2012: Amazing Spider-Man (3rd best; reboot)

Should I watch all the previous Jack Ryan movies in order to enjoy the new movie more?

No, because they're not consistent to each other, nor are they consistent with the books.

I mean, they turned Jack Ryan's retirement from the CIA (in Sum of All Fears) into his recruitment... which ACTUALLY happened in Patriot Games!

The only one worth watching was The Hunt For Red October. The rest would have been better if they'd just dumped the novel tie-in and marketed them on their own merits, because they really had NOTHING to do with the novels.

In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, why does Cheverin take the light bulb from the lamp after he kills his chief of security?

After Cheverin kills his chief of security, why does he take the lightbulb? Was it just to use on Jack's girlfriend? And why did he kill him in the first place? Was it because he was dissing him, or for some other reason?