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Should I Wear A Kilt Or Tux To Prom

Do you have to wear a tux to prom?

Not technically, but yes.If you don’t wear a tux to Prom, you’ll be one of, or possibly THE only one.Prom is different from Homecoming because it’s even fancier, a tuxedo fits the occasion. You should definitely rent them to save money though.Give this a read: How to Dress for Prom | A Young Man's Guide To Formal Menswear

Should I wear a tux or a suit to prom?

Conventional tuxedos are considered traditional and hence may look boring .On the other hand your suit may be a bit underdressed for the occasion .Take into account the ambience i.e whether it's more of a party or a traditional prom .Then another factor is your height .If you are shorter than most of your piers ,go with suit and tie .If tall ,get the classic bow tie look .Optimal solution : Black fitted blazer and trouser combo with accessory (bow or tie) depending on height .P.S - You can coordinate the colour of your tie or bow with what your partner will wear .That is what proms are for . :D

What would you wear to Gay/Pride Prom?

Gay Prom, or Pride Prom depending on where you are, is similar to a high school prom. It's a big dance that is completely gay-friendly. It's for people of a variety of ages, though it is aimed at young adults. It's really just a time for gay couples to feel "normal," because most didn't get to go to their high school prom with the one they love.

I need to rent a kilt for my prom. Help please.?

Mom won't let me go to prom unless I wear a dress or a skirt? mom knows how I feel about my gender. I hate being female and when I get to college I plan to see a gender therapist to see what might be done about it. Anyway, me and my friends were planning on going to prom together as a group. I'm not one of those people who dream about my prom night for months. Its the end of high school and I'd like to hang with my friends for the night. Also, there are awesome prizes. Anyway, my mom won't let me go because I refuse to wear a dress. It makes me uncomfortable. I identify as a man and would like to wear a tux, because it has to be formal. Anything I can do to be able to go without having to dress like a girl? Any tips on convincing my ignorant mom?

Shirt to go with kilt?

Jacobite shirt looks good without jacket but you couldn't wear a formal "Prince Charlie" jacket with it as sleeves are too wide. Have you thought of dinner shirt with cravat type tie instead of bow tie? You can get them in colours like red and they look cool but smart