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Should Most Of The Government Be Handed Over To A Private Foundation

Who funded the development of cell phones?

The cell phone was created in 5640 BE (Before Earth) by a race of aliens found in the Orion Nebula. War ravaged these aliens so they beamed a prototype of the cell phone into outer space hoping some intelligent life would find it and put it to go use. Man had begun to experiment with cell phones but the alien prototype now know as the Motorola DynaTAC (short for DynamicTechnologyAssimilationCorporation... was found in a lake in the early 1980's. Motorola ran thousands of tests on this device and kept it under wraps. All funding for this project was provided by Motorola's parent company, BBC which is short for Big Brother Company. Their goal was to take over the world by controlling people's minds and keeping them busy via texting and now applications on the Iphone. So far, it looks like their plan is working.

"Don't send blankets or water, we just want your cash!" Does that sound a little fishy to anyone?

People on here simply have no idea of how things work both in 3rd world countries whether they are democracies or not. Hey, remember that the U.S.S.R. was a Democracy.

Those poor devastated people flashed on your TV screen are to lock the problem in your mind when 0bama comes riding in on his white horse to save them.

Put it into perspective, now. The entire country of Haiti has about the population of New York City. Like the 9/11 attack, the earthquake did not hit but only one place (excluding after shocks, if there were any) and not the whole country so the country is not as devastated as you are being told on the news. Katrina hit New Orleans and a few more cities but it did not devastated the whole of Louisana, Mississippi, and Alabama, anymore than the 9/11 attack devastated the whole of NYC.

When was the last time Haiti helped anyone else? For that fact what countries ever helped when we had a disaster? Or how many countries are contributing equally with the U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why do we have to give, give, and give some more but never receive anything but criticism?


Why do Americans deny climate change being man-made?

Many Americans prefer to let biased media, financed by fossil fuel companies, do their thinking for them.

Liberal vs conservative ideology?

A conservative believes the government should not redistribute wealth, from the upper class to the poor, often the believe private programs should do this job.
A liberal believes the government should take money from the wealthy and upper middle class to support social programs for the lower class...

Repubs believe in the success of the individual
libs believe in the success of the group

I am a lib and see conservatives as selfish, competitive, and lacking compassion...... am i wrong..... i would like to see more clearly.......explain

How do I start a charitable trust in India? What are the documents to submitted?

Please do Google.First, please do decide what your trust’s objectives are, and who will be the trustees. You will then need to formulate a Trust Deed, which details the activities of the Trust clearly. This is very important and if you are not clear in this, your application for FCRA or 80G may not work. If you are unclear, you might want to keep it generic.Basically, you will need to get a Trust Deed, on stamp paper, notarized, along with information about all your trustees (PAN, Address Proof, ID proof etc.) and apply in your local registrar’s office.Please do take the advice of a Chartered Accountant who can help you with this.more detailed information is in the following link:Procedure for Registration of Trust under the Indian Trusts Act 1882Good luck!

What is the law in India for someone who finds buried treasure on his property?

You should inquire about this anonymously in India, as many outmoded laws were set to be scrapped, according to this October 7, 2014 article from Reuters:(Reuters) - "If you happen to unearth treasure worth even as little as 10 rupees (16 U.S. cents) in India, don't even think of pocketing it - that's because under a law introduced by the former British colonial rulers, it still belongs to "Her Majesty".Now, however, the Treasure Trove Act of 1878 and nearly 300 other outdated laws are set to be repealed in the largest-ever cull of rules that make India one of the most puzzling places in the world to do business.New Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping that less regulation and faster decision-making will lift India from its ranking of 134 out of 189 countries on the World Bank's ease of doing business table into the top 50 and attract investors."Some of the laws on our books are laughable. Others have no place in a modern and democratic India," said Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad who is leading the legislative clean-up.Previous administrations have failed to remove obscure laws dating back to the 19th century, either because of objections by government departments or simply a lack of will. But Modi's officers have identified 287 obsolete laws for scrapping in a November session of parliament."