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Should My Dad Quit His Job And Work For Another Company

Should my dad quit his job and work for another company?

My dad's a sales rep who frequently goes on business trips once every about 2 months. He loves his job but their not really financially supporting him. Not going to name the company but let's just say their in the top 100 of the fortune 500 companies.

Theirs a lot of problems with the place he works at I'll list them bellow

1. Unproved commissions keep piling up. Basically he get paid twice a month but it not really a lot. Reason, his work expects him to get most of his salary through his commission. Problem is, it takes 2-3 months for his commission to get approved by the higher ups after he earns it. So he goes 2-3 months without commission. He eventually gets it but his commissions get backed up. He has 2 commissions right now, last months and this months he hasn't received yet.

2. Work doesn't allow him to use work visa as much as he needs. For example this week he went on a business trip to California. His work checks his visa to make sure he's not spending on himself. He wasn't, problem is he ends up happening to pay out of his pocket when taking clients out to dinner or for gas because the company is so damn cheap they assume way to easily he abusing his work visa on himself. He came back from the business trip spending $500 of his money and the family is in financial trouble until he gets paid next week. Right now we have no money in the bank account and out using our credit cards to pay for food until my dad gets paid again.

3. They give him no sick time

Your dad is right. Don't program with no passion like him.Whether it is a good idea to quit your job and open a restaurant is a completely different issue.But lets go back to the "passion" word for a second. IMHO, the word passion is overused and overemphasized by many career advisors. Not everyone has a strong passion for their career. For those who do - great. They may consider their work to be "fun."But for most of us (I believe) work is work - not fun. Many people have a job that they like, or tolerate, or just suffer through. Unfortunately there are also those who truly hate their job. I read a lot of articles on career advice and job hunting. Often, I must shake my head at some idealistic author who preaches that you should "follow your passion" and get out of any job that is not fulfilling. It is a great concept and I agree with the underlying intent, but the execution of the concept is often easier said than done. I hear too many stories (many questions here on Quora) about someone quitting their 3rd, 4th, or 5th job because they are not satisfied or they are bored or they don't like their boss. Then they find themselves unemployable because they have so many job changes on their resume that potential employers see them as a flight risk. Years ago I heard the advice that you should stay in a job for at least a year. It often takes that long to give it a chance. To give yourself a chance to experience the whole annual cycle of a particular job. I have stayed in my job at least 3-4 years before considering a job change. If you put 20 years into a career and finally say 'enough is enough,' then so be it. My recommendation is to recognize that a job is a job and few people have the luxury of a job they truly love. If you are lucky enough to find that job/career you love, good for you. But don't jump from job to job thinking you will find happiness.See related answers here: Is it better to do a job you hate but pays well or do a poorly paid job you love?

My Dad quit his job??

So yesterday my dad camr home from work early and today he told me that he quit his job after an argument with his boss. This is the problem, he couldent have quit at a WORST TIME. He just got his job about a year ago. It pays well and is the only thing that supports the family. My mother cant work yet because she has not passed her tests in order to become a doctor. We just recently finished paying off our moving bills and we also need to pay for some other stuff. Im just worried that something might go wrong. He had no backup plan after he quit, and now hes just sitting at home looking for jobs. I dont know why but this makes me very depressed. I wish that i could tell him how i feel, or force him to bite his lip and go apologize to his boss and get his job back to support his family but last time i told my parents how i feel about something they either laugh at my face or get mad at me. Not once in my life they had felt simpathetic for me. Whenever i cry, my mother just laughes and says that i have no reason to cry, ir she just gets mad at me when i cry after something she has unintentionally done and after i tell her. Okay, i got a bit off topic there but... I just dont want everything to go to crap like last time he quit.

The fact that you hate your job, have been there 5 years, and haven't been promoted with your peer group are all signs that it's time (probably past time) for you to move on and find something else more rewarding, and more enjoyable.Going to a family business can be rewarding for a range of reasons like better compensation, experience and control. Especially since you already know what working with him his like. The biggest downside to going to work for your dad is that if you spent significant time there, you may not be as employable outside of that role - because unlike going to a company where you have neutral references, a future employer may not be able to distinguish whether you were good at your job, or in the seat as a result of being the bosses son / daughter. This is a big drawback. Essentially, by going to work for your dad, there is a chance you are giving up a career and while it's not an automatic deal breaker, it's worth considering carefully. My recommendation would be to test the job market, apply and interview to a few jobs. Then evaluate those jobs against the opportunity to work in your family business. Look at both compensation, as well as career path and quality of learning experience. Importantly, evaluate which job is likely to best position you in 5-10 years and what the upside and risks are. If working with your dad is better than the alternatives, you should go there with the confidence that you are choosing it as opposed to that choice being made for you based on your less than optimal job experience so far.

Yes, you should. Do it right away even before its too late.Your values are not aligned to your career here. When you feel that you've to advance with a multinational company and run as a part of a big company then it makes no sense you staying there and stay in dilemma.Look for a better job that fits your values and career path.Consider the below factors too.Your burn rate.Time to land another job in a corporate that you wish for.Culture and career values.You are still a fresherWhere you stand in your career after few years.Advantages of being in a startup.You can bring changes to the culture.Can be at a high profile role.Advanced career.Extraordinary learning curve.Part of something exciting.Advantages at fortune 500.10-20 years for a high profile role.Slow learning curve.Great stabilized personal life.Can't do anything exciting and new.Will have to wait for approvals for your new ideas.Choose a career that keeps you going. Since you are a fresher you have lot of time to work hard and take your career to next level. However when you are at a fortune company this opportunity dims.Have a great career ahead.

Depends entirely on you.On one hand you have your dream, a passion to achieve things on your own and prove yourself to the world. You want to do things which make you happy and that is good. It feels great right? It wouldn't be advisable to stop doing something which you love just because you are earning a little less at the moment. For as long as you are happy, it will be the best thing for you.On the other hand, you have a very well established business of your dad. It would be a great start for you as you donot have to struggle through the initial phase of business setup. This is good too. You get to learn so much from your dad and brothers.Now, if you look closely, I have put up all the pros of both the options. You realise that both are good and choosing one would be such a difficult task. In my opinion, you should continue with your startup but make the most of the experience your dad has gained. His life lessons have so much to offer you. If possible, merge the businesses. You may work separately on your project but this way you will also have your gathers guidance.

Should i quit my job?

i work in telemarketing. my dad was the one who advised me to take this job so i can learn how to be a good closer. i do admit i learned a little about sales working here. the thing is though, i don't like working here. the place looks somewhat "broke down" or "ghetto". let's just say you don't need much education to work there. it's straight commission and a very tough product to sell. and i found out the company is not legit. in the pitch, there are a few lies in there, which i didn't realize until recently. there are a bunch of scam reports on google about us. and today the owner acted very unprofessional in a meeting. it's not a classy or professional business. i barely make money. and even if i was making money, i wouldn't be happy working there. they hire new people literally every week cuz so many people come and go. anyways, my sis always said it's better to have a job while looking for a job than to be unemployed, but i'm not sure i can stay there much longer. i'm thinking of staying no longer than a few more weeks, even if i don't find another job. my bro and one of my good friends think i should just quit now. what should i do? i guess the main thing preventing me from quitting now is that i don't wanna be home all day, and it's very hard to find a good job in this economy.

I'll answer this by considering two scenarios as not enough details are given in the question:Scenario 1: Not so great financial status and pending loans (education/family debts).  This is a very common case. Family debts, Education loan etc will play a key role while taking a bold decision. I can't advice you to quit the job which you don't like if this is the case. It's not advisable to continue doing what you don't like either.- Take a break and analyse the situation.- Try finding a job which you like doing. (You need to know what you like first)- Talk to your family and explain your situation: Why you can't continue working and convince them to bear the financial burdens little longer. - If you don't like working, find some other income source.- You can ask banks/lenders to hold on the loan instalments for sometime. (They may agree, hopefully)Continue doing the job which you are doing if non of these works. This is not due to someone's pressure, but this should be your well aware 'choice'. It's your duty to support your family. Quitting the job with out considering what will happen next may give you extreme results. On a positive side, it might enlighten you for greater things. It is worth taking a shot if you are 'free from burdens'. But, considering the family which depends on you, it's a gamble. Hold the fort for little more time, don't let the situations kill what's inside you. Hang in there, and after sometime, things will improve for sure. You can then do whatever you like/love. Just a matter of patience if you are pragmatic and persistent enough. Scenario 2: Decent financial status. Yet, your father trying to rub this job on you for the reasons best known to him.Assuming that you don't have any family burdens to carry, I don't see why you should continue the current job. QUIT!!!If I were you in scenario 2, I would have written my resignation letter instead of a question on Quora ;)Life is all about choices, make the right one. All the best!

Should I quit my job?


before you quit your job listen to me.
I am ;61yrs and am disabled and haveMS.
at 60 I qualified for Passport , Counsel on Aging. Your dad and now mom need to have a Medicare & Medicaid card and for temporary purposes they need to sign off their house to you. Why, because for medicaid you can't own a home and a new car that cost thousands . so if you have them in your name and say you are charging them rent and your brother.

He can & mom get Passport if they are 60 & over you can have a shower chair and a hand held hose to take your shower with.
A portable potty ,walker, cane,
Also Nurses Care , I use that agency.
I have aids for 5 days a week and two hours a day.
From Cardinal I have a reg. nurse check me out and do my meds .
have a physical theropist for only so many sessions that can teach the aids to do some. also got a foot bike that I can peddle from my couch.
Have Clossermans Catering 7 meals a week. very good
Since my income is very low I have a Direction card that is for groceries once amonth.
Apply for HEAP once a season they allow so much money to help unfortunates pay their bill
Cinti. bell........get lifeline with them to reduce your telephone bill .you aren't allowed luxuries but its fine.
Hope I have given you food for thought.Oh forgot to tell you about the neckless I wear and there is one in cincinnati I used to have. They were excellant.
God Bless.......................

Visiting Physicians ..........available too

Should my husband quit his job?

My husband and I both work for my dad. I only work part time and have only been there about a year. My husband has worked for my dad for 15 years. He has been treated quite badly at times, he will get promotions and then demoted within the next year. My dad is extra hard on him because he does not want anyone thinking he is giving him a "free ride". Recently they had to let an employee of 35 years go due to drugs. Well that has caused a lot of drama around the office. Ex emloyee is telling dad lies and dad is calling hubby a liar. Hubby wants to find another job but I know if he quits my dad will say that he does not need me anymore either. DH does not have a high school diploma and makes pretty good money. On top of that he has a company phone, car maint., and a gas card. Is is worth putting up with the crap or should he go find another job and risk me losing my job and having to take a cut in pay?