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Should My Daughters See Their Mother While She Is In Jail

Should my daughter visit her mom in jail?

The charge is a forgery charge and it is a six month sentence main problem I have is she will see her mom in jail clothes and see guards and other inmates that could be intimidating I have a daughter who is 15 and she seems to be handling it fine. I told her right away about it and she reacted pretty calmly. I told her mom did the wrong thing and is rightfully serving her punishment. Actually my daughter does not seem scared but instead seems excited and enthusiastic to visit. This is strange to me. Do you find this normal? They have a good relationship.

Main problem I have is She will see her mom in a jail jumpsuit She will see other inmates and women behind bars The guards could be intimidating Is that ok for a 15 year old to see? Actually my daughter does not seem scared but instead seems excited and enthusiastic to visit. This is strange to me. Do you find this normal? My daughter seems to find the idea of her mom wearing a uniform, sharing a room funny. I wonder why she would think it is funny. Interestingly they have a good relationship

my wife says bring her if she would like to and my daughter says she would like to but I don't know if it is a good idea

Can i go to jail for fighting my father of my mother?

If your father starts hitting your mother, or pushing or pulling, whatever, CALL THE POLICE!!!!!
They will arrest him and they will charge him with domestic violence, no matter what your mom says.

If my daughter's mother went to jail for choking her daughter, can I get custody of my daughter?

If you were in the state of Utah, you would automatically be given custody of your daughter, even (and I have seen this happen) if you did not want it.However, when your daughter’s mother is released from prison, this might revert to shared custody.As others have said, you need to get a lawyer now and get everything taken care of to give you full custody. If you cannot afford a lawyer, call United Way and ask if they can refer you to someone who will take your case pro bono (free).

Should i bail out my teen daughter or leave her in jail?

my 14 year old daughter got caught doing illegal drugs at school and got arrested yesterday afternoon. her teacher told me that she was just screaming and try to fight the cops and they had called her and took her to jail. she's currently in juvie right now kept calling us and begged her to get her out her dad told her that she needs to learn her lesson and we're not getting her out. I hate to see our child suffer I want to get her out but at the same time she needs to mind her lesson because she knows better and we raised her way better than that and warned her not to hang with THEM drug dealing kids. we were grounded her from hanging out with them 2 weeks before she got arrested

Help my 15 year old daughter is behaving awful?

I know my daughter is angry because her mother is jail and she hates living with my wife and I becuse she doesn't like My wife's rules and doesn't thinks she my wife has the right to tell her want to do. My daughter got mad at me because I wouldn't buy I her a Iphone so she broke my wife's phone on purpose. My daughter doesn't want to go to school because said the other kids pick on her about her weight. My wife and I don't think she is over weight and my wife caught her trying to make herself throw up, she has also been trying to skip meals when we told her that we are not going to allow her harm herself, she got mad and told us to mind our business. We are making her go to counseling. And are going to family counseling. Last night my parents come on to eat dinner with us, my daughter tried refused to eat, when I told her that she had to eat she knocks over her tea and plate herself on purpose then starts crying and yells grandma you did the on purpose you ruined my favorite shirt then she runs and locked herself in the bathroom.

Do you think mothers who have babies while incarcerated should be allowed to keep their children with them in jail?

Not the way it is now, no.When a mother is allowed to keep her child in prison, up to age two or five, the children aren’t with their mothers 24/7, just like small children aren’t with their parents 24/7 in homes. The children go to what they call a kindergarten or day care center inside prison. It’s a cage where they’re taken care of by strangers.During those hours, why can’t the children stay in their father’s house, their aunts or grandparents, instead of being in a cage with strangers who are convicted criminals? And if there’s no family member who’s willing or able to take them, why not let charity workers who work with kids take them to the park or the zoo, so they won’t be stuck in a cage the whole time? They’re not with their mother during those hours anyway.And the prison is very stringy with visits. As a result, the children barely see their father and siblings, and they don’t know who they are. Why can’t they receive daily visits? It won’t take time away from their mother, because the sibling/father can visit while the children are with their mother and they can all be together.And why are the children forced to wear prison uniforms like little hostages in the hands of ISIS? Does that help them bond with their mother because they’re wearing the same color? Or it that done just to humiliate and degrade?And if the mother doesn’t want her child to grow up in prison, do they allow daily visits? No, once a month maybe. And you really believe they give a damn about mothers and kids? Hell, no.The system is very punishing toward those poor children and very cruel. They want to show off, look at us. We’re showing compassion and letting families stay together. But the opposite is the true. They’re using those poor innocent children just to look good in the eyes of the public.They should simply allow daily visit and let the children see their mother every day.

Would you let a 14 year old girl visit her mom in jail for eight months for check fraud or is that too young?

Face-to-face contact is almost always better because the two can read each other's facial expressions and body language in addition to hearing each other's words and tone of voice. Check fraud is not a crime that inherently poses a risk of harm to children and presumably the daughter is not the victim of the crime of which the mother was convicted. So there is no reason to prohibit personal contact. The goal is to promote the parent-child relationship, despite the mother's relatively short-term incarceration. The penalty for violating the law in this instance is a period of incarceration, not the dissolution of family relationships—and the daughter has not been convicted and shouldn't have to suffer any greater loss of contact with her mother than necessary.I am in no way condoning the crime of which this mother was convicted, or any crime for that matter. But we do hav a system under which the punishment is expected to fit the crime. A seven-month sentence suggests that the crime didn't warrant a stiffer penalty. Moreover, since the crime was not one for which long-term removal from society was deemed appropriate, it makes a lot of sense to keep family and other positive relationships intact so that the mother can successfully reenter society and resume the parenting of her daughter, ideally without committing further crimes. This is in the daughter's best interests.

Should an otherwise responsible parent go to jail for giving their teenage daughter an open-handed slap when the daughter has simply gone too far? This is the only time the mother has slapped the daughter.

Absolutely, not! I don't condone aggressive physical contact and no has a right to hurt anyone….but your parents can discipline with forcus when necessary. I just had this situation with my 15yr old daughter, 8mnths ago. My daughter got mad and we were in a agruement and she called me a CUNT, without hessitation I slapped her across the face. She was stunned for a minute then ran outside and called the cops. I looked the door and called the cops as well. I would not let her back inside until the police got there.Of course the cops investigated and child services where there to. Long story short by the end of it all the officers were being stern with her on what a emergency is and what discipline is. The officer said something to my daughter that has stuck with me. “You are responsible for what comes out of you mouth and consequences that follow.” the officers on their way out said it's was nice to see a parent with discipline and left. My daughter's additute has done a 360.Not for one second did I let my daughter think she was the victim and never aploigize for slapping her. She is still a child and I am the parent and she went to far. I didn't slapped her to hurt her I slapped her to get her attention , that she would never forget, and to teach her a slap is nothing out in the real world.