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Should Old Trafford Be Included In Unesco

What is India famous for?

India is famous for many things. I shall list a few which strikes my mind spontaneously.Ancient civilizations.. Dravidian and AryanAncient culture and heritageAncient language still spoken.. Tamil (2500 years old)Invention of zeroThirukural by poet Thiruvalluvar on all the virtues of life. Translated into 82 world languagesInvention of chessUnity in diversity many languages, religions and cultures coexist peacefullyTaj Mahal.. A monument of loveTwo world famous epics.. Ramayana and MahabharataLargest network of railwaysMany places (35) recognised as UNESCO World Heritage and immense tourist attractionsBirth place of yogaLargest population of youth in the worldIntelligent and hard working peopleNever attacked another country in more than 1000 years.. Peace loving countryLargest producer of milk in the worldFamous for its cricket crazeFamous for its numerous colourful festivalsIndian cuisineWide range of Indian spicesBuddha got enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, lndiaLargest movie industry.. BollywoodBhagvath Geetha.. Teaching of KrishnaFamous for its ancient templesEight classical dance formsNumerous beautiful beachesMountain peaks and rangesForests and national parksIndian elephant, Indian tigers and one horned rhinosLow cost of living compared to other countriesEnglish knowledge is prevalent, medium of education and is the official languageOur jewellery.. Gold, silver, glass bangles and beadsOur hospitalityINCREDIBLE INDIAOUR CLASSICAL DANCESINDIAN CUISINEIndian spicesGlass bangles.. Loved by Indian womenINCREDIBLE INDIA!(pics from Google)

You want some pizza, you go to a pizza place, you want some beer, you go to a pub, you want ' ENTERTAINING' house and watch any game with me.

They all become entertaining.

How good of a player was Berbatov?

Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov! <3My love for this Bulgarian brilliance is immeasurable, always. Ever-since, i following football he’s the one who introduced this beautiful game to sight and heart with his impeccable skills which is outstanding amongst worlds greats.Probably, the unsung hero of world football who has had intelligent link between players, his uncommon first touch being as world’s famous still.He announced his familiarity when Berbatov scored his first Premier League hat-trick on 29 December 2007, scoring four in a 6–4 win over Reading. Peculiarly, when he was controlling the ball with his feet from way high from a corner, landing the ball in a eye catching manner that left everyone absolutely sensation, ultimately he taps in for goal.His move to Manchester Untied at the deadline day, though officially had been announced by untied on September 1st, 2008. Then he was United’s record buyer. After wearing the famous no.9 at Old Trafford, with his languid style of football became soonly the fan favorite of Old Trafford supporters’.There is so much moments not to forget in Red shirt for Berbatov, as his famous hatrick against Liverpool was still considered as one of the Bulgarian's moment of the footballing career.Off field, a pure gentleman who is very polite and never an arrogance/egotism. Old trafford tenure wasn’t a proper good bye for this Legendary striker, as he was disdained by Sir Alex Ferguson (who he bought berbatov for record fee)The time when he left Manchester United was one of my awful moment in my career :’( Even today, the feeling of missing Berbatov causing some misery.Having played his trade at France and Turkey, the later career was short though, but still he’s lauded as one of world’s greatest player (YES! He’s Greatest player to have ever graced the game #FMO)As a free agent, Currently, still looking to show some incredible football to please footy fans before he finally hanging up his magical feet.No such scenario would give much grievance in my life when Berba decides to put out to pasture! :(That commentary on Berbatov’s incredible spin vs west ham united on the byline, eventually Ronaldo tapped in by the assist:“.. that it is set-up by a piece of GENIUS”LOVE YOU BERBATOV