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Should Tiger Fans Root Against The Dodgers Throughout Postseason

Advantages for rooting for a bad team?

Not expecting your team to win and when they do win it makes you a little happy. But being a little happy when your team wins is not nearly as fun to watch them win if they are a good team. You have to feel sorry for fans of teams like the Cubs because they don't know how much more fun a baseball season is when your team is good. And there is no agony of defeat because you assumed they would probably lose before the game began. You can focus on watching some new young players that might turn into all-stars.

Don't you wish the MLB could ban Scott Boras? (Question inside)?

Oh yeah don't we all? I know most of us understand the fact that the guy is doing his job but you know what I'm tired of him. I understand that baseball is a business and you can't blame Boras for doing what he's doing especially when clubs are willing to pay the price. Heck I don't blame the players who have him as an agent either he gives you the cash. However I do have a right to say that I don't like it and I honestly think that some drastic changes need to be made in Major League Baseball. I'm not going to go deep into this but i sure am sick and tired of hearing Strasburg's 103 mile fastball every 3 seconds especially when i haven't even seen it in the major league level. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if he NEVER gets signed. However if he does get signed and wins Cy Youngs and becomes ROY and gets an all star selection etc etc I will happily eat crow.

BQ: Ehh i bascially explained up there what i thought about the guy. I heard he's good but... its like you can only go by what you're told when it comes to minor leaguers :P

Opinions on A's fans?

I've been a life-long Giants fan and never really cared about the A's but since the final two weeks of the 2012 regular season and throughout the ALDS, I've been rooting big time for the A's. If they continue to play this way, I'll root for them on the side next season (except when they play the Giants).

The 2012 A's team has earned my respect. However, that cannot be said about the A's fans themselves. Living in the South Bay, everyone here are either Giants fans or A's fans and the A's fan have been obnoxiously hating on the Giants all year long. Back in August, they're talking all that crap about how the Dodgers spent all that money and how they're gonna win the west. When the playoff started, they couldn't stop smack talking about how the Giants will be gone in 3 games. Even after the Tigers beat them in game 5 of the ALDS, they were still hating on the Giants about how the Giants won't get past the Nationals or the Yanks (yeah, shows what they know).

My conclusion about the A's fans is that they're all thugs and idiots (or both) and the Oakland A's as a team deserves better.

If you move, is it wiser to change your favorite sport teams to the new city, or stick with the old city's teams?

I grew up around the Bay Area in California. Naturally, a sports fan of the region, I loved the 80s 49ers and both baseball teams in Oakland and San Francisco. At the age of 12, my family moved to the Seattle area and my love affair of the Mariners and Supersonics began. It is interesting to me that both these areas experienced success while I lived there. In 89, the World Series featured both the A's and Giants. The 49ers of the 80s was a dominant force in the NFL, one of the greatest teams ever. The Mariners, never reaching the World Series, featured a talent laden young team that had playoff success. And the Supersonics reached the finals only to be stopped by Jordan and his Bulls. In recent years, the Seahawks have crept into my radar with a Super Bowl loss and victory. What is great for me is while I am huge fans of teams not only from the same sports, they are sometimes bitter rivals (49ers vs Seahawks). To me it doesn't matter, I get the best of both worlds when they play each other. For me there is no option to change allegiances. I am not going to trade in my hats and jerseys should I move to Boston or New York. I might just buy some new ones, as it is almost impossible to be a sports fan transplanted into a new city and not root for the home team. But I can't leave my Giants and Niners behind. I suppose I just build up a hierarchy of teams to support should conflicts arise. But I can't just switch teams and my old boys for greener pastures.

Are there still die-hard baseball fans around?

Baseball is my ONLY spectator professional sport.

I know others exist, and I pay a tiny bit of attention to football come January -- it becomes such a big deal that only hermits in distant caves can avoid the media crush coverage -- but otherwise, nah. I simply do not find them appealing.

What is one player on your favorite team do you think WONT be on your favorite team next year?

siigh i hate when players leave because i get so attached to them its like you see them everyday (during the season) I know its part of the game just let me whine a little bit ;)

I don't think Vladdy is coming back :( And i'm not sure about Lackey either.. gahh a LOT of FAs this offseason.. glad i'm not general manager

BQ: Well if my team doesn't make very far in the playoffs i'll probably root for ... hmm i actually haven't thought about that lol! I'll think of some team to support (i usually do i just think its more fun if you root for somebody ya know?) sooner or later.

What National League baseball team should i like?

I dont like front running teams like the Yankees redsox mets cubs and dodgers so plz share other teams.
Help me out im a huge baseball fan but i cant decide who to like.. I live in New Jersey but my location should play a part in answering this question.
And remember they have to be in the nl not al.

thanks for your help

Do you think the Yankees are better than the Red Sox?

TUFF CALL… next 2 games in NY.#3 Rick Porcello (17-7, 4.28 ERA) vs. Luis Severino (19-8, 3.39 ERA)#4 Nathan Eovaldi (6-7, 3.81 ERA) vs. C.C. Sabathia (9-7, 3.65 ERA)Severino was solid against the A's shutting Oakland out in 4 innings while fanning 7. He was not sharp in the 2nd Half of the season. But could be a key factor for N.Y. the rest of the way.Boston obviously needs a to split the 2 games at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx will be full of Piss and Vinegar. If the Yanks can put up early runs in either game it can kick the energy of the crowd another notch. It might not effect Eovaldi as much as it will Porcello. Eovaldi has 10 career wins at The Stadium having spent the better part of two seasons with the Yanks (‘15 and '16). He also pitched well against his former mates winning in both N.Y. and Boston.N.Y. wins Game No. 3Boston wins Game No. 4Rematch…. Sale (Boston) vs Happ (N.Y.)#5 at Fenway with a well rested Sale having been on the D.L. most of 2nd Half gives the Red Sox an edge. Happ a newcomer to the rivalry could use some run support early and some strong relief later in order for N.Y. to win Game 5.Boston wins Game No.5 and the series.