Should Turtles Drink Tap Water

Can leo geckos drink tap water?

That depends how bad your water is, which varies where you live. If your water is pretty good, it should be fine, but if it is so bad that you wouldnt want to drink it yourself, then use filtered water.
Personally, I recommend filtered drinking water either way though.
I have a large reptile collection, so I keep a couple 5 gallon bottles that I refill at save mart for $1.45 per 5 gallons. The nice thing about filtered water is it does not leave water stains, so your water dish will look like new for a long time. I use thin, clear deli cups for water dishes, and using filtered drinking water, they scrub clean very easy with my fingers, and look like new even after several months. Plus, its better for them.
Also,if you use it for misting, like with tropical reptiles, it wont spot the glass when it dries.
For just one or two small reptiles, I would buy a gallon jug of drinking water for $1.00 or so, and use it. That should last for a few weeks easy with a couple leopard geckos.

Can tortoises drink tap water?

Something is odd about that situation. I mean I have six turtles and I've never heard about letting one go without water INCLUDING the land turtles. I keep a shallow water dish for them. Put water in a shallow dish in any case since no animal should go without water and then consult a vet because for some reason I can't fully believe a turtle could go without water.

Can my turtle live in tap water?

They are great swimmers and love to bask. They need a good basking area where they can get totally out of the water and get completely dry. They should have a source of UV-B.This is accomplished with lighting (usually either a UV-B fluorescent such as a ReptiSun 5.0 for UV-B & a separate basking lamp for heat; some UV-B mercury vapor bulbs are an option). Being avid swimmers they need plenty of swimming room, both vertical and horizontal. Map turtles as a class have a reputation for being more prone to health problems if high water quality isn’t maintained. Map turtles are excellent swimmers and will do better in deeper waters. Make sure the water is like 75-80 if it's a baby.
Make sure you have a strong filter on your tank as well so your not changing the water every other day! I hope this helps.

Do you drink tap water?

I am not the greatest of them all when it comes to water drinking. But if I do, it is always tap water. To make that taste fresh and crisp, I let it run for a while in the morning before I have a sip. It does not run dirty here, this being Switzerland. But the water gets sort of warm in the water lines overnight, so I let it run until it comes out cold. Swiss groundwater has a temperature of 10 degrees C year round here where I live. It used to be 8, but Global Warming seems to have done a number on that, too, just as average yearly temperature has gone up by almost 2 degrees C already.Our water is heavily mineralized, specially the spring water of our town. Since that is not enough anymore, they get additional groundwater, which is a bit less heavy. It is mostly Calcium hydrogencarbonate, calcium sulphate and Magnesium sulphate. The water at our little spa close by has about twice as many minerals than the famous Evian and is high enough in Magnesium to cover your daily needs from half a liter or so.For coffee, this water is no good, however, and we filter those mountain particles out. That also keeps the coffeemaker from scaling up every week.Here in Northwestern Switzerland, our water is pristine. No chlorine needed! Just a bit of ozone and UV light, and a filter made from sand and rocks and the water is ready to go. Ours here gets caught at the “spring line”, where an inpenetrable layer of opalinus clay prevents water from penetrating deeper into the mountain, mostly being made of limestone of jurassic origin.The upper part of our town, surrounded by the mountains that feed our spring and underground water here.No bottled water factory can ever make a cleaner water. I do not trust too much in for-profit-company promises that they will follow their own guidelines at all times.

Can bearded dragons drink tap water, or must it be decholorinated or spring water?

I even have my own drilled artesian properly on my land and and that's extremely deep. I drink that daily. I actually have a geared up in filter out to take out any sulfur or iron which will properly be common here in New England factors. i've got not got lots iron in my water yet some i understand, do. there's a fountain in my city that has alluring sparkling spring water that comes down the mountain too. that's advantageous additionally.. i think of maximum bottled water isn't great tasting and a great sort of have shown to be fraudulent funds makers.My water has been examined and it extremely is effective. by no skill long previous dry the two.

Do turtles drink water? just bought one , and how can I serve it that it can dr?

Some animals like tree frogs absorb water through there skin, Your question is not a bad one and don't listen to the others that said "Every animal needs to drink water" This is false. It is a good question, especially for reptiles which are very different from mammals.

For a box turtle or other similar TORTOISES, not water turtles you should fill a plastic tub, like a cat litter box, with 1-2 inches of water. Enough water to partially submerge, your tortoise. He needs to be able to sit in the water with his head above the water line. If he is thirsty he will submerge his head and start drinking. Sometimes you can see his throat moving. They also tend to have a BM while in the water, check with your pet store as to what kind of turtle/Tortoise you have. If he's not thirsty he will just walk around in the water, and at least he will be clean! Remove him from the water. How often he needs this check with the pet store. Good luck.

My cat drinks tap water.. is that okay?

If the ceramic were too cold for the cat, the cat would not sleep there. ;) Don't worry about that. (The sink warms up as the cat is in there longer.)

Sure, tap waters OK, I guess. I don't, usually, recommend it for humans, but humans drink it -- so it's "equally OK" for cats.

Consider getting your cat a "water fountain" that circulates water through it. Your cat might like the running water and you can fill it with bottled drinking water. (The fountain circulates the water, filters it, keeping it clean of cat hairs, etc. It can run 24/7 and doesn't use much energy. Most pet stores/departments probably have them; and online. They cost about $20 - $25, usually.) I had two -- my cats LOVED them!


How much water should I drink in a day?

Short answer: NO. The claim is a medical myth.Long answer: "The advice to drink at least eight glasses of water a day can be found throughout the popular press. One origin may be a 1945 recommendation that stated: A suitable allowance of water for adults is 2.5 litres daily in most instances. An ordinary standard for diverse persons is 1 millilitre for each calorie of food. Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods. If the last, crucial sentence is ignored, the statement could be interpreted as instruction to drink eight glasses of water a day.Another endorsement may have come from a prominent nutritionist, Frederick Stare, who once recommended, without references, the consumption “around 6 to 8 glasses per 24 hours,” which could be “in the form of coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, beer, etc.” The complete lack of evidence supporting the recommendation to drink six to eight glasses of water a day is exhaustively catalogued in an invited review by Heinz Valtin in the American Journal of Physiology. Furthermore, existing studies suggest that adequate fluid intake is usually met through typical daily consumption of juice, milk, and even caffeinated drinks. In contrast, drinking excess amounts of water can be dangerous, resulting in water intoxication, hyponatraemia, and even death." Ref: Medical myths | The BMJ Clinical research also shows:Water that is required by the human body for normal hydration is present in fruits, coffee, tea, beer among other sources. The Brain signals way before dehydration levels that it needs more H20.There is NO additional benefit to Kidney function by increased fluid intake to the 8 glasses/day measure. Ref: No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Can reptiles drink Distilled water?

Actually no. Distilled water is not recommended as it is so pure it can cause cellular bursting. Distilled water should not be used for anything except in irons and dialysis machines. Stick to purified, drinking or spring water for your water needs.

How often should I drink water during the day?

According to the paper published by European Food Safety Authority in 2010, Following are the adequate intake values for different age groups. The reference values for total water intake include water from drinking water, beverages of all kind, and from food moisture and only apply to conditions of moderate environmental temperature and moderate physical activity levels.Infants(First half of first year life) : 100–190 ml/kg per dayInfants(6–12 years of age) : 800–1000mL / dayInfants(Second year) : 1100–1200mL/dayBoys and Girls(2–3 years of age) : 1300mL/dayBoys and Girls (4–8 years of age) : 1600mL/dayBoys(9–13 years of age) : 2100mL/dayGirls(9–13 years of age) : 1900mL/dayAdult Male (14+ considered, Elderly included) : 2.5L /dayAdult Female(14+ considered,Elderly included): 2L/dayFor pregnant women the same water intake as in non-pregnant women plus an increase in proportion to the increase in energy intake (300 mL/day) is proposed. For lactating women adequate water intakes of about 700 mL/day above the AIs of non-lactating women of the same age are derived.However, Water intake adequacy depends upon the level of activity that you engage in, your physical health, your size and weight and whether it’s a hot day or not.Feeling thirsty and passing dark coloured, strong-smelling urine are some of the initial signs that you could be dehydrated. Other symptoms can include feeling sluggish, feeling light headed and or having a dry mouth. It is advisable to drink small amounts at a regular interval through out the day.If you feel constantly thirsty, Don’t be afraid to seek medical attention since it can be a sign of diabetics.