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Should We Americans Care More About Eastern Iraq Than Even The Iraqis Do

Is America safer after the Iraqi invasion or less safe?

The Bush administration's 'war on terrorism' has only served to escalate the safety and security of the nation - and the world. If you're a schoolyard bully, or a neighborhood ghetto gang, the only thing that can come of it is that others will use whatever means necessary to defend themselves against you. That means they'll become bullies themselves or form rival gangs.
There's only one way to stop a bully or end violence: initiate peaceful solutions to joint problems.
Bush and his war-mongering maniacs don't understand that simple mentality (which is ironic since they claim to be such Christians). Jesus Christ was the epitome of love and peace; too bad our leaders can't follow in His footsteps. The Dali Lama is a modern-day example of peace at any cost; too bad our government believes in war at any cost.
If our government expended as much money and resource on peace initiatives as it does on war and violence, the world would be a better place. But, all we Americans do is watch TV and movies filled with murder, rape, robbery, and plundering. It's no wonder we're such a violent nation.
"Homeland Security" is just another Nazi-style government invasion of our privacies and freedoms. It is impotent when it comes to making America safe; in fact, all it does it serve to heighten the tension among the citizenry. Given enough time, Homeland Security will initiate programs where American citizens spy on other American citizens (just as the Nazis did). The Bush administration is about to go down in flames. -RKO-

Does all of iraq hate americans?

My husband is currently serving in the US Army in Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq. He has very frequent contact with many, many Iraqi citizens. He tells me that every one of these citizens he has met or come in contact with expresses gratitude for our country freeing the Iraqis from Saddam's regime.

Now, on the other hand - my husband also tells me that his unit must constantly deal with and battle Iraqi insurgents who fire upon the Army Base. These insurgents are believed to be the remnants of the above mentioned regime.

From what I understand of what my husband tells me, most of the "common" "everyday" Iraqi people are grateful to the US, and are content to have our soldiers in their midst setting up a new government. The number of these insurgents is very small. I do believe there is the hope of peace.

Hope this helps.

Are the Iraqi 'insurgents' really the bad guys?

"Insurgents" is just another ORWELLIAN term this administration and the U.S. media is using to manipulate understanding of what is actually transpiring.

THE INSURGENTS are patriots *there* just as they would be *here* if WE HAD BEEN INVADED illegally by imperalist profiteers.

Shame on the Americans who don't understand what we have done to Iraq: WE LAUNCHED THEIR CIVIL WAR , part of the plan to destabilize the Middle East, and THAT is why they are killing each other now. WE REMOVED THE STOP GAP, i.e., Saddam who kept control of the Sunnis and Shiites and now all helll has broken loose.

Americans should be demanding the resignation, impeachment and IMPRISONMENT of the entire Bush cabal, but they apparently too ignorant or too lazy to realize just WHAT kind of crimes this administration has committed, BEGINNING with attacking it's own land on 9/11. Come on people!! Put down your electronic TOYS and do your homework!

Should we take pride in our war with Iraq?

It is good Saddam is no longer in power. That aside, we went into Iraq because of lies. Would staying there as long as possible be misdirected pride? We must clean up the mess that we were tricked into, but a real man knows when something is worth standing up for and when he should remain silent. Our fine men and women of the Armed Forces should be proud that they served. What I'm trying to ask is whether we, America, might wind up in an un-winnable situation that we could avoid, but might be led by false pride into getting more of our brave soldiers wounded and killed for little reason? Do we have the men, money, and willpower to continue operations that were initiated by lies and have led us to fighting multiple social movements (insurgencies) in the freaking Middle East? What are your thoughts?

How can i emagrite to another country if iam iraqi iwant to live in piece ????

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I worked for a Lebanese man whose family is still in Lebanon. A few months ago, he said he was trying to get them here b/c of all the violence. But hasn't been successful. He is an American citizen and a doctor, but didn't come here from Lebanon until he was 20 or so. So, even for Americans, it is hard to bring family here. My advice is to find a friend or family member in the US who can help you file paperwork for becoming a citizen here. But be warned! Americans are not tolerating any new immigrants from the middle east right now. There is alot of hatred b/c of everything that's happened. Personally, I am happy to have any one from any country come here for a better life. But not everyone thinks so. The only reason we are in Iraq is because we want your oil and are trying to strengthen the ties to your country. Americans don't care about you or your situation, they just want your oil. Its sad, but that's our government. Of course, those are not my feelings, but America as a whole. Even Middle Eastern people who were born here have a hard time with discrimination and hatred. My suggestion: try another country that is not at war with your country. And, I'm sorry, I don't have any advice on how to get into another country. Just do it properly or you'll get sent right back. I wish you and your family safety and refuge. Good luck!

Does the Middle East deserve democracy? ?

I'm an Arab American - I live in America because I love it here - I was born here - and I am an American citizen...

I also lived part of my childhood and frequently visit the Arab world (where I go to meet with and anger the family that have long ago disowned me for leaving the faith).

I find this to be true of the population there - if you give them the choice, the country will fall into chaos, and they will start killing each other because the CULTURE there is one that is closed minded and power driven...

I firmly believe that the only way to control an Arab country (like Iraq) is by utter force and brutal dictatorship... you need a guy like Saddam - if you utter one word of objection, he tosses you in the meat grinder...

This is what the people want, this is what the people can handle, and this is what they deserve...

So why are people trying to bring stability? In Christian Speak: Not even Jesus Christ could bring Stability to the region...