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Should We Stop Funding Smelly Blacks In Africa

I’m no expert, but considering how family X’s home probably smells different than family Y’s home due to a ton of different factors (laundry detergent, body wash, air conditioning, etc.), I think it works in a somewhat similar way with race.Living in America, a vast majority of the African-Americans I’v met have a very distinctive smell to me. When I researched why, I couldn’t get any clear answers other than different gland distributions and diet. If I had to choose the best factor I’d choose the former, but I still have yet to meet or read about other people thinking black people smell bad because they’re black.Going back to my personal findings, I’ve always noticed a distinct smell. When I was in first grade there was an African American girl (in a vast white majority school) who I could smell from across the room, and most black people I meet nowadays carry the exact same smell.I can only describe it as a combination of vanilla extract, goat cheese, old milk, and warm tomato. Like most scents, I only find it unpleasant if it’s overwhelming but otherwise I find it to be pretty neutral. Some may think it’s an awful smell and perhaps this is where the stereotype came from.

Since there is overpopulation, should we also stop funding AIDS research to lower the number of homosexuals?

Your statement/question have three major flaws.

Firstly, your statement simply mean that to solve the problem of overpopulation, you suggested that progress to improve human life quality (ex:eradicate or reduce HIV/AIDS) shall be halted. It is similar as, for example, stating that murder and suicide shall be legalized or pregnancy shall be make illegal to reduce the problem of overpopulation.

Secondly, there is no correlation between overpopulation and homosexuals. Please do tell, how will homosexual begets a child?

Thirdly, HIV/AIDS will affect both heterosexuals and homosexuals. In the words, not only number of homosexuals will be reduce, but the fear and the harm of the that dangerous syndrome will reduce heterosexuals intercourse too. Imagine the mortality rate of infants (and human races).

Should Black Americans interact more with Africa?

I believe black americans should at least take a visit to Africa at least once in their life.

Also your question will bewilder the majority of black people answering your question. It stems from confusion, blindness and an identity crisis. It's not easy to connect for the majority of us because we've been stripped of our identity.

Edited: Why are white people being mentioned? Our journey, history and identity is different.

Edited: You can observe how much TD's i'm getting. Very controversial topic. People really want us to be abandon whatever connection we have left with the continent and rely on the principles of dependency. Unfortunately, slavery and racism has caused the majority of us to believe Africa is the socalled dark continent.

Why can't Blacks go back to Africa?

I am honestly tired of seeing them and their unflattering physical features. I don't even want to think about them, but it's possible to when I am forced to see them every day, and constantly get annoyed by them and their rudeness and their constant complaining. Why can't they all just go back to Africa and stay there forever?

If you hate America so much, then please go back to Africa. That would be better for everyone. & no, I dont NOT care if you never asked to be in America. If you truly hate America, then you would have left a long time ago. All it takes is 1 plane ticket to Africa and just stay there. It's not that hard, the only one stopping you is yourself. Stop making excuses, you know you secretly like America cuz it's better than that crap-hole called Africa. That is why you refuse to leave America. You can dis America all you want, but why aren't you leaving then? Actions speak louder than words.

So I know you Blacks will refuse to go back to Africa cuz we all know that place is poor, stinky, and sucks. That is why most you Blacks are self-haters that deny your African Afrocentric roots. Black aren't even smart enough to run their own homeland correctly, it's poor and stinky.

Why do black people smell more than white people?

There are 30 million black people in the US and probably 100 million white people. You've smelled them all? What is your basis of comparison? Here's a question for you: Why don't white people wash their hands after using the bathroom? How can white people hate someone for no other reason than their skin color? Why do white people have so many hereditary diseases compared t black people? Why do white males go into a primal rage at the very thought of a white woman being romantically interested in a black man?

Why do white people refer to blacks immigrants as African American?

I'm probably going to get a few thumbs down with this, but I think African Americans should be called black American's, simply like that, I don't get why 'African' still attached to the name when:

1)African Americans, often fell embarrassed or ashamed when they are referred to as just African.
2)African Americans just know one thing about ancestors and that's..they were African. They don't even know what part of Africa their ancestors are from.

Even if I was an African American, i'll rather be called black american or just American because that **** was over long ago.

"It should be made clear, African Americans are a distinct mixed race group unique to the United States, almost all having additional traces of American Indian and colonial white settler blood."

Sounds like your proud of that...Shouldn't that mean you should just call yourselves black since your mixed with "white settler blood" and "American Indian blood".

I'm black(african), if I immigrated to US I don't want to be called African American, i'll rather be called black or African.

No offense, your acting like African American is some unique, special race seperate from the other blacks.
The fact that I can step in America and other races automatically assume i'm african american must say something about your 'unique race'.

Are Africans to blame for the harsh odor that disrupted New Zealand's soccer practice?

A long, leg-cramping flight from Austria to South Africa had the New Zealand team looking to get a bit of exercise once it landed, so it headed for its training ground where it was met by a stinky, lung-smothering surprise guest.

From New Zealand's Dominion Post:

The All Whites' campaign in South Africa started in a bizarre fashion this morning when the first training was cut short because of the thick wood and coal fire smog from the surrounding Daveyton township.

Just before the team arrived a solid, smelly fog descended on the pitch of Sinaba Stadium and made it difficult to breath or even see the corner flags.

As the players waited in the bus outside the stadium, the All Whites management team spent nearly half an hour debating whether they would call off the training.

Only after doctor Celeste Geertsema and captain Ryan Nelsen joined the mid-pitch pow-wow, it was decided to give the team a chance to stretch their legs.

And so the team breathed in that lung-ravaging stench during a light kick-around, which caused asthma sufferers Simon Elliot and Andy Boyens to hit their inhalers after just a few minutes.

[Photos: See the men who are players off the pitch]

The locals, meanwhile, didn't get what all the nose pinching and coughing was about.

Interestingly, the local South African staff on the sidelines were bemused by all the fuss and could not see why a bit of smog could stop a training session of a national team.

I would make a joke here, but the fact that they're so used to smog like that is pretty awful. I am surprised that Ryan Nelsen couldn't scare that smog off with a single hateful stare, though. Maybe he was still groggy from the flight or something.

[Photos: View the crazy-looking World Cup stadiums]

Photo: Iain McGregor/

Should African Americans be grateful about slavery?

Look dude, Europeans had a CHOICE to escape persecution and other ills of their region, all well as other foreigners that have come to this country. Black slaves were not given the choice to come to the US or stay in the African continent. Therefore, it's wrong, it should never happen again, end of story. Why do white people complain about ANYTHING is the real question that needs answering. There is still racism and oppression against blacks in this country and American slavery is the root. So, when the playing field is equal between blacks and white, then you won't hear so much complaining. And the next time you want to ask a silly *** question like this, think about if your people were the ones enslaved in America. And then ask yourself, should white Americans be happy that they were enslaved? I bet the answer would be clear, jack ***.

Why do Africans have a strong odor to them? say what i think..i realise different ppl from different parts of the world hav their own different smell (odor) it might smell bad to other ppl because that is not their smell and ppl can't smell their odor because they are use to it...anytime i am close to indian ppl even if I'm blind folded i can tell because of how they smell...i can tell when I'm close to Chinese...somalians...african american, white ppl, etiopians, ghanians, etc...i think its because of what we eat and use and how we live..even i can tell d different when im in a church or mosque trust me even if I'm blind somalian ex...when ever she come visit me she says its smells like west africa in here and when i visit her i tell her its smells like east africa here...we understand each other we hav once had a discussion on dat..Snapchat: monster4k . Conclusion...ppl should just respect one another no matter their smell, color or race..we all humans.