Sign Looks Like Battery

Car battery problems?

Yeah, there's a couple of things at play here.

First, secure the battery. If you go in the battery section of any major parts store (perhaps Wal Mart too), you will see a universal battery tie down kit. It has a bar with a bunch of holes in it (which you place over the top/center of the battery) and two long rods with hooks on the end you use to hook into the battery box and thread a nut down on to snug up the support bar. That will settle the battery down.

Now, why would the battery light come on? Probably becasue one of the battery cables is coming out of contact when the battery moves. Once you tie down the battery, check each cable at BOTH ends to see if it is tight and not corroded. Also, take this time to clean the terminals, if you didn't before.

Hope this helps!

you boiled out water by overcharging it for a long time. You can add distilled water or buy a new battery that often sold dry with electrolyte (acid) mixture included.

It depends on the vehicle, but the most common symptom that goes unnoticed is extended crank time on cold starting.  When the alternator has failed completely, the battery will discharge as you drive (not very far) and leave you stranded.  You should also notice a little light on the dash that looks like a red battery has illuminated.If you want to test the charging system for basic operation, grab your trusty voltmeter, check the voltage at the battery terminals with the car running at idle, you should see around 13.5 volts...and somewhere around 12 volts with the car off.  If you are not familiar with a voltmeter, do not poke around under the hood and ask a friend or trusted shop for assistance.

Well, when phones turn off saying that there's no battery left its not completely true. In fact some percentage of the battery is still reserved and it is not shown in the software.This is done for the following reasons:The phone needs battery to give your alarms even when it's turned off. ( phones do give alarms even when turned off)To show the no battery sign when trying to turn on.To keep little processes which don't need a lot of battery like clock running. I mean, that's how the point 1 is possible.A little charge for the initial boot up as soon as one plugs the phone IN. (if you know a phone cuts off charging while the initial boot up, so there's no way you can charge it when the battery is really low)And because it has to do a lot it does keep some charge reserved and when one doesn't charge their phone right away; that reserve will drain down too.Try leaving a phone like that for more than a couple of days and try restarting it as soon as you plug it in for charge. It simply won't because there's no reserve to support it. You'll have to charge it for a while to restart it which is not the case if you recharge it right away.And after restarting it, there's a good chance it will reset the clock and again take set it from the cellular connection and hence it won't even give you alarms since there was no charge it clock.So in lay terms when your phone turns off saying there's no battery left, it only sleeps it doesn't die. It still breathes, sleep talks(alarms) and has a working subconscious. If you recharge it when it's sleeping it'll wake up. If you don't right away, then it'll die and to retrieve it back from the dead it takes more time than usual.Hope this helps. Cheers :)Fun fact : The original iPhone when it used to run out of charge and switch off was able to force restart with 15% left on the battery.

Extended battery for LG enV TOUCH?

I'm already considering it myself. the enV touch doesn't seem to have a great battery life. I share your concern and I'm thinking of just getting another standard battery. It's small enough to store pretty much anywhere, leave it in your car, jacket, backpack, pocket, and just plug it in when needed. No form altering changes.

Sometimes the high capacity batteries aren't all they're cracked up to be already - I don't think that's real uncommon.

Try things like reducing screen brightness one level, and leaving the screen stay on for 7 or 15 seconds instead of 30.

Edit: Use bluetooth sparingly. It's a powerhog.

IPod Mini Battery Problems?

I have an ipod mini and it's three years old.

My first problem is that my ipod only plays for about 3 minutes when not connected to my charger.

2. When the IPod runs out of battery, instead of just shutting off, it shows the apple logo, then it disappears and then the apple logo shows up again. This cycle continues unless I hook it up to the charger. I swear my IPod is like dependent on my charger.

3. When I try to hook my IPod up to the computer to update it, nothing happens. I see the battery charging symbol and it is still. This happens EVERY time I try to sync my IPod.

4. When my Ipod WAS cooperating a while ago, when I removed it from the charger, the battery meter in the corner acted like it was still charging.

Note: When I try to restart my ipod by pressing the menu button and the middle button, the screen goes blank and then it shows the battery charging symbol. It doesn't show the usual apple logo.

What if I bought wrong car battery size?

I found this great deal on ebay for an Optima Yellow top battery. I need a Deep cycle battery because of my subs. I already bought the battery and its a size d34/78.

My car says i need a size 51 or d35.

There are 300 more CCA than needed in the one i bought (d43/78) and the dimesions of the battery looks like it will fit. Is there going to be any other problems?

Almost all cars can charge the battery at idle.There are some who remember the days before they could so there are still some who worry about that. Car electrical systems used to have several shortcomings. They used a 6V system with a generator instead of an alternator. An alternator can provide much more power to charge at slow speeds because of the adjustable armature voltage. All the electrical system parts improved, and the design improved, so now we don’t have to worry about the battery charge.There are still many motorcycles that are not able to charge the battery at idle. This is mostly due to the desire to keep the headlamp on, improving visibility. The start-charge system was designed well before this rule so the alternator is just sized too small for the task.Because the battery is being discharged at idle, the battery can drain completely in a slow moving parade, or a traffic jam. The easiest way out of this problems is to unplug the headlamp when in a parade and drive on the stripe in through a traffic jam.

Poor battery life in iPod Nano 5th Generation?

I got a brand new iPod Nano 5th Generation for Christmas and it's working impeccably except fot the battery life. According to Apple, it's supposed to last roughly 24 hours (I only use it for listening to music). Trouble is, the battery life on my iPod only lasts up to about 5 hours.

I have no idea what to do about this, I've been setting it on the 'deep sleep' mode when not using it but this doesn't seem to help. I always charge it accordingly to the instructions (3+ hours) - up until the 'fully charged' sign appears - yet as soon as I disconnect it from the USB port, one of the battery 'lines' disappears (making it look as if I've only charged it up to roughly 70/80%). The battery sign itself is being funny too, it keeps going back and forth from about 70% to 20% to Low Battery and then back again, and so on.

Any suggestions as to how I might fix this? Thank you.

I take it to mean stretching the truth. The salesman asks the battery engineer to make the specs sound better to sell more batteries. Thus the engineer rates the battery capacity higher than it is in normal use by using a lower than normal discharge rate in his tests. Or maybe tests only the best batteries of a lot. Or maybe the factory changes the amount of materials going in to a battery to save money, but uses an older test representative of the batteries before they got cheapened.