Silent Hill 2 Which Ending Will I Get

Which ending is canon is silent hill 2?

There is really no specific canon ending. What you get is what you get. However I've heard rumors and I myself think it's the "in water" ending. It fits the story the best and is the official ending of the Silent Hill 2 novel.

Silent hill 2 Is Maria a happy ending?

I've completed Silent hill 2 now and it was my first round and I got the Maria ending.
Is the "Maria Ending" good and happy for the story and for James and Laura.
It may also have made James crazy but I'm not sure.
I also wonder what happens to James and Maria when they leave Silent hill together
in that ending after reading Mary's last letter.

Silent Hill 2 Endings?

That is called the "Leave" ending.
You get the "In Water" ending by focusing on Mary IE. reading her letter or looking at her picture, and ignoring Maria, IE. Running ahead of her, letting her get hit by monsters, bumping into her, hitting her with melee weapons.
You get the "Maria" ending by taking good care of Maria, IE. protect her from monsters, try not to bump into her, keep with you as long as possible, don't leave her in S3 right away as their is an optional scene in the woman's locker room when you examine the teddy bear.
The "Rebirth" ending has special requirements. You need to beat the game once, then collect White Chism: Located on kitchen counter in room with Coin Puzzle in the Blue Creek apartments, Book Of Lost Memories: Located in a newspaper dispenser at the Texxon Gas Station after meeting with Maria, Obsidian Goblet: Located inside a broken display case inside of the Silent Hill Historical Society and the Book of Crimson Ceremony: Located in the Reading Room after watching the tape.
To get the "Dog" ending Pick up the Observation Room Key inside of the Dog House in the lot DIRECTLY across from the exit of Rosewater Park after meeting Maria. After you watch the tape, use the key to open the Observation Room next to Room 312.
The "UFO" ending is only available on the PS2 Greatest Hits and Xbox versions.After you have completed the game and the Born from a Wish scenario, start a new game and look for a "Blue Gem" in the reststop bathroom. Use the Blue Gem in the following places throughout the game:
- The Brookhaven Garden after fighting the hanging men
- Infront of the row boat on the dock after exiting the meat locker
- In Room 312 before you watch the tape

Can anyone explain the silent hill 2 "leave" ending?

You got the "Leave" ending in your first try? You must have played carefully! Now for the explanation: you can say that ending is the Good one as James leaves the town with Laura leaving behind his past and moving towards a better future (not my favorite ending since it's "too nice"). As for the rest of your questions, I'll try to be as brief as possible:
- Maria: She is another monster created in the town to "punish" or "torture" James for his sins.
- The talk with Mary: No. This actually happens so that James can forgive his past (and Mary I guess) and he can finally move forward.
- Mary's death: Yes, what you saw at the Hotel did actually happened. James Sunderland is a murderer and he killed his wife so that he can move to what he believed was a better life. I don't know if you have a save game AFTER that scene at the Hotel but if you haven't overwritten your last save with you new cleared game (need it to get the Hyperspray and the other extras), load it and try to read the letter James received from his wife (the one shown at the very start of the game.) You'll see that letter is now a blank paper after James learns the truth.
- What exactly happened: This is hard to explain with few words but... basically, James killed his wife because he was tired of dealing with pain. Then he lied to himself that his wife died from a disease. That's why he is called to Silent Hill so that he can deal with the truth. By the way, this 'dual split personality' thing is common in the Silent Hill world. The main character from Silent Hill Origins is also suffering a similar situation like James, but I don't want to ruin it for you in case you decide to play that game. :)
- Laura: No. She's not his daughter. In the "Leave" ending that you just got, it seems he decided to start his new life with her as he leaves the town with Laura.
- What ending you got? A "Good" one. Like I said before, this ending was for me very boring as it was like a "happy ending". This game has five endings and the others are more creepy and sick (well, there is also a "joke ending" .. you'll see it for yourself!).

Why does Silent Hill end that way?

I assume you are talking about the movie. Well my assumption is that it is a pretty gloomy ending which is synonymous with Silent hill games. By the time the game ends, there has been so much hardship happening, that it never truly is a good ending. The ending of the movie is such that the mother and daughter died while in a wreck and so did the cop. Because it was Impossible to get to Silent hill, so the story began with the mother looking for her daughter. Both were already dead including the cop. They came back as ghosts at the end where they lived and loved. That is my theory but others share this as well. I hope you enjoyed the movie and maybe you can get your hands on Silent hill 2 the game, as it isn't too far off.

What is an explanation for the ending of the movie Silent Hill?

Christopher went home, the real home. But Rose and Sharon cannot get out of the Alyssa-Silent Hill alternate reality. They can “leave” the town, but they are ghosts to Christopher, and likely anyone else they would encounter in the “real” world.

What is the meaning of the ending in Silent Hill? Why can't they hear each other even after leaving Silent Hill

They never did. Rose and Sharon are trapped in the the city, and the explanation boils down to “because reasons”.While SH is one of the better executed attempts at making a game-based movie, the ending comes across as if the writers haven’t learned much after the second game.People do not end up stuck in Silent Hill because it is a place of sorcery and black magic; they end up stuck in there because they haven’t learned anything from their experience. In Rose’s case, that clearly isn’t the case, since she made good on her promise to deliver “Dark Sharon” [technically, the movie gets it wrong, since it is the older version of Alessa which goes around trying to sabotage Dahlia’s plans, so there should be two Sharon-s: 7 years old and Sharon in her teens, as seen with Alessa in the game] to the church, and exact her revenge for the evils of the townfolks.It is one of the numerous details about the game(s) which have been overlooked, along with Pyramid Head’s presence in the story (which is unrelated) and the role of the other prominent people in the cult (Kauffman). The Gray Children have been juxtaposed for no other reason than being a scare, even though they are exclusively found on two places only within the first game: the school and the back alley in which the first transformation of the town takes place, but even then, there is a reason why they show up there first: you later find scraps from Cheryl’s sketchbook there, which guide you to the original source of those enemies - the school in the town, since Alessa was bullied there.

How do I get the Dog Key in Silent Hill 2?

Here you go!

This bonus ending can only be obtained by receiving the three basic endings or the “Rebirth” Ending. After leaving Rosewater Park for the first time, head south towards Jack’s Inn and find a small lot right beside the Inn. If the ending conditions are met, there will be a doghouse in the middle of the lot. Investigate the doghouse and you will obtain the “Dog Key” from inside.

Continue playing the game until you get to Lakeview Hotel and view the videotape in Room 302. After you finish watching the tape, leave the room and head towards the end of the hallway. Use the “Dog Key” at the Observation Room door and you’ll go straight to this, um, intriguing ending!

Hope this helps!

Silent Hill Revelation Movie ending ? [SPOILER'S}?

Well the ending was a mix, when Heather's dad stays that is a reference based on Silent Hill: 2 where James is in search for his wife. Heather and Travis got picked up by the trucker from Sileht Hill:Origins, followed by that we see the police truck from Silent Hill: Downpour and had a bit of mix from Silent Hill:Home coming. In the end just as Heather's dad said: "One nightmare goes away, another one will come" That's Silent Hill for you :).