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Sisi Baby Bedding - Fire Truck 15 Boy Girl Crib Nursery Bedding Set How To Find

Where to find baby girl crib bedding - not pink?

Do which ever you want. This is your little girl and it doesn't matter if it makes "sense" to do a theme or not...It's your baby so you should enjoy it while you can. If you really like Hello Kitty go with it. And if you want to do it a cheaper way and you know someone who can sew, have them make the crib set for you. I found a sateen baby bedding set I loved but it was $850. So I spent about 100 bucks on fabric, batting, and thread and had my mom sew the whole bedding set. It looked even better than the store bought one and now my baby can keep it forever and it's more sentimental cause "memaw" made it.

What bedding set should i get for my baby boy's nursery?

I like the second one best. But, let me give you some advice. The curtains are too short. I ran into this problem myself. You really need to get a curtain that will cover all of your window to keep that sun out. Even with blinds I still had to get different curtains because Ethan was waking up at the first peek of light coming in those windows. Once we got longer curtains to darken the room he slept much better. Also, the blanket is super cute, but you won't be using it for months or even until they are a year or so-too big of a risk for suffocation. The same applies to the pillow. It looks cute now, but you won't want it in the crib once baby is sleeping in there.

Just wanted you to know the problems we had with a set just like this. Congrats and good luck!

Where can I find cute nursery bedding sets for boy/girl twins?

Try - they have BEAUTIFUL quilts/bedding for babies at great prices. I just bought a bedding set from there for myself it was gorgeous, and the shipping is really cheap. My cousin also just bought her new baby's crib set form there, and is really happy with it.

Baby girl crib bedding?

I ordered mine off of ebay and got it at a fraction of the sale price at babies r's called kidsline arcadia colllection and my baby's nursery is beutifull!
heres a sample of mine:

heres a bunch of hello kitty nursery items on ebay now.

dont pay those rediculous store prices..i would go with ebay on nursery stuff..try an keep it nice and you can alwa

Has anybody ever painted their baby girl's nursery blue??

I want some opinions here. We pretty much know what we want to use to accent my daughter's room. I have purchased the material and all for the quilt and pillows that my husband's grandmother is going to make for the baby. I am going to go with Beatrix Potter, but since I just don't like the cream colors in the only crib bedding set out there for this, I decided to decorate her room my own way. The pieces for the quilt are precious, and I am going to try to attach a picture for you to see.

My husbands thinks a pale blue would look great with the quilt. I love the pale blue, but I have never thought of it as a color for a girl's room.

Anybody else ever paint their girl's nursery blue?

What other colors do you think would coordinate with the quilt?

Here is a link to the picture of the fabric being used for the quilt.

Baby Boy nursery theme?

I went to take a look at the sports bedding that another poster mentioned and absolutely hit the mother lode of all nursery themes on this website!

The first FOUR tabs are all about themes and then I scrolled down and found a contest where people send in pictures of their nurseries where I found even more good ideas AND after my baby's room is finished, I'm going to enter the competition myself.

All that aside, I'm thinking of something with cowboys and Indians would be cute since my husband is a rancher. It's not so much about the theme but tying the room into the style of the rest of our home and our lifestyle.

Baby girl bedding set: which do you prefer?

ohay this is my last question in regards to babies nursery, we have decided on a purple themed room, im fed up with pink, also the quilt will be used for my oldest daughter till this one is able to use it.

purple and yellow set
we will paint the room purple and we would get butterfly stickers to put one the wall if we find any.

flower room
we would paint the room the lighter purple, i will try and find flower stickers

your opinions will be really helpful

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