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Sister Is Constantly Arguing With Me

How do i stop arguing with my sister?

Fighting all the time makes for a miserable home doesn't it? Since you are the one taking the initiative it will be up to you. You cannot MAKE her get along with you. The only person in the whole wide world that you can make do anything is you yourself.
I get the feeling you two have already locked yourself into some sort of pattern where one of you reacts to what the other has said or done. So for you I think the key will be to stop reacting to the insult or complaint or criticism. It is easier said than done. You are going to have to realize what is going on and stop yourself before you react that first time.
One way to do this is to simply agree with her. Cut you own self down. That will take all the fun out of it for her. I guarantee it.
Here is an example. She looks at you and says "Your hair looks like crap today. Don't you ever even try to look half-way decent? How would you normally react to this insult and criticism combined? In a hostile way I'm sure. Know it to be the bait you fall for. And then you say" Yeah I guess it does look like crap today, doesn't it?" You have to say this in a matter of fact way - the same way and tone you would use when you announce dinner is ready. Your sister will have no idea how to respond to this. She might even be speechless. All the fun has been snatched away from her. Her victory is hollow and meaningless. What you have done is given up your right to be the correct one. That does not mean she really is correct but you have simply given up the right to be the one who is correct. And you were the only one to take a step toward maturity.
Try to catch yourself each time and then simply agree with her in the mild tone of voice. You will goof up from time to time but your fighting days over trivial stuff will be over.
There is a small book called "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... and it's all small stuff" Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life. It is by Richard Carlson Ph.D. copyright 1997. It was the #1 selling book of the year about 10 years ago. Try to get a used copy of it off E-bay or amazon and read it. It will give you tips on how to deal with your sister.
Good luck. I think alot of you for being the one making the first effort to get along. It says alot about you.

How can I stop fighting with my sister?

I used to fight a lot with my sister sometimes on stupid stuff and sometimes on serious issues.This went on for two or three years. We tried to talk about it sometimes and mostly that turned out disadvantageous cause we couldn't agree much. But then things started to get fine when I started compromising and understanding her. I discussed with her that how these fights are disturbing the whole family and our lives too. I was older but I would have done the same even if I was younger than her. After a while she compromised too and even though our fights didn't completely end(cause if there is a complete full stop then you won't be siblings) we agreed on a lot of stuff and​ became great friends.But we had this rule and still do: whatever happens should resolve between us only. We will not let anyone know about it and not let our moods affect others and not ask anyone's help regarding it. We will discuss it and sort it out among ourselves only.(others meaning all family members as well)I'm​ an expert in sisterly matters so if you wanna ask anything I'm open. Ask in the comments.

My little sister is always arguing with me and undermining me by talking to mewith no respect, how can I show more dominance and authority over her for the sake of both of us?

First of all respect is a two way street! You won't get you won't give.You want to be respected then think about reasons about why should anyone respect you, what have you done that is so special and note worthy that someone should respect you.If all you could think that since you are older hence you automatically deserve respect without showing any respect to your sister, then your argument is seriously fraud. It means that since you were born a few years earlier than you have some extra privileges of which she is not worthy coz she couldn't make it on time.If this is your idea of respect than you will struggle all your life with everyone one, because the world doesn't identifies with it any more.Now coming to the second part “ how can you dominate and exert your authority”This is a seriously disturbing sentence! You need to dominate and exert authority because you are older, seriously flawed notion. First of all you are not living in nazi Germany where you would just dominate it doesn't work this way, the more you will act on your stupid idea of domination more she will react and rebel, it's human nature you can't just suppress her. If you continue to do this you will eventually end up having alienate your sister there is no other future with this kind of thinking.On the other hand if you sincerely want good relationship and have reasonable expectation of respect, mind it respect does not means complete subjugation that is slavery. Then you can start by mending your relationship with your sister, give her space establish rules of engagement, ask her to behave respectfully and assure her that you will also return her similar curtesy.You might want to controll her with the idea of saving her from all the ills but first of all it is useless as people do what they want to do and secondly the more you alienate her the more she will do things to spite.

My sister always argues with me about stupid stuff?

I'm 13 and she's 11 and we've always been one to argue with each other but recently it's been getting really bad. Like for example I'll say something that doesn't even envole her but she'll find some snippy comment to go along with it. Sometimes I just ignore it but other times I get so angry that I fight fire with fire. She not only does emotional violence but also physical violence. I'll be reading and she'll creep up behind me without me noticing and then she'll punch me in the back, hard. She'll bite me or scratch me or punch me when I do so much as say one word to her. I hate this relationship I have with my sister. She's been acting pretty weird lately; she'll go on the computer and hide for hours, stay up until 9 am and sleep in till 6 pm everyday, shutting me and my family out like we don't exist at times. Do any of you have any idea as to why this has been happening? I'm almost positive she's depressed, and that's why she has these spells with me that are so pointless it's almost funny. Even thought most of me hates her, there's a small itty bitty part of me that cares about her. Any ideas on how to have a healthy relationship with my sister? I've tried talking to my parents about this, and they listen but don't do much to help. This sucks and I want it to end. Fast.

Why does my dad always argue with me but never my sister?

I have a son and a daughter and I always argued with my son, hardly ever my daughter. What you have to remember is your basically a little version of your dad! Your alike, even if you don't think so, so clashes happen. It's normal and it won't last forever, my son is 16 now and I only occasionally have to slap his head! We get on great and you will too.

Whenever my sister and I argue, my mom always takes my sister's side. What should I do?

I found that letting go of people/bio-family members who do not believe in me or basically do not trust me or like me is the FIRST STEP. You must resolve your sibling issues with a professional and stop arguing/competing for mom’s love etc.; and you may need to stop interacting w/ mom and sis if it is holding you back. Balanced mental health is vital to function thus will make or break a person. Let them go, at least until you’ve developed a strong sense of self. Let them go and stop trying to make them like you or trust you. In my case while I was telling the truth and the other sibling LIED —- the rest of my bio-siblings and mom sided with the liar. My faith in TRUTH is very strong and I believe it will show up and shine revealing all and exposing the liar. Trust in God, yourself and let go. In my case further for sanity reasons I had to literally cut off all ties … it is only recently that I have reached out to some. Forgiveness heals you — the other party may never come forward and others may always be against you but you can still forgive and move on in your heart. Tell yourself: It’s not my problem!! MOVE ON! Life is wonderful. Be healthy minded, do what is right and you’ll form a strong bond with someone other than bio-family.

My sister and I never get along. We are always fighting. How can we get along better?

You’re always fighting, because each of you believe yourself to have the right viewpoint. You believe the other person has a disagreeable viewpoint.Here’s the thing: have you ever told her that you will listen to her, all the way through, with zero interruptions? Then tell her to do the same for you afterwards? All the while, perhaps even write down those problems each of you have, then work on them together?You know, I keep emphasizing one single thing in all of my relationship-type answers: open unobstructed communication.This means each person need to recondition their thought processes to recognize that each individual has their own sensitivities, their own varying levels of willingness, knowledge, perceptive abilities, understanding, etc. So this means each person involved need to acknowledge these about other people.When my wife and I argue, we have a rule and 90% of the time, it’s followed through. She says everything she needs to say about ONE specific thing, then I address it or vice versa. Once everything has been said, then we work to resolve it. The 10% of the time that we can’t follow through, we make it a focus to remove ourselves from the situation to calm down, before we continue to resolve it later. All this time, while attempting to remove ourselves, make it precisely clear what our intentions for later are.Another reason people keep fighting, is that they aren’t expressing themselves clearly. Many people believe they are, but this is where it fails ALL of the time. When someone isn’t getting the message clear, it means the message isn’t clear. You can’t just say “I’m pretty sure I’m clear”, when the other person keeps getting it wrong.Indeed, patience is out the door when an argument arises. So I’m not going to ask you stay calm. I am instead going to ask you to vent that heat out by not saying anything, until your sister finishes her rant. Then calmly, in that vented state, make a clear cut statement what you intend to do. My advice above works. It’s just a matter of shedding pride.

Always arguing with my dad, what should i do?

My dad tells me sometimes during everyday conversations to stop arguing back to everything he says, but then when i try to EXPLAIN why i think something is wrong (in my opinion) i get in even more trouble. I love my dad, he is awesome, but he really thinks that i need to stop arguing. One time i was trying to explain why i said (cause he had a headache) "dad do you want to go home, just so you could feel" and he cut me off. He told me that i keep arguing with him, BUT I WASNT ARGUING! When i tried to explain why i said what i said (about going home) he gave me a punishment for arguing back, BUT I WASNT ARGUING!!!! AFter 5 mins, my sister started to defend me by saying "she was only asking you that because she loves you" and he listened to her explanation and told her that she gave a very good explanation. But when i said after that "thats exactly what i was trying to say" he got angry again. But just to let you know guys, he doesnt have favoratism towards my sister, he is just so used to me arguing back that he didnt realize what i was trying to say, I love my dad and my sister and my mom so much, but i just hate arguing with my dad sometimes. I am the type of person that likes to speak my mind when, in my opinion, i think that something is wrong and it should be changed. But nowadays i am not allowed to speak my mind (in a polite mannor) to my dad without him getting mad. How can i stop all of our arguement without having to stop speaking my mind about what i think is right, even though it might not allways be right. Please help! I love explaining things incase there was a misunderstanding, but sometimes my dad thinks of it as arguing back. Help please :)

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Thanks and please respond ASAP :)

My twin sister, and I are always fighting. Should I just move out on my own?

It is okay to argue and disagree with your twin. It is not strange to have different views sometimes. What are those things you fight or argue about daily? I suggest that both of you have a heart to heart discussion and come to a certain agreement. That way, your daily arguments can be reduced. Truth is this, you can not always agree on the same things, neither can you force each other to agree on your individual views on things. Living together with your twin sister is the same thing as living with anyone else. The only difference here is that you are womb mates. You both need to be more tolerant of each other and accept each others short comings.My twin sister and i lived together for many years until she got married in 2010 and relocated. We shared the same dormitory and bed space in boarding school. We were also in same hostel through out college, after we graduated, we rented the same apartment and lived together . We have had our arguments and disagreements several times which is normal, but we respect each other a lot. And because we studied each other very much, many times we avoided some unnecessary arguments . If you cannot be patient enough to work things out with your twin sister, how else would you be able to live with anyone else? See this as your training ground for the future, assuming your believe in marriage. The patience, understanding and tolerance you learn from living with your sister, will help you in the long run.I don't think you should move out, i think you both should address those issues that causeyou to argue a lot. Do not try to control each other too much. Accept that you must not agree on everything, listen to each other, and i think you will be fine.