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Site Names Of The Name Connor Sketches

Write a c program to arrange names in alphabetical order.?

Sorting strings alphabetically using C

Boy Names That Mean: Wolf or Quiet?

It's for one of my book characters.
He has shaggy inky black hair, amber colored eyes, and tanned skin. NATIVE AMERICAN

He reads books and keeps to himself a lot. Has a blunt and sarcastic personality and sometimes real serious about things. He's the middle child and lives with his two brothers.

He's only fifteen and loves to sketch and play guitar in his room. Oh and loves kids and nature! I was gonna go with the name Brace. Opinions?

Thanks =]

Which band name has the coolest backstory?

When the Yardbirds broke up, Jimmy Page went to form The New Yardbirds and approached the likes of Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon. When The Who members heard  the idea, one of them (legend argues over which) said the band would "go over like a lead balloon". Page liked the light/heavy a la Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly, balloon became Zeppelin and "lead" became "led" so, as Page said, Americans wouldn't pronounce it "leed".

Description for a male character?

It really depends on the story. You could describe his name, personality, likes, dislikes, viewpoints, and physical features.
short black hair loaded with gel
liked wearing jeans and tshirt
hates school

What is a nice name for an art account on Instagram?

You can use this site to generate a good art account for your instagramInstagram Names | Name generator, list of best available name ideas

If you could legally change your name to any fictional character, what would your new name be and why?

This one actually hit a chord with me because I actually do go by another name that I chose for myself, and that name is Quill. Chosen in reference to Peter Quill of the Guardians of the Galaxy.You see, I work as a camp councilor in the summers. At the camp councilors are required to pick a “camp name,” something fun and interesting that somehow connects to them personally. It’s supposed to be part of the experience, add a bit of magic to summer camp for the kidders and such.But those names also become extremely personal, as people with them really start to identify with it. It sounds strange when I get back home and start hearing my real name again. And although I know many of my friends’ real names, I’ll never be able to dissociate them with the camp name. And it’s cool. I like being Quill.I actually chose the name at the last possible moment, mostly because I was upset at having to choose a name for myself. In real life, people who come up with their own nicknames and insist on them are assholes. I was extremely indecisive and didn’t want to get something stupid.But the day before driving up there I had watched The Guardians of the Galaxy. Starlord was my favorite character and his last name stuck me and, after a few minutes of thinking, decided upon Quill for the following reasons:A Quill is a pen, and I am a writer and sketch artist.Being named after a superhero showed my geeky side. Being named after a D-lister (even though he’s been bumped way up thanks to the movies) shows my hipster side.I relate to Peter Quill and feel I have a good deal in common with him. This in spite of the fact that general consensus among staff is I’m actually more of a Groot.As for the context of the actual question of making it my legal name, sure I’d do it. It’d get mispronounced a lot less frequently than my current (German) last name, it sounds good, I already identify with it. And Peter’s not a bad first name, either. I could go by it with no unnecessary raised eyebrows or anything like that.I’m down.

What are the four types of characters in fiction?

There are four types of characters in fiction as the question states. The four types of characters refer to the way a character changes throughout a story. These four character types are: dynamic, flat, static, and round.Dynamic Character- A dynamic character is one that experiences a change in either their outlook or their personality. This form of change can either be one that is simple to see or could be one that happens subtly to the point where it’s hard to detect when the change started.Flat Character- A character who is flat is one that displays few personality traits and does not experience a change within the story. These characters don’t really have any layers to them, everything about them can be seen on the surface. These characters aren’t fully fleshed out but they are able to impact the story.Static Character- Static characters are characters who don’t develop at all during a story.Round Character- Round characters are characters who happen to be fully fleshed out. These characters will have a distinct personality, background, and motives.

Is it normal for a short story to become a novel?

Hell, my AOL screen name became a 4-book fantasy series. Well , I'm just finishing book 1, clocking in at around 600 pages. All of it came from a simple screen name that I created after trying to join a cool adjective and noun. That combination almost never happened. First, I tried to create a number of other screen names.  I tried...Mad MonkLaughing MonkCrying MonkFunny MonkEvil MonkDark MonkQuiet MonkSleeping MonkKind MonkAngry MonkAnd about 100 others. But none of them were available. However, Lost Monk was. So I created it. And the meaning began to grow in me. Then finally, a decade later, that spark grew into my fantasy series. Lost MonkWant a free ebook copy when it comes out?