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Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Or Creatures From Another Dimension

Why do people have similar sleep paralysis hallucinations?

The definitive symptom of Awareness during Sleep Paralysis negates ASP as a blanket explanation for home invasions by temporary nonhumans and transient anomalies. Awareness during Sleep Paralysis occurs when the brain is in the transition state between deep, dreaming sleep and waking up. Imagine awakening to discover that you cannot move a muscle! With the exception of perhaps your eyes and your breathing, you find yourself virtually frozen in bed. The definitive symptom of ASP is PARALYSIS.

The second most reported symptom of ASP is being "hag-ridden." Many people have a sense of suffocating or breathlessness during sleep paralysis, which likely relates to the limited muscles that are active to help you breathe. During REM sleep, the diaphragm acts as a bellows to help you inflate your lungs and breathe, but few of the other accessory muscles of breathing are active. Some people experience this as a chest pressure or as if someone is standing or sitting on their chest.

There are men, women, and children from around the world that awaken to the presence of temporary beings and transient anomalies in their homes. Hallucinations do not disturb physical surroundings nor explain those encounters where said entities affect our environment and interact with the peoples, flora, and fauna of our reality. These "ghostly" intruders are referred to as BEDROOM INVADERS.

Is sleep paralysis a door to a different dimension/word?

Yes. But it is only one door and there are many.Experiencing other dimensions is basically done by a projection of consciousness. And most humans can only access these dimensional doorways, or portals, when the conscious aspect of the physical reality are put away. And by put away I mean when the waking reality is shut down, mostly at the onset of delta waves during sleep.Many can project their consciousness other ways: Via remote viewing in which one is trained to access such dimensions across time space. Also through astral projection; some can project while they are awake and others need paralysis so that they know when to jump out of the body. In lucid dreaming, which is the same, but again, it is accomplished during sleep when physical reality is at bay and the body asleep. Meditation, shamanic practice, many doorways exist, it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you, and for the general population to stop panicking about paralysis and see it as you have; a doorway.Asleep and paralysis go hand in hand to allow for these dimensional, hyperspace experiences. It’s our birthright.Thanks for asking and exposing this to the air waves!

Sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations & weird stuff?

The problem is that I'm only 15 and they happen to me a lot
It's very scary. It's starts with lucid dreaming then I wake up in a dream and I find it difficult to move.
Like I can see but sights fade a way like I find my head & arms shifting to a side of the bed and I feel pressure like something heavy fell on me. then I wake up from that to find myself in another sleep paralysis. Once I threw myself out of my bed and felt it but when I wake up I find that I didn't move an inch or change my position.

There is like a pressure field or sth It's very scary I even feel it few second after I wake up. I also can't breathe and I see black shadows suffocating me.

I've tried to do stuff like move my fingers and what not, but it keeps coming again and again.

A demon or entity is attacking me in my sleep paralysis. What does it want from me?

Before answering, may I exend my upmost sympathy to you for what you are going through. It truly sucks to have a demon invade your life, they seek to cause nothing but pain. What happened to your friend is truly awful, and one has to wonder why any sentient creature would want to put any other being through that. :(

Don't give up hope though, there are ways to protect yourself. From what I gather, it seems to be a primarilly nocturnal attacker, so protecting yourslef should be easy, as it is a static point.

1. Cast a Pentacle or trace a circle of salt around your bed BUT MAKE SURE THE DEMON IS NOT INSIDE THIS AREA. Evil entities cannot enter UNBROKEN pentacles or salt circles, but extremely strong ones can find a way.

2. Douse yourself/sheets in holy water. Whether you are christian or not is irrelevant (I'm not) but it is the fact that people believe and are given hope by these things repels demons.

3. Learn to sense the demon's presence. Most entities, particularly ones as strong as this, are obvious to most people once they are recognised. When you sense it, say with upmost confidence something along the lines of "You are not welcome, Leave, I do not fear you." Make sure you mean it od it will only piss it off more.

4. Keep you dogs with you. Canines are very perceptive to spirits, so they will be like an early warning system, also, some deomns are scared off by dogs.

5. If you can, have people keep watch while you sleep. Just having someone wait for you to pass out isn't enough. Nocturnal predators attack when you're asleep or falling asleep, when you are most vulnerable. Remove that vulnerability by having people looking after you.

Good luck, and I hope that your future struggles with this creature lead to your victory. If all else fails, get someone from a pagan religion (Particularly Wikka) to lend a hand. They'll know what to do. Remember, EVERY entity has a weakness. For more specific instructions, try and find out exactly what kind of demon it is. If you need more help, feel free to email me.

One last piece of advice: You cannot and shouldn't try to get revenge on this thing.

In sleep paralysis, why do we only see aliens, ghosts, demons, monsters, etc.?

Well, one theory (with which I agree) is that once you get SP, the inability to move scares you so bad (well, duh) that your mind, still in some kind of dreamlike state, creates all these frightening beings.You will observe that all of these beings (monsters, demons, aliens) are very often present in movies and books and most works of fiction depict them as scary and malevolent. For most grown ups, these things are not really scary, at least on a conscious level, but think about it. Don’t we all have that movie that scared us reeeeeally bad when we were kids? Basically, when you get SP, fear kicks in, and your still half asleep mind can’t help it but call out the thing that you associate with fear in the back of your head, even if you don’t realise it.Then again, there is the shadow man, a figure that was seen by many people during SP, people who live in different parts of the world and who have literally no tie to each other. One explanation for him is that he is some kind of demon that feeds with our fear, or something of sorts. Another one is that he is in fact only another hallucination, an indirect effect of…well, being born. What is the first thing a child experiences when being born? A man pulling him away from his safe space for the last months. It’s truly scary, you open your eyes for the first time in your life and the first thing you see is a faceless thing handling you. Their eyes most probably can’t discern facial features, making doctors look like, you guessed it, shadowy figures.If this whole theory is true, sleep paralysis might be the answer for many incidents around the globe, such as alien abductions. I’ve heard that sleep paralysis can settle in even after doozing off for a little bit. Think about how many scary stories can be explained by this. People driving at night in the forest and seeing Bigfoot or Dogmen on the road, Skinwalkers, shadow people. Many report they were so scared they couldn’t move. I am certain not every such encounter can be blamed on SP, but so many of them look like they can.Also, stories throughout history of men being visited by Succubus at night, or witches or anything like this might only be instances of SP, and since that’s what was considered frightening back then, I think you go the idea.I might have messed up some details, but I believe the message got across. I, for one, think this theory makes sense. What about you?

What is the sleep paralysis demon? It is real?

Let's get this out of the way before people start believing in demons. There is no Sleep Paralysis Demon. You are referring to Incubus which is the name given to the sensation of someone sitting on your chest during a sleep paralysis episode. This is not real. Sleep paralysis is an episode when part of your brain is dreaming, and part is awake.Dreaming typically occurs during what is called REM sleep. During REM sleep, your major muscles are paralyzed. This is a good thing. You don't want to be dreaming about fighting a bear and beating up the person sleeping next to you.It is possible to partially awaken during a REM sleep cycle. In these situations, you are partially in REM sleep, therefore your body is paralyzed. This also includes the muscles between your ribs (intercostals). These muscles are responsible for breathing. And since your brain is partially in REM sleep, you might still be dreaming. That means your brain will create hallucinations so you might see things in your room.Sleep paralysis is frightening. I experience it on a weekly basis. But let's be clear. There is a reason this is happening...and it's not related to demons.

Sleep paralysis but I don't see anything?

For a while now I've had sleep paralysis. However, in all my sleep paralysis episodes I never have any scary hallucinations or hear scary stuff. And I don't really feel dread but more so just scared because I don't like the feeling of not being able to move my body. Can somebody please explain this? I don't understand why it is I just don't see anything.

Help! Sleep Paralysis with demons...?

Let me start out with saying I find the paranormal very interesting and I believe in it.

Lately I've been having sleep paralysis, where I've thought I've woken but I can't move or talk, the thing is, is that when I 'wake up' in this sleep paralysis state I see what I would see actually waking up (my view from laying down in my bed)
Now the weird and to me terrifying part is every time I experience this I see hallucinations of what I would call demons. And I get a very bad, and semi-evil energy from the demons I see, I just feel that they want to harm me.
The first time this happened was about 2 years ago, where I was sleeping on my couch and woke up in a sleep paralysis state and saw the upper-half of a woman's body (never seen this woman before, looked like a ghost/demonic) then I sprung up awaking from it. So after that I went into my room to take a nap, then the sleep paralysis state happened again, and I saw a person (neither male nor female) in a wheelchair just staring at me, and I feel extremely threatened. Then I sprung awake again and the 'hallucination' just vanished

After these two experiences nothing unusual happened for about 1 year and a half. Then just weird (I would call paranormal) things start happening. Nothing major really, such as paper flew off the table with no breeze, hearing unusual things, my dogs growling at the wall.

Lately, I've have feelings of not being alone and I just feel like there are eyes on me 24/7 and I hear unusual things very frequently. Even as I'm typing this I feel like there is someone watching me. I keep looking behind me.

Now two nights ago I had a normal dream, but I dreamt that I was trying to save a guy from a evil demon, like her eyes had been scrapped out and her eyes were bleeding, and it was something you would see in a exorcism movie. I woke up very scared, and couldn't go back to sleep but when I did, I woke up in a sleep paralysis state and I saw a hunch back demon leaving my room and right as it turned around I woke up. I remember seeing the demon that I saw in my actual dream. Except now it's hunch back and it had a very gruesome smile on it's face.

I don't know what I should do. I just really want to know if anyone knows what going on?! I feel helpless.