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Small Question About Selling An Item

EBAY SHIPPING!!! Question on how to ship items on ebay? NEW SELLER?

Hi, I'm planning on selling things on ebay to make a couple of bucks cause I'm a teen and i don't want to constantly ask my parents for money. Well anyways, I've gotten so confused searching up all the different shipping methods on the USPS and EBAY website, so now i've come to YAHOO ANSWERS!!
My question:
I'm planning on selling small items such as cheap earrings/bracelets/necklaces ($2-5), make-up such as nail polish/eye shadow/eye liner/ lip stick/ etc. ($2-6), REVLON hair dye that comes in the box packages ($5-6), 100% real human hair fake eyelashes ($3-5) and other miniscule items, but I cannot seem to figure out how to ship these items. I haven't listed my items yet afraid i won't know how to ship out the items if they are purchased. I've read on the USPS website about all these different shipping methods such as Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Express Mail, Flat Rate, First Class, Standard, etc. and it is so overwhelming and CONFUSING!!

1.What is the best way to ship my items for the lowest price possible?
2. Do I need to pay for tracking information? If so how? How much?
3. Can I ship my small items such as the jewelry in a standard letter envelope with a regular postage stamp on it?

4. Sometimes when i order small items off of ebay such as a phone battery, I get it delivered to me in a rectangular plastic gray bag from USPS. What type of shipping is this called? How much does it cost?

5. Please give me the best way to ship out items via USPS and please tell me the approximate price!
Please give me all the details you can because I've been on the EBAY and USPS website for hours trying to figure out how to ship items, and I'm just getting more and more confused. Please break everything down for me with details.


I want to start a small business selling one item (online and supermarkets) that I make at home, what do I need to do and what are the costs?

If i were you I would start small. So that being said in your shoes these are the steps I'd take. Focus on online and word of mouth sales.  Leave the supermarket selling to later. Set up a very simple website about your salsa.  Include cool photos of the product; why salsa is a great addition to a meal; ingredients; about you page; a shopping cart opt-in; email opt-in for bulk buyers. Key is to make this website look clean and state of the art.  Hint: look at shopify seller pagesSet up a Facebook page about your product.  If you don't know marketing/advertising online either hire someone to help you or learn it yourself.  Hint: look at some of your favourite food outlets facebook marketing pages. Invite all those interested from your friends list to the page.  Even offer free samples/tastings to your close friends/family. Begin running some facebook ads- target locally and people with interests in food.  Hint: use facebook audience insights- search location and then type in a similar food interest. This will give you huge value into who to target with ads. Any food festivals/weekly markets happening in your area? Get a stall up and start selling.  Make sure to offer free tasting samples.  Give people an incentive to like your facebook page (competition) to build audience to whom you can sell toKnow any famous/influential people with large audience reach?  Get them to promote your salsa if it fits into their niche (i.e. this would work with fitness/healthy/beauty niche presuming your salsa is made with fresh and healthy ingredients)Keep consistent with the marketing and the interest (and sales) will rise exponentially. Then you can turn to supermarkets and become more commercial on a larger scale.  I have a few other strategies that could work but I would need to have a bit more information about your business.  If you found this helpful and want to discuss more then feel free to send me a private message. Any ways i always try keep my answers short and sweet- but that never happens. I hope you take action and get some amazing results :) Felix

How do small stores that sell very cheap items stay in Business?

Newer stores are not going to survive unless they are in less densely populated areas. Older stores survive or “stay in business” due to their connection with the community around them. Smaller stores are going to have it rough if they are in the grocery sector as Amazon is launching Amazon GO nationwide and will cause some stores to close due to its heavy handed presence 3,600 stores are planned. Bottom line is that smaller stores will survive if they are community connected and have good online websites and shipping times.

What is the best small item or to sell online?

There are several Items which you can sell online. I can correct you question it can be (what is the best item to sell online where we can earn more profit). So from my point of view there are few types of items which you can sell online and can earn more profit like (mobile accessories, daily usable items, kitchen using items, wallets, sunglasses and other more). For full details visit on videoPlease like and share….. or you can get daily updates on Ecommerce Guru- Free Ecommerce Support | Free Ecommerce Learning | Ecommerce Expert

Selling an item on Ebay.... Winner didn't pay.?

If you look at the eBay fees, you will see that they charge you a certain percentage of the amount your item sold for. If you look here you can see how they figure this fee out. The fees for stuff under $100 are reasonable, but once you get into the $150 and above range, they get ridiculous. I've had to pay $20 on an item that sold at auction for $225. That doesn't include any Paypal fees if you use that and since eBay owns Paypal, they're basically charging you twice. eBay is OK for smaller items, but not for expensive ones.

What's a good item you can buy for a small amount and then sell to make a profit?

Any imaginable product you can think of, at all price points, from 99 cents to $1 million, is sold on eBay.You can sell literally any product in the universe. The site is extremely easy to use; there are online tutorials and superb 24/7 phone customer service to answer any question you have as you go along. Remember to open up a PayPal account so buyers can pay you.Here's an example: you buy an item, maybe an old camera for example, for $10. Before you buy anything, make certain that you see it, or a very similar camera, on eBay. They have an option that allows you to view all “sold” items that are identical. That tells you how to price your camera. If you see a few have been sold for $30, put yours on “auction” for $15 with a “buy it now” price of $30.Even if it finally sells (auctions are for 7 days) for $25, that's a $15 profit. Buy more product immediately. With $100 to begin with, you should have no difficulty, earning $1000 quite quickly.Good luck.

Is it legal to sell an item for two prices?

I was cheated out of some money by a retailer a while back and I need some help on figuring out whether or not it's legal.

Long version:
Retailer A operated a website, which we can call Retailer B. Retailer B sold "daily deals", offering a deal item that changed at random. All of Retailer B's inventory came from Retailer A. Under Retailer A's "boneyard" section, where they sold display, refurbished, broken, etc. items for a discounted price. One of these items was Item X in used condition, sold for $25 dollars plus shipping. One day, Retailer B offered for their daily deal of a "Mystery Box item type X", for $45 plus shipping I believe, with the same shipping charges as Item X on Retailer A. Now I purchased this "Mystery Box" expecting something worth my money; instead, I received Item X, the same Item X as was listed for $25 on Retailer A.

Short version:
So basically, a retailer sold something priced at $25 as a "mystery item" on another site they operated for $20 more.

Is this legal?
If not, what specific law would prohibit this?

What is the most profitable thing to sell in a small shop?

Well, good businesses rely on knowing the demographics of an area (income, age range, sex, etc), and delivering a competitive advantage.

You should consider the profitability of an item by looking at the net ROI (Return on Investment). An item that cost you 1cent which you later sold at 2cents may seem like a very attractive option, since you have made 100% profit, but you would have to sell huge volumes - several thousand of them a day in order for you to have a viable business because of fixed and operating costs. Not an option in a small shop.

Shops are bound by their location and size, so as a general rule, you should look into selling items that have a high unit sales price so that you don't have to sell as many to break even. Somebody mentioned jewellery which is the right idea, and you can consider games, dvds, ipods, MP3 players - you know, items that do not take up a lot of space and have a high unit sales price.

There are various equations to figure out the maximum ROI of an item, but you can very easily figure it out for yourself in your own unique situation.

1. Competitive advantage of your shop => No. of customers per day.

2. Max Net Profit = Sales - (Fixed costs + Variable Operating costs)

3. Where Sales = No. of customers x Profit per Unit.

It's a difficult balance, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to beat the competition, give value to your community, and make a handsome profit.

I want to start my own home based small business of selling cookies (food item). What prior formalities do I need to perform?

Get your business name registered with the local municipality and obtain a trade license. Obtain a PAN card ( if you don't have one. If it's a partnership business, you have to obtain a PAN card in the firm name in addition to individual PAN cards of partners), open a current account in a bank and get a vAT registration.Visit the website of FSSAI and find out what are the liclicenses you need to have and obtain them.