Small Rock And Roll Labels

True or False? (history of rock and roll)?

Early rock and roll owes a lot to independent labels--and to regional labels. SUN records, where Elvis started, sold records mainly in the south. Besides Elvis, early rock and roll musicians Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded with Sun. Johnny Cash, who originally was considered a young rockabilly musician more than a country musician, also started with Sun.

Sun also recorded and released "Rocket 88" by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats, which some people argue what "the first rock and roll record."

But it wasn't just Sun. Ace Records in Jackson, Mississippi recorded a lot of New Orleans acts. Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley were on Chess Records, out of Chicago. Fats Domino and Little Richard recorded on Imperial, which grew into a much bigger label. Federal Records in Cincinnati had James Brown and Hank Ballard. And there were many more.

RCA Victor bought Elvis's contract from Sun records in 1955. IT was with RCA that Elvis became a super star. But he got his start with Sun Records.

Regional labels put out records that would be hits in local markets or regions--rhythm and blues, rockabilly, doo-wop, and so on. It was radio DJS like Alan Freed in Cleveland Ohio who played records from all over America and started calling all this different styles "rock and roll."

It took a while for the big labels to catch up.

What is your definition of Rock 'n Roll?

Rock n Roll is more an attitude than a style really. But most of it is based in The Blues or Rhythm and Blues. Some of it makes use of Jazz and even classical and some others have their roots in Country. So you see it isn't a narrow genre at all. But most true Rock n Roll is free spirited, a little rebellious and has a love of life feel to it.

Yes it is still alive and well in a lot of bands - You may have to go to Indie Rock to hear them but they are still there.

To me Led Zeppelin is the essence of Rock n Roll - Rebellious, Energetic and Free Spirited.

Why is rock and roll losing its popularity?

The labels are struggling because of the downturn in the music industry and they need money quickly. Also, most of the larger labels are now run by major companies with a board of directors, stockholders, etc. that they have to answer to that want to see quick profits.

Pop artists tend to "break"/get popular more quickly and there is an easy pre-defined marketing plan to push them into (radio, mtv and so on). There aren't as many "credibility" considerations to take into account with pop artists, so you can throw their music into any commercial, tv show, etc. without backlash or worry about their fans complaining that they've "sold out" or something.

Rock bands tend to build more slowly, particularly by touring / on the road. And it can take several albums before they really break into the mainstream. In addition, touring is expensive with gas costs now days, and if labels are paying tour support to try to help a band succeed it can get expensive. In addition, the radio marketshare for rock stations is much lower (so even if you have a #1 hit on modern or active rock, there aren't as many ears listening so not as many people buy the cd which means less $$$ for the labels). These days you really have to build by touring OR have a song cross-over from rock stations to top 40 or hot ac (the softer rock/adult stations that play artists like train, john mayer, coldplay and so on) to be successful as a new rock band -- preferably both.

What happened to Rock N' Roll music?

Everything goes in cycles, all music is good if you like it. Rap is kinda of silly these days its so mainstream, and normally the mainstream is lame. (just my opinion) Rap was cool in the 70's 80's and 90's when most people liked rock, it used to have a message, and report what was going on in the inner city. You are right rap or hip-hop was a movement now its a bunch of Tupac and Big karaoke. Music right now is about the download the catchy jingle. Talent still exists you just have to listen harder. Don't just go by whats on the radio, that is normally what people are forced to play. Try your best to keep an open mind don't label yourself as a rocker or a gangster, be you! listen to what you like and don't judge others for what they listen to. I listen to everything Cat Stevens is my favorite singer, people label him because of his religious beliefs, I don't care for religion at all. I love Bob Marley, Rakim, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, GNR, Nirvana,Beethoven.... The list goes on and on Music is great Don't worry about the label!

That list would likely be small. In truth, no one really knows because most would feel supporting Trump would hurt their careers. Megadeth founder and original member of Metallica, Dave Mustain, has been known to have conservative views, but rarely cares what people think about what he says. Being a conservitive metal head for the last 30 years, I can tell you that conservitives are in the minority, at least in public, as far as metal fans go. Many people espouse themselves to be liberals, yet if you talk issue by issue, you find they are often at odds with many liberal view points.

There are several reasons to listen to that terrible rock and roll.There are a lot of varieties.You may want to “Shake Your Money Maker” A good way to start is by listening to Elmore James.Since you aren’t a slave you enjoy using your “Freedom Of Choice” Let’s ask Devo to help us out with that.Need to make a call but came up short on cashhish? Boz Skaggs would borrow some do-rey-mi. “Loan Me A Dime” With some tasty guitar work here from Duane Allman.A song referencing Superman? Here’s one by Gruppo Sportivo.Yes, they are sampling some Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention on that “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance”We should include some Zappa “Lemme Me Take You To The Beach”What can you do at a party? Ask Jona Lewie “You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties”You need music for a good party!Need an ending for an answer? No problem Deaf School has you (and me) covered. Oh this is a spot on live version of “What A Way To End It All”All these reasons why people listen to that awful rock and roll. It’s just fun!

Forming a band, Record labels, tips?

Recording labels are the tip of the iceberg, with much more underneath...

1. Get skilled in your own musical ability, which usually takes a couple of years.

2. Find others with compatible skills, interests, and personalities, another couple of years until you can actually call it a band without breaking up every six months.

3. Grab every gig you can get, to at least where you're paid more than gas money. This forces the band to learn timing, balance, dynamics, and what actually sells.

4. Everybody needs a day job meantime, to fund it all. Basic gear for a performing weekend band runs about $6k, plus the wheels to put that gas money into.

5. With all that well underway, then attend to alarimbaud's excellent review of labels.

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