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Smoke Shops Open Late Night In Salt Lake City Utah

Planning a Trip from Salt Lake City to Portland Oregon?

Not much to do on 84 from SLC to Twin Falls. Twin Falls as suggested above is awesome though. I'd high suggest staying there over Boise.

As a fellow photographer, I'd highly suggest taking a side trip out to Sumpter Oregon, then head west through Eastern and Central Oregon. You can visit a ton of Ghost Towns such (in order, east to west from Sumpter,) Whitney, Bates, Mitchell, then head north from Mitchell to the Painted Hills in the John Day Fossil Beds. Go through Fossil, then Shaniko (another Ghost Town,) and end up in The Dalles Oregon. From there head west to Portland, but be sure to take the Historic Columbia River Highway instead of I-84. And stop at several of the falls, especially Multnomah Falls. That's a good place to take the kids hiking to the top to run out some energy.

You're going to add about 150 miles to your trip this way, but the photo opportunities and beauty are well worth the trip.

A list of all Oregon Ghost towns (with pictures of some) is here:

Painted Hills:

Once in Portland, check out the Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Chinese Gardens.

At night does a cop have to have their parking lights on?

i watched a lady drive through a stop sign one night, and i stopped her.
when i got to the window, she told me that it was bullshit that i was hiding like that. i told her it was bullshit that she ran the stop sign.

it's not the cops fault when you break the law.

Why won't my computer play Five nights at Freddy's?

I have an HP Pavilion g7, old and low tech I know, but I have a 3 TB external hard drive stuck to it and all my steam stuff goes to that, I'm really not a techy so I have no idea if my computers even able to handle a it but it plays Tera Rising online with my friends just fine with minimum lag! so when I open FNAF it comes up with the game audio and a black starting screen but just stops after about 2 seconds. I can click on the window to open it but it just keeps closing on me. anyone know why this happens? thanks! :D

What is Malad Idaho like?

Please tell me EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you know about Malad Idaho and the surrounding areas. How far ways from Salt lake is it? anything that you can tell me would be great!! thanks so much!