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Snapchat Best Friends List

How can you get rid of bestfriends on Snapchat?

The mechanism of Snapchat best friends is pretty simple: it is based on the number of snaps sent and/or received. As such, you have full control over who is your best friend or not. The more you snapchat with a person, the more likely he/she becomes your new best friend.Earlier, it was possible to remove best friends on Snapchat by blocking and unblocking the person. Unfortunately, users have reported that this method does not work anymore.As of now, it looks like the only solution is by not sending snaps to that person. It makes sense that if a person is not your best friend, there is no reason to send him/her all of your snaps.So in order to remove someone as your #1 best friend on Snapchat, stop sending him/her snaps. Communicate less. Snapchat with others more. This way, the snap count between the two of you will decrease, eventually replacing him/her with a new best friend.Thank You!

Snapchat best friends list?

How does Snapchat Best Friends work?

I heard that it is the total number of Snaps send and recieved between the 2 of you that determins who is #1..

But what if someone sends me 1000 snaps in a day, and I open them, but I do not send anything back...
Another friend of mine sends me 3 snaps and I send him 3.

In this case wouldn´t the first guy be ranked as #1 on my best friends list?

And how does stories come into this?
The more stories your view of a friend, would that also rank them higher??

Snapchat bestfriends list?

On my boyfriends best friends list on snapchat it is me and another girl, the other girl is his number 1 and I am his number 2, I googled it and it says that the list is based on the people you snap the most frequently, I was trying to figure out if that meant that he snapchats her the most out of anybody or if she was just the last person that he has snapped tonight, basically is the order of the list based on the quality of snaps or the most recent one?


Snapchat best friends are wrong?

I have my snapchat set to showing three people. The first is completely understandable, second is understandable, but the third is literally someone I *just* added the other day and have not snapchatted ONCE. I snap chat another user a lot more than I snapchat the person who is my 2nd best friend, but this could be because I just added them... But if that's the case, why aren't they at least third?

I'm thinking maybe I should set my best friends to two then switch back to three.

How to get someone off you best friends list on snapchat?

My top two best friends on snapchat I don't want to be on there and I can't seem to get them off but I still wanna talk to them so I don't want to delete them