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So Can Someone Break Down The Differences And When To Use Queso Cotijo Queso Fresco Or Table

Do you prefer Chinese, Mexican, American, or Italian food and why?

I like to cook so I prepare food from all these countries as well as others.As far as a favorite goes , it is difficult as I like dishes from each country.I wanted to say that you cannot judge Italian food by going out to a restaurant that is not in Italy. I personally do not even go out often to restaurants in Italy as i can usually make better recipes at home the way I like them . That is my own personal preference. Mexican food is vast and the best Mexican food is in Mexico , not in the USA , where I was born. I like Tex-Mex. but its not the same as real Mexican food made from fresh ingredients. I love Mexican black bean dishes and I can eat fresh avocado’s salads all day long.Chinese food is fantastic as it is so varied. If you want to eat probably the best variety of Chinese food , then I would suggest you try Guangzhou or the area of Canton , which is famous for having the best variety of Chinese food from all over China . American food is difficult to categorize. as there is really only one area of the USA that has its own special type of American food and its really made up of a mix of food, spices and recipes brought to the USA from Immigrants. You can find it in New Orleans and its called Cajun cuisine.I can find just about everything that I need to make most of the recipes from New Orleans except a few. In Italy they call Crawfish, River Shrimp and they have almost died out here for some reason . At one time they were abundant but not they are expensive and really hard to find. The Italian variety is also different from the New Orleans Crawfish. so it goes.There are many other traditional foods from the USA but they are one offs and you cannot consider them as a cuisine from a certain area . such as fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, peanut butter, pecans, grape jelly, candies , taffy, hot dogs, hamburgers , yellow meat watermelons and many many others…. please help me with this list .I would also add Japanese food , Indian food , and middle eastern food to the list as there are many specialties from all over the world that are my favorites and worth mentioning . I am getting hungry just thinking about it ….

What type of queso do they serve in authentic Mexican restaurants?

Ohh so many quesos to talk about:Queso fresco (queso rayado):This one is usually shredded and put on top of many dishes (tacos dorados, tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, huaraches, sopes, gorditas, etc.).Queso Oaxaca (quesillo):This one is usually inside quesadillas, gorditas or just a side.Queso Panela:Usually inside tortas, as an appetizer, in taco placeros.Queso Manchego:Sometimes used as a replacement on quesadillas, or shredded on top of tacos dorados, note: this is a different “manchego” from the original european manchego cheese.Queso Philadelphia: I think this might just be the same as Philly cheese. Not really traditional I guess, but lots of dishes are prepared with this one.Requeson:Very soft cheese similar to ricotta cheese, used as fillings in tlacoyos, quesadillas, etc.Queso Chihuaha:Usually made by the menonita tribe in northern Mexico. Its flavor is stronger than most mexican cheeses, usually used for “queso fundido” (melted cheese tacos) or cheese chicharron.Queso Cotija:Kinda like a mexican parmesan cheese. it is used to sprinkle salads, bean dishes, pasta and other “antojitos”. Its the perfect cheese to put in elotes too!I’ve had some luck finding some of those cheeses in mexican restaurants, and some groceries shops. But definitely avoid the “mexican cheese” or the “quesadilla cheese” they sell, that disgusting mix is an insult.

What type of cheese is used on tacos at Mexican restaurants?

The white shredded cheese at most Mexican restaurants that aren't going to put something like "Colby - Jack" on things is frequently Chihuahua. Yes, like the dog. it isn't produced by milking tiny recently-pregnant's just named after the same region in Mexico as the dog. You can buy it in many stores in their specialty section (think "near the brie", not "near the shredded cheeese"), and some Costcos will sell you a huge bag of it already shredded. This is the brand I always see - they sell wheels and shredded of the Queso Chihuahua, and they sell other types of Mexican cheeses as well. I'd recommend trying it in just about anything that would normally call for Mozzarella.  If you're asking about the crumbly cheese you'll find in Mexican dishes, as opposed to the melty one, that's most likely Queso Fresco

How Many Kinds Of Cheese Are There In The World?

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