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So Far Which Is The Best Movie By Steve Mcqueen Director

What kind of motorcycle did Steve McQueen ride in the movie "The Great Escape"?

A Triumph. He rode in most of the scenes, but his buddy Bud Ekins performed the final, big jump.

What are Steve McQueen's best movies?

The Cincinnati Kid
The Great Escape
The Magnificent Seven

and if you're a b-movie sci fi fan--The Blob

Which are some of the best movies of Steve McQueen?

Steve McQueen (actor): Which are some of the best movies of Steve McQueen?Shashank Shankar gave a pretty good list so I will make a quick comment and add a couple. The Magnificent Seven  is my favorite movie on his list, but oddly enough, I don't really classify that film as a Steve McQueen film. M7 is truly an ensemble piece, it is a film that Steve McQueen is in, not a Steve McQueen film...if you know what I mean.I would add The Getaway (1972 film) to the list. This was directed by Sam Peckinpah  and was based on a novel by Jim Thompson (writer). While this film was not Peckinpah's grittiest and it certainly was not nearly as dark as the source material, it was McQueen's most morally ambiguous role.Many people like Bullitt. I find the movie as a whole rather middling, but the car chase scenes are truly classics.

Does steve mcqueen die in the movie the great escape?

No he doesn't, he goes back to the German prisoner of war camp.

What are some trademark techniques of famous directors?

Steve McQueen often uses a long, fixed camera shots, where not a lot of action happens. In fact, it usually some kind of repetitive exercise, that would otherwise not be filmed so indulgently. The effect can come off as a big self-conscious but it works out when he wants to induce a gut-wrenching reaction.The first three here are from Hunger (2009) and the last one is from 12 Years A Slave (2013):At other times, the shot simply has simply marvelous composition and induces a hypnotic effect:Source: Cinemagraphs of living movie stillsTwo more things:Hunger is particularly famous for the scene depicted in the cinegraph above, as it is a 17 minute single take fixed camera shot with steady conversation between the two characters. Simply unprecedented.As much as Steve McQueen can make magic out of immobility, he is also an innovator with moving shots. Here is another scene he is famous for - the jogging scene in Shame:

Which actor would play Steve McQueen if a film was made of his life?

My personal opinion is Ben Mckenzie. Ever since I first saw him in ‘The O.C’ I think he is this generation’s McQueen

Steve McQueen - was his best film Cincinatti Kid?

McQueen is a fave of mine, his vast roles in so many classic films makes it hard for me to select one...

The Great escape

all spring to mind, the guy was a legend.

Robert Redford, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman all rejected the same role. What was it?

The Role in which actors Steve McQueen, Paul Newman & Robert Redford (along with many other actors) rejected was Superman in the 1978 movie Superman.Also, Steve McQueen turned down the role of the Sundance Kid (which eventually went to Robert Redford) in the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, as he didn’t want to take Second Billing to Paul Newman (who played Butch Cassidy).Sources: 10 Famous Movie Roles Rejected by Other Stars - Listosaur | Hungry for KnowledgeButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)