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So How Can Someone Eat Without Playing With There Food

How long can a person go without food before they pass out / faint?

A person can go a week without food.Yeah,pretty amazing but I wouldn't suggest doing it and exercising...It could possibly lead to death because you would have no energy.

Can you eat without a tongue?

Okay, I know this question has been asked before, but looking around at sites with answers, some said yes, some said no. I'm making a character in a book who has her tongue seared (burnt) out, making her mute.. Besides well, vowels and screaming and incoherent stuff. And note: This is a different, magical world, so there's no tubes to feed her. I know you can't taste without a tongue, but I'm really not sure about eating. Will you be able to swallow food without a tongue? I mean, at the dentist I've swallowed stuff without using my tongue (or so it seems), it's just hard and I can't do it all the time. But anyways, please let me know.

Please and thank you.

How do people with Anorexia go so long without eating?

Human beings often think they're hungry when they're merely going through a process called detoxification; which is when your body is removing harmful wastes from the food you've eaten. If you eat a healthy and natural diet, you won't have to go through detoxification. But with all the junk food we eat today, detoxification is long and painful.

This is how people in ancient times fasted. With natural diets, they were able to go long periods of time without feeling pangs of hunger. Some people today go for several weeks without eating (they drink water, of course) and they report that it's extremely good for their health and gives them mental clarity.

I can imagine that anorexic people are more selective about what they eat, so they don't need to go through as much detoxification. I would also guess that once they go through detoxification it's not as extremely painful to be hungry.

Anorexia, however, is a psychological disorder with no real purpose. It only causes pain. I've known drop-dead gorgeous girls who for some reason thought they were fat. It's probably largely a result of the portrayal of the "perfect female" we have in our society, and our emphasis on thinness.

I think it would be a big challenge to eat without using your tongue. It's really really hard to consciously not use it it! Your tongue pushes food around. Your tongue helps create a vacuum to assist swallowing. Try swallowing with your mouth open and tongue sticking out… then you'll understand!Nonetheless people who sort of don't have a tongue still have to manage somehow, and they would learn ways to adapt. An example is people who had their tongue barbarically cut off as punishment. But you gotta think how much was removed; probably only the front part to inhibit speech. Those people wouldn't be able to speak, taste much or push food around their mouth…but they could still swallow at least!As for someone with no tongue whatsoever? I can only speculate that tube feeding wold be a good option but who knows? I'm sure nobody wants to try…

How long can someone live if they eat just junk food?

They could probably live for a while, but will probably die young of heart failure or a myriad of other diseases.

The life they did live would be riddled with health problems.
Aches and pains, high blood pressure,diabetes, fatigue and obesity are likely.

WHY do some people EAT without brushing their teeth in the morning when they wake up? EWWWW ITS SO GROSS!?

some people wake up in the morning and eat breakfast and THEN brush their teeth.? its good to brush your teeth after you eat i know that....

but teeth do get dirty at night, bacteria builds in the mouth as we sleep and you have to brush your teeth to get rid of morning/bad breath and to start off feeling refreshed in the morning before you EAT..!! dirt!

and also you have to brush your TONGUE!! theres yellow/white stuff (thrush) on your tongue you have to BRUSH THAT TOO you know. yuckkkkk ...and some people dont even brush or anything and kisses their boyf or girlf.. eww Nastyyyyy!

I can't eat without throwing up ?

are you a normal wt now?
do you binge on huge quantity's of food?
are you still restricting your food?
did you receive any support or treatment for you anorexia? Did you see a therapist to help you deal with the underlying issues and problems?
does anyone monitor you or give you any follow up?

its important that you go and see your GP. the main worry and your biggest problem is going to be electrolyte imbalance. your potassium needs to be checked. if its too low it CAN cause muscle problems and heart failure. i am not trying to scare you or freak you out, but it IS a serious concern and that's why you need your GP to check your blood. keep a food diary and take that with you to your GP. your Dr can either try to support you her / him self or refer you on to someone else. don't feel ashamed or embarrassed, just reach out for the support you need. (hugs)

If I get to choose my food, I choose Watermelons!and for a vegetable I choose Heirloom Tomatoes! Juicy!And if I get a choice for a main course, I choose soup. Plenty of good soups, but I am thinking maybe one with a good broth? Maybe a good hearty Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup with sausage?Yummy!Now I can live for years, maybe even decades, without drinking water. I’ll just use the water in my foods and pick the juiciest foods!BTW this strategy is not uncommon in the animal kingdom as well. Many animals in dry areas rely on their food to obtain their required water intake.For example the Sand Cat, Felis Margarita Harrisoni, never needs drink any water, nor does the Desert Kangaroo Rat, Dipodomys deserti.Of course they have better kidneys than I do. But I still bet I could make it quite a long time.Without extremely juicy foods? 3 days +/-

How does someone stop eating till their full?

How does someone stop eating till their full?

Diet is just a name for a composition of food you eat. So even if you “don’t have a diet” , in reality you have one - it can be either high carbs, high fat, high proteins, high calories, low calories, all type of combinations.Also, with regard to exercise, you can have various type of exercises - but mainly we can split it into “cardio” or “strength” trainings.Now, combining this together,Hi/Lo = High/Low, Kc = calories, P=Protein, C=Carbohydrates, to be short. Ignore fat.HiKc = you will gain weight;LoKc = you will loose wieght; High means “higher than you need to remain in balance” which depends on how much muscle you have, male/female, how much you exercise, metabolism etc.HiKc+HiP + Strength = you will gain muscle mass (fat also, depending how High is high above your needs)HiKc+ Strength = you will gain muscle mass, but less (you also get fat)HiKc+ Cardio = you will not really gain much muscle but this helps your muscle endurance. Still, you will get fat !Adding Carbs helps to recover Glycogen in muscles which helps both in Cardio and Strength = means you can recover faster and train harder/more oftenLoKc+HiP + Strength = you will protect muscle mass but will loose fat. LoKc+ Strength = you will loose muscle mass and fatLoKc+ Cardio = you will loose quite a lot of muscles and fatNow, the trick is to know where is “balance” - if your High is slightly above, you will not be getting much fat when training for strength and will gain muscle mostly. Also, you might even gain muscles while loosing fat if deficit is not very high. Cardio is also tricky. Short intensive, HIIT type will protect muscles even at deficit of calories, as in reality HIIT is a strenght-type of exercise = high effort in short period. Long type of cardios at kcal deficit (like 10km runs) and without strength training give signal to your body to reduce useless muscles mass to make running easier - we are extremely adaptable.