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So I Bought An All Purpose Saddle And Now I Cant Use It Should I Sell It And Where Would Be A Good

Can I use an old blanket as a saddle blanket for my horse?

I got my first pony afew months ago after asking for one every year since I could so I'd say I have been hoping for about 28 years!
I have been riding her bareback but have now bought a secondhand saddle.
I can't afford to but a saddlecloth from the shop, so I was thinking of using an old towel against her back and then an old blanket folded over that. She gets quite sweaty so I guess I can wash the towel after I ride her and air out the blanket.
Does this sound like a good idea to any hosey peeps out there?


Pawn shops will give you almost nothing, You may have good luck selling it at a tack auction or swap, but here is what I've seen when someone has tack that won't sell.

1. It's no name brand made from cheap leather in India.

If this is the case good luck selling it. Those kits sell for $80 new, and you won't be able to get much for it used.

2. If it is a decent brand and in good shape then there is a problem in the ad. I know from looking for saddles that I look at the ads that have the right information.

Title should say kind, brand, seat size and tree size of the saddle. The ad should have pictures from all sides and should show pictures with measurements.

For example an ad that I would look at would have a title like this:

16" Crates Ladies Reining Western Saddle FQHB

Everything I need to know right there. Then I'd click to get the details and look at the images.

If you post a link to your ad I'd be happy to point out what might be missing. Also where are you posting it?

Kincade Saddle?

I own two Kincade All Purpose Saddles in havana [well one now as I sold the other].

-Both are supposedly medium trees but one came waay wider.
-The leather color rubs off really easily on my second one that I bought a year later but my first one that is older shows barely ANY signs of wear because for the first year I owned it I cleaned it with a glycerine soap after EVERY ride [so you should do that if you buy one]
-The padding in the seat goes 100% flat and gone after about a year and a half.

-The first one fit my appendix QH amazingly well! The second we end up selling because it was just too wide.
-THE PRICE is FANTASTIC. Also you can get already broken in ones on ebay for about $150 [this is what I sold my one year old one for]
-The color is actually pretty both the havana and chocolate but I bought havana twice because there was no chocolate option at the time.
-You CAN do low level and breed shows in it. Almost everyone I saw who does the QH circuit in all around uses that as their english saddle.
-You can clean it just like any other leather saddle.

Just a tip: The all purpose is good for EVERYthing like trails and some arena work but if your more into hunter/jumper and showing I would reccommend you try the close contact, that is my only regret when I bought mine.

Overall if that is your price range and it will suit you I think you should buy it!

Heres one on ebay for you!:

What do u think of this saddle seat saddle?

hehe, i just sold my cut back show saddle *used once perfect condition show saddle* went for bout 2,000 (minus the fee we paid to get it sold).
i like to buy used saddles at local tack stores, that way i can first sit in them to fit me at the store, then try them on my horse to fit my horse, and if it doesnt take it right back to the store and try another. i'd say to look for a saddle that way because you can find a good quality saddle used in good condition for a price you can afford. my all popuse i bought for 800 dollars, lightly used and still (after 10 years) in great condition. so i wouldnt get that saddle, b/c it even looks like a lower quality saddle. good luck

Collegiate Finalist Saddle ?

I had the same problem. I had the horse and everything i mean everything except for the saddle. LOL :p but anyways there was someone at my barn who had a saddle that they rarely used anymore. So they sold it to me very cheap. It is a collegiate brand. I'm not exactly sure what model, but its an all purpose with a straighter/longer flap and a deeper seat (so if you wanted to do dressage it might help). it has knee rolls so i can jump in it :) and it is VERY comfortable. She had bought it used and i bought it from her so basically i bought a used, used saddle :p Its still in great condition. So if you like what you found I'd stick with it.

As for the Wintec, I used to ride in the Wintec 500. all purpose and synthetic. I LOVED it!!! its great and easy to keep clean to. The only thing is that the covering on the billet straps ripped and got all bunched up so it was nearly impossible to tighten the girth up that high. It was over two years old though. so, Both great saddles. its up to you! i would recommend both :) GOOD LUCK

P.s i don't know if you could show in the wintec though. so just keep that in mind if you do or ever want to :p

What are the benefits to owning your own saddle?

it would be good to own this saddle because 1) it will be yours so you can be sure of where it is at all times and that it is treated properly, 2) it fits you already, and 3) if you ever get a horse or move stables and the saddle ends up fitting the horse you ride, then you already have a saddle that fits you.

the downsides: if you DO end up changing barns or getting your own horse and the saddle doesn't fit the horse, then you now have a saddle that you can't use. but, in that case, you can sell it again and make some money.

i would go with buying the saddle, since $100 is really cheap for a decent quality saddle, so don't let this chance pass you up.

I accidentally bought an accessible seat ticket for a concert but I'm not handicapped. Will they let me in?

Probably, since HIPAA does not allow venues to ask for proof of disability. However, if what you purchased was space in a wheelchair zone, with the assumption that you will stay in your own chair, you may not have a place to sit. I would contact the venue and see if you can exchange the ticket.It’s not forbidden for non-disabled people to sit in that section. I have gone to events with disabled friends, and sat in that section so I could be with my friends. The section is usually large enough to take into account people sitting with friends. When I was with a friend in a wheelchair, I sat in a moveable, straight-backed chair that was not as comfortable as the regular auditorium seats, but it was the only way to have seats for people like me who wanted to sit with friends in wheelchairs.I wouldn’t worry about contacting the venue ahead of time and be accused of anything. This probably isn’t the first time this has happened. They may even tell you to keep the seat if the accessible section isn’t close to selling out.It’s very doubtful anyone else sitting there would confront you. They would probably assume that you either had a hidden disability or that you intended to come with a disabled friend, who couldn’t make it at the last minute. Or they might even think the rest of the house sold out, but the accessible section didn’t, so last minute sales were to anyone who showed up. That happens.

English saddle pitching me forward...?

You won't find too many saddles with removable knee rolls anymore, they all seem to have giant knee rolls! You could look for an older used saddle, they are often more comfortable!

the saddle could be pitching you forward because it is too low behind, making you lean forward, or it is too low in front, of course pitching you forward. Though if it was too low in front, I'd think you wouldn't be sitting like you describe.
Try putting the saddle on the horse, and sliding it forward and back, to see where the saddle wants to sit. The seat should be lowest just behind the stirrup bars. the cantle and pommel should be even. A lot of people put saddles too far forward. Especially with a broad shouldered horse like yours probably is, you may need ti a bit farther back.

If it looks like the saddle fits and is sitting where it should, check and see if the stirrup bars are in the right place. If they are too far forward, more forward than the ball of your foot, you may actually be sitting fine, but have to pitch forward to get yourself out of the saddle. The too forward stirrups may also cause you to sit more forward to try to keep your feet under you. It's all very confusing!

And one thing I have found, is that the shape of my legs have changed. they are more round than they used to be, and a saddle with a narrower twist gives my thighs more room. feel free to PM me if you have more questions!d