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So I Girl A Lot Help

If I like a girl a lot, but she doesn't like me, should I let her go and give up?

Don't listen to these fools. First of all have you actually approached this girl and spoke to her yet? Have you told her how you feel or do you just chicken out when she says anything back? Or have you tried talking to her and she generally just hates you? Women usually don't hate a person unless there is a reason. Did you embarrass her at church camp? Post a nude pic of her at school? Shoot her with a water gun filled with pee? What happened to make her dislike you?If you have my approached her yet and just think she doesn't like you…take two Flintstones Vitamins, pull up your big boy pants, walk up to her (with confidence) and ask her on a date. If she says no….or blows you off don't get upset. Just turn to her friend and ask them out in front of her.Regardless if she still doesn't want anything to do with you…effectively reinvent yourself. Take a karate class, learn another language, go to the gym, learn a new hobby…learn how to dress. After about a year or more of improving yourself…you can ask her out again. If she still says no….then go off again and wait 6 months. Go back and take a good looking girl with you. Doesn't matter who she is. But let your crush see you and girl having fun and just ignore crush. If she happens to talk to you then only make small talk. Like you're Interested but tell her your busy. Not rudely. Just say yeah we can hang out sometime…how about next week on Tuesday. I'm pretty booked until then but I'd love to do lunch. Then2 days before Tuesday send her a text message and tell her you have to reschedule becuz something huge came up and you've been asked to take care of it. But reschedule for the following week, say Thursday at 6pm. Then meet her that day…boom there ya go. And if she doesn't go for you then who cares you can do better and hell… you've been working improving yourself all this time, right? You got that going for you too.

Do girls care if guys sweat a lot? Please help girls!?

I am a teen guy and I sweat a lot sometimes. Today is a good example. I was just sitting in a class where it was hot and humid am I was seating just sitting there. Also when I'm in gym on a hot day, my hair will drip sweat. Are girls disgusted by a lot of sweat or is it hot to them? Also, will like it of I sweat a lot during sex? Also, can I stop this excess sweating? Thanks! :)

I like this girl a whole lot. What should I do?

About me -- I am 17 and a senior. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am an eagle scout and I am in my school's band, in drumline.
I like going to the movies, playing laser tag, video games, I am in my school's honor roll.

The girl I like is also 17 and a senior. She's on the swim team, a lifeguard, and she loves playing video games with me and she also likes fried chicken. She is real tan, has brown eyes, and brown hair. She's really cute.

So, this girl and I have hung out a couple of times. I've invited her over my house before, and both occasions she has said she had a good time. This past Friday when she was over, she and I were playing fooseball in my basement and it was a hell of a good game. Whenever I looked up, she was constantly smiling at me and fluttering her eyelashes. She was blushing when I told her "Wow ya beat me! Good game!" after we fooseballed for awhile. It was intense.

Later that night she started to get more comfortable. She sat across the room from me but she was always looking at me and stuff. She was also laughing a whole lot. I gave her air hi-fives when we would win at Mario Party mini-games against my other 2 friends who were also over that night.

When the night was over and when she was about to leave, she said bye to my other friends, and she turned to me and gave me and squeezed me as tight as she could. She hugged me so hard that I couldn't even breathe. It felt awesome, and I'm not sure why.

When I texted her later, thanking her for coming over, she said "our hugs are amazing." And you know, I smiled and all.

Later on this weekend I made a video of myself drumming to "In One Ear" by Cage The Elephant. She liked the video and said she liked it.

Well, long story short, I really like her. But I am so afraid to ask her out for several reasons.

1. We've never really officially "flirted" before but whenever I'm around her, I can feel like she is happy to see me and all.
2. She has a lot of other friends that are guys too, but I don't really mind that, but even if I went on a date with her, they'd like give me dirty looks at school.
3. She's a lifeguard and is working a lot -- i'm in band. Is there like some rule against that?! I can tell she likes me and all but is that a bad thing?

Thanks guys for all of your help. :)

Do any of you girls wake up horny a lot?

I know boys do all the time, but I haven't heard of other girls. I wake up so aroused every morning that I have to take care of it before I do anything else or I go crazy all morning. It's so lame trying to finish while my mom is yelling get up! I tried doing it the night before, but it doesn't help. Is it just me? How do you deal with this?

Im 14 a 14 year old girl and I have a lot of facial hair. Help?

Fenugreek is know to help reduce facial hair on women, and there are lots of other ways to help too.
You need to go to the doctor and find out what hormones are out of balance and treat accordingly.

Women struggling with Hirsutism are often pointed toward laser hair removal, electrolysis or hair removal creams to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Although this strategy treats the symptoms, it does not get to the cause.
By addressing the causes of unwanted facial hair in women, we can get to the root of the problem, pardon the pun, and begin treating women from within. With five to ten percent of women suffering from Hirsutism, it makes sense to seek a holistic approach.

Many women are genetically inclined to have more hair on their bodies, but growing excessive amounts of hair on one’s chin, face and neck in unsightly amounts is disturbing to women. It’s easy to see why so many flock to treat hair growth externally. However, for some women, the cause of extra hair is higher androgen levels circulating throughout the body. Reducing insulin and testosterone levels is key to reducing facial hair in these women.

Vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin B6 may all help reduce hair growth. Zinc and vitamin B6 help reduce Prolactin, a hormone that helps testosterone to get taken up by tissues. Vitamin E, found in fish oil, can help to normalize androgens and reduce the effects of testosterone in women.
Some herbs that may be helpful controlling unwanted facial hair in women are green tea, chaste tree, fenugreek, spearmint tea, and saw palmetto. In addition to that, women should consider food allergies such as wheat, corn, dairy or yeast as contributors to unwanted hair growth.

Taking a holistic approach to balancing hormones throughout the body, which includes improving ones diet and exercise can be very beneficial. Women with Hirsutism should create a total wellness plan. There’s no need to suffer from unwanted facial hair.

Best wishes,

Do girls like guys who argue with them a lot?

i like it........

but it depends on the situation........

Why do girls doubt a lot?

My girlfriend doubts if I love her. I always tell her i love her so much, with all my heart. And i know some of you think actions are worth more than words. but i've done so many things with her like always be with, cancel some of my activities so i have time to talk to her at least 3 or more hours a day if i cant see her, i have to work at my parents to be able to go to her house on saturdays (we're only 16 btw), on saint valentines, i wrapped myself like a present and surprised her, i always hold her tight and whisper so many things in her ear, i respect her ideas sometimes, i'm touchy around her like poking or soft kissing her when im close to her, i talk to her softly and humble around her and im always by her side and i even told her i would do anything to be with her the rest of her life. though im not the perfect bf cuz ive done some bad things like raise my voice when im angry or not pay her enough attention when im mad, but i have never cheated and i really love this girl.

Her mom doesnt want me to be with her anymore so these days have been hard to comunicate. and she always gets insecure and doubts that i love her, and this is not the first time, she's done it a lot of times during the relationship always insisting i dont love her. so why are girls so doubtful?

Do guys think about girls a lot?

Guy constantly have girls on their minds. its not always in a sexual way it is love, happiness, and loneliness. Girls know how to make a guy feel better when they are feeling alone or if they feel sad. To them girls provide comfort while also showing love and affection. While guys do think of love and sex most of them can get to the true idea of what they really want and that is affection and happiness that only a girl can bring them. It would be wrong to say that guys think of girls in a only sexual way because when they look at girls they look for a friend, a love partner, a girlfriend and some one to be there for them when they need a girls advice or help.