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So I Have A Big Problem I Need Help Fast

A BIG dog problem!!!!!!!!!!?

My St Bernard always wants to kiss me slobber and all! As you can see this is a big problem he weighs 200lbs and is a slobber factory. I don’t let him kiss and he gets mad! When he gets mad he jumps on me and pins me on the ground and starts kissing me. I can’t get up or make him stop because 200lbs is on my chest. He also won’t stop kissing me for about 30min. It does not end well for me because I get covered in slobber on my face and also in my mouth. I have tried letting him kiss me and he only kisses me for about 5min. but it still does not end well for me I get covered in slobber on my face and also in my mouth. I realy don’t want to get those slobbery kisses but if I don’t let him do this I think I get it worse. What would you do if you were me?
also frogot to mention that he sleeps in bed with me and if I don't let him kiss me he will pin me down on my bed at night and kiss me for about an hour. He gets really mad it I do not let him kiss me. When I don't let him kiss me he knows I don't like it and will make it so much longer time of kissing and slobber alot more all on my face and in my mouth. He also kisses my face and my mouth which I hate.He is such a nice dog and I love him but this is my only problem with him. SHOULD I LET HIM DO THIS EVEN THOUGH I AM LEFT COVERED IN SLOBBER DRIPING FROM MY FACE AND MOUTH. My st berard leavs you with chunks of silivia for kisses.What can i do after I am covered with slobber.It is realy grose!!!Should i wipe off with a paper towel or shower or what?I frogot to mention that he not only kisses your lips but likes to kiss you in the mouth with all the slobber.He weighs200lb

Pimple PROBLEM Please help fast!?

the best way to get rid of acne is to wash your face with HOT water, than that will open up your pores!! after that you should apply some rubbing achol wich will kill all the bacteria that causes acne, soon after your pores will also close up!!! your acne shold be gone in 2-5 days!! (depending on how bad it is!!!)

Pimple problem..need help FAST!!?

Use a hot wash cloth and hold it on it. Keep heating it and holding it on there until it comes to a big beautiful head.
You can heat a damp washcloth in the micro for 5 seconds and it gets HOT.
But it works.

Girls i need help? and fast?

well hello ladies how are you today? ok im 27 yrs old and i work as a construction worker. i live in an apartment in nyc. now i just got my first girlfriend. the problem is i have a huge fot feetish and she just found that out. we have a date tonight at bellas in nyc and im nervous shes going to mention something about it. see the thing is she told me before that she hated feet. i dont know if she already knew! i never should any clues to her or put myself in posistions that would be near her feet. and she has huge 1s. i dont want her to think im a weirdo? what should i do. shes the 1st girl ive really ever liked. shes perfect for me. im so embarrrased im crying on my bed. what if she doesnt even show up? what if my parents find out and everyone finds out about my secret feetish? will i have to move or see a physcologists. it will be so oddd. i dont know what to do. please help. how do i avoid this i want to kill myself right now im going into a panic attack the date is at 8:05 help!!


Ok so I have to type fast so please excuse my grammer ect. But i got a straight talk phone in the mail today. I tried to activate it and it was not making any sound like i would call them and nothing? so i sat on phone with straight talk for almost 2 hrs, the guy kept having me do the same thing over and over again. turn it off call *22809 over and over, then hes like type this in your contry entry mode so i did and it did nothing and he goes about haveing me shut my phone off and doing the same thing as above again and again. Finally I gave up and was excited to notice the phone told me i had a number and not just the numbers. So excited! Then i call the number and ITS SOMEONE ELSES NUMBER!?!?! the guy game me some other girls number. I dont know what to do. :[ anyone else have that problem. Ive been on phone with so many different straight talk people they just keep telling me to shut my phone off. :[

Big problem .. masturbating too much.?

Ok so i been masturbating for 3 years now almost 4. Ya i know long time but anyways am i gona have serious issues/problems?? I am only 16. Also i ejaculate really fast now like 30 secs to minute another problem i need help with that to :( please i need help for when imma gona have sex and if i cant last 30 seconds with masturbation how long will i with sex :( . And sometimes i feel like i have grandpa dick cause i did it so many times u no..... just helppp meeeee be serious

Permutation problems? Help fast please!?


4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24

6! = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720

1! = 1

0! = 1

5nPr2 means take the first 2 numbers of 5! and multiply them together, so 5nPr2 = 5 x 4 = 20

6nPr4 means take the first 4 numbers of 6! and multiply them together, so
. . . . 6nPr4 = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 = 360

If you have a TI83 and are allowed to use your calculator, it can work these out. To find 6nPr4, type in a 6, then press [MATH], right arrow over to PRB, and select nPr so it shows up on the screen behind 6. Then type in 4 and press ENTER. It should give you 360.

I hope that helps!! :-)

I need history help!!!! FAST!!!!!?

The main problem would be the sudden collapse of the Southern economy. The plantation owners would of had worker issues - would the owner be able to afford to pay slaves. To some extent, I think they would. Take out all the money the slave owner had to put out for food, clothing, shelter and any other thing that they would have had to do would of instead been paid in salary. While I'm not sure what the cash difference is - I think the one thing the landowner would of had an issue with is the consistent workforce. Many former slaves probably would of been transcient to look for the best opportunity - not much different from anyone.

I think that is the biggest obstacle. Also, what would of happened to the black people in the South if the Civil War never happened? Would they all of left to go North for better paying factory jobs? That really would create a big workforce problem. Also, would they have been educated? I doubt they would of been given any rights to vote - at least the Civil War protected some of the former slave rights (I'm not sure to what effect there rights were enforced as the South wasn't to friendly to blacks for a long period of time after the war).

How do I solve physics problems faster?

PracticeI am sorry if this sounds like an extremely generic advice which everyone gives but there is a reason for its ubiquity. Doing anything fast is a skill. Skills are always perfected via practice. For example, learning addition of numbers is not a skill, it's gaining knowledge. Learning addition of numbers fast is a skill.Try finding the sum of these numbers,6+7+2+5+5+4+8+3 = ?If you have learnt addition of number recently, you will take some time to do this. But since we have added sequence of numbers from our childhood, we can see a pattern here. In our mind once we restructure this sequence like this, it becomes easier to add.6+4+7+3+8+2+5+5 = 40This idea of converting them to multiple of 10's comes with practice. Same is the case with JEE problems, speed comes with looking for patternsin a similar set of problems. You learn to look for such patterns by solving a vast amount of problems. So practice.All the best!

I need help with some math.?

1) 62.45 mary speed
70.45 rob speed
3) 50 km/hr and 200km length of journey
4) 15 mph