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So Im Getting A Baby Guinea Pig On Friday And I Want To Know How To Take Catre Of Him .

What are the tradeoffs between getting one guinea pig for my kids or two?

Because the advantages of having two guinea pigs are obvious (as many here have already stated) I am going to make the argument for having only one. Our son has owned a single male cavy for nearly five years.As others have mentioned, guinea pigs are social animals, so having only one requires paying extra attention to providing companionship. For this reason ours is kept not in a bedroom but rather in our living room where we spend the most time. From his spot he can also see and hear activity in the kitchen. His cage is kept atop of a large ottoman, so he is at eye level with our dog, who sleeps on a bed right next to his cage and will make “nose contact” with him from time to time. Thus he is never really alone.In addition we make sure he gets daily time being held. This is easy with a guinea pig because unlike hamsters or gerbils they are very calm and will sit contentedly in a lap, sometimes even falling asleep. It is easy to hold ours while watching TV, and even I enjoy visiting with “Mr. Winks.” (I first fold a towel across my lap first to reduce the risk of accidents.)My concern with having two pigs is, first, it would require a very large cage — sincerely, one that you would not be able to purchase at a typical pet store. Putting two pigs in too small of a cage would, in my opinion, be as stressful and unhealthy as one living alone.Secondly, and more significantly, guinea pigs have a tremendous amount of output. They eat and thus poop nearly continuously. I think I read once that a single pig can produce 300 turds in a day. I cannot imagine keeping a clean environment for two pigs. It is hard enough with one. I am certain there are devoted cavy owners who are successful at it, but for the average pet owner I just don’t think it is manageable long term. Thus, owning two pigs would probably double the odds of either or both developing health problems, such as cauliflower feet, from living in a dirty cage.All the advocates for owning more than one guinea pig certainly have their hearts in the right place. I guess I’m just much more of a realist. In my opinion, one pig who is healthy and well-loved is better than two pigs who are neglected because it’s assumed that they are happy together.Our Mr. Winks has lived five long years! I have had various concerns about him from time to time, but loneliness has never been one of them.

What should I do my guinea pig is rejecting the runt of the litter and I have to hand feed it?

I had to do exactly the same thing, but he wasnt rejected, he was just a runt, and had two older (and v. Pushy) brothers, so he had to be fed extra. I had to hand feed him on kitten milk. The best thing to do is hand feed him, but you can give him extra treats as well. My little one liked grass, but dont give them too much, it can be bad for them. Cucumber will be alright, but apple is very acidic, and can damage their teeth. You can buy high quality guinea pig food for it, with plenty of vitamins in it, but just make sure that he gets plenty of extra food.

good luck and i hope i helped.


ps, could u email me and tell me wether they are boys or girls wen u eventually find out please? im always curious. sadly, I cant have any more guinea pigs (my mum thinks 9 is too many! I personally dont, but still...)

How Can I Know For Sure That My Guinea Pig is Pregnant?

My youngest guinea pig has been with my male for about a week....I've seen them mate FOR SURE only 1 time. I really need to find out if my guinea pig is pregnant or not.........
Also, I have an older guinea pig who is about 9 months old......she is very bossy amd is kind of a bully. When I separate the other guinea pig from the guy......should I put her in the same cage as the older one? Before, she has been bossy and moody, but today when i put them in to play together she started biting and headbutting the other girl. I know this might be a dominance problem.... but is it safe for my other guinea pig to live with her? Will she be abused when she's pregnant.....or the babies trampled on and eaten? I read somwhere on google that other feamle guinea pigs help the one in cleaning off the babies and teaching them stuff........but I'm seroiusly unsure if Mayflower (my older guinea pig) will do that. Is there any way I can tell if my guinea pig is pregnant....or do I have to wait like 2 months until it is obvious?

My daughter wants a guinea pig. Aside from the basics (what they eat, etc) what are important things we should know before purchasing?

Thanks for asking before getting one! First off, you should definitely consider adopting as most pet stores pigs are sick and come to you with parasites and disease. Rescues often take care of these issues and make sure the pigs are healthy before adoption.Guinea pigs should always live in pairs, at least, as they are social animals.If you are going to look after the pig as you should, vet bills will be high and you will have some trouble finding vets that are experienced in guinea pigs. The average vet is knowledgeable mostly about cats and dogs and little about guinea pigs.Pigs can live up to 10 years with good care but can very easily become ill and suffer from more health problems than other pets. If they are not looked after properly, they can live as little as a few weeks to a few years.They need bedding for their cage, preferably fleece, which needs to be cleaned every few days. They need regular handling, floor space to run and a large living cage. Hay must be provided throughout the day and fresh veg or fruit needs to be given to them daily, in small amounts.In my opinion, they are not great starter pets for children. They can nip and have been known to draw blood but are generally gentle creatures. Because they are prey animals, it takes a while to create a bond with them as they run and hide. Their nails need regular trimming and they must always have something to chew on, like hay. Sometimes their coats or the hay they eat can cause allergies.The most important thing is that they eat regularly as they are living conveyor belts and have a very active digestive system. If things are not moving through their system regularly, they will die.On the upside, they are the most delightful and amazing creatures. I hope this info helps.

My dad won’t take my sick guinea pig to the vet, and I can’t do it by myself since I’m 14 and have no money. My guinea pig has lost a lot of weight. What should I do?

As a minor, a veterinarian cannot accept you as the legal owner of the pet unless your parent or guardian will take you. Perhaps you ask your grandparent or other relative to take you and your guinea pig to a veterinarian. Perhaps tell them this is what you want for your birthday or Christmas. Perhaps someone will help you and your pig take a trip to the vet and see if there is something that can be done to help may be able to find a sympathetic vet or veterinary nurse / technician to come to your home, or ask your teacher in school if you can do a field trip to the veterinarian? You may have to get creative, show initiative and perhaps give up something you like to save and make some money to help pay for your piggie’s care. Perhaps you could do chores to help generate money for the care of your pig.good luck

Should I get rid of my guinea pig?

If you do not hold a guinea pig at least 2 hours a day they will not be sweet little cuddly things, so you can get rid of this one and guess what, the next one will be just the same, it will only change when you start to hold them all the time so they feel loved by you and the other people in the house. May suggest the Towel Trick, go to my You Tube site and view The Towel Trick,

Wrap your guinea pig in a towel and lie it on your chest while you are watching TV, reading a book or listening to music, guinea pigs love music, Set it in your lap while you are on the computer my Miya loves the sound of the keyboard and purrs to it, Carry it about the house while you do your day,guinea pigs adore doing your day with you. Talk softly to it and pet the towel thus you are petting the guinea pig through the towel.These are just a few of the things you do on a daily basis that you can invite your guinea pig to join you while you are doing them, this allows it to get all the love and attention it needs to be very calm and loving and you did not have to make any extra time for him, this is what I call a good deal!

How should i get rid of my guinea pigs?

Oh please don't offer them for free in the paper. Likely some spoiled brat would get them and not take care of it.

I bought my piggy with my own money and dote on him constantly.

Talk to a local school and see if a science teacher wants them. Most science classes have some type of pet just to show students.

My Bio teacher had a ENTIRE WALL of fish :) In middle school we had a bunch of hamsters and insects to look after.

It makes classes more interesting. Plus kids become more involved and may decide they want a guinea pig after learning about it in class.

Should I get another guinea pig? I got one recently from a friend who could no longer care for it. It came alone, but I’ve been told it is better to have them in groups. It’s been living alone for years now, but I’m scared that it’s lonely.

Should I get another guinea pig? I got one recently from a friend who could no longer care for it. It came alone, but I’ve been told it is better to have them in groups. It’s been living alone for years now, but I’m scared that it’s lonely.Thank you for the question. I do delight in receiving these sorts of questions.Congratulations, it is very kind of you to consider the social need of guinea pigs.Yes, I would definitely recommend that you do get another guinea pig. Keep in mind that nor all guinea pigs get along well.It it is a male, and you get another male as a companion, it might fight with another male, and become injured.Male guinea pigs usually get along if they meet, and bond as baby brothers, or meet as young babies weeks.Some male guinea pigs will get along well with another male guinea pig. if there is a very big age difference, of about three years, and their personalities are compatible.

I’m soon going to buy a guinea pig but only one. Is that 100% going to kill it, or will it be okay if I give it lots of attention?

I wouldn't get a guinea pig if I were to only have one if I were you. Sure, it won't immediately kill them or anything, but it will definitely stress them out and shorten their life span. When I first got my guinea pig, I only got one. I wish so much that the shelter didn't let me adopt him alone, when I had none at home. I kept him alone for about a year before getting another pig, and I can tell it messed him up mentally a little bit. I know he came from a bad home, but I feel like if he hadn't been alone for that time, he could have recovered. But now, he's kind of anti-social to humans, afraid of any living thing that isn't a guinea pig, EXTREMELY clingy to the other guinea pig (which she does NOT appreciate,) and I'm pretty sure he has separatation anxiety when he's away from her.So all in all, if you can only have one animal, get one that is a solitary creature. Piggies are herd creatures, they need someone to talk to and who understands them, and that is another guinea pig.