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So Leopard Geckos Can

Do Leopard Geckos have to be in the dark?

We have recently just purchased a Leopard Gecko. Where we're keeping it right now is in my brothers room which we keep very dark every night as we are unclear if there can not be any light at all during the night. So I wondering, does our Leopard Gecko have to be in the dark? It would be nice if a lamp could be plugged back in so there would at least be some light in the room but at the same time it would not be a very large amount of light, just enough to be able to see. So can I or can I not plug in the lamp? I was just wondering because it's kind of hard not being able to have any light at all in the room. Any and all responses are appreciated.

How much do leopard geckos sleep?

Totally, they're noctural, so I only see mine running around after 10 pm when I turn his lights off.

Do leopard geckos swim?

most animals can "swim" if tossed into water however its an incredibly stupid idea, if you must bath him for shedding problems put him in chest(his) deep water about the Temperature you would put a baby in.

Why is my leopard gecko so shy?

A lot of leopard geckos are shy if they feel threatened, or don’t trust you. If you take out your lizard in a small box they can't escape from and let them see your face and climb on you it will build trust. Feeding your lizard then letting them know it's you is also a good thing to do, also when shedding lizards tend to be shy. If it is a female around a male or a male around a female or a male near another male that might also be why. I’m at the point where my lizard and I have the same sleep schedule, she recognizes my voice and comes out, and even knows my face over facetime.

What can you feed baby leopard geckos?

1/4 inch crickets or immature (NOT fully grown) mealworms, phoenix worms (soldier fly larvae), small silkworms, the occasional wax worm, or feeder roach nymphs. Insects fed should not be larger than the space between the animal’s eyes, and should not have excessively hard shells. Dust crickets and mealworms with a calcium/D3 powder - they are high in phosphorus and must be balanced with supplements to avoid deficiency disease in the baby gecko.However, if you are asking this question, it sounds as though you have a baby gecko, but you don’t know how to properly care for it. That’s a serious situation, because leopard geckos require special equipment to survive in captivity. The gecko will require a heat mat under its enclosure, and this MUST be controlled with a thermostat or rheostat. You must use a quality thermometer with a remote probe to check the temperatures. The cage floor should be 90F over the heat mat. Place it under only half of the cage, so the gecko can move from warmer to cooler areas.You will also need to provide a small margarine tub or similar container with damp moss or paper towel in it, and a hole cut to allow the gecko to go in and out easily. Keep this moist but not wet, and change it OFTEN.The gecko should have have a hide on the warm side and on the cool side - these should be small - just big enough for the gecko to fit inside - and should have a single entrance. (Those half-logs are useless, they don’t make the animals feel secure at all).Use paper towel or newspaper on the cage floor, NEVER sand - nor coconut fiber, wood chips, or anything else that consists of particles. Captive leopard geckos are prone to eating bedding and developing an intestinal blockage as a result (which is deadly). So, take no chances. Calcium sand is no good, either - it doesn’t digest and dissolve as readily as the manufacturer claims.

Why do leopard geckos sleep so much?

leopard geckos are active during the night. they sleep alot this time of the year. its called burmiton they sleep aolt to get ready for breeding. insted of eat 5 to 10 crickets a day they maybe eat 2 or 3. it all normal. if you have any ? e-mail me i breed these guy i no all there is to know about them.

Why do leopard geckos eat their shed skin? Do other geckos do this?

Geckos (and some other lizards) eat their skin because it’s full of absorbed minerals and vitamins. The shedding process takes a lot out of reptiles - and most stop eating during the process. Eating the shed skin simply helps to ‘kick-starts’ the digestive system.

Do leopard geckos like music? If so what kind. Will it sooth him?

Just to let u know its perfectly normal that ur gecko is like that.It happened to me too.He's just not that used to his new home. To sooth him,try holding him and petting him to a point where he closes his eyes. They r very sensitive to movement and sounds,anything sudden, and he might get more alert and jumpy. At the least, he will open his eyes and slowly start to close them. Just keep petting him. If any music, then something that stays at a slow pace with a smooth melody. Smooth ballet, classical, or county would be good. If your a girl, then i recommend Taylor Swifts Safe and Sound. That song is smooth and slow, with no sudden notes throughout the song. It sounds bad in the preview but its a very addicting song. When my leo get s jumpy,I say his name in a firm, loud voice until he stops what he's doing and I sing that song to him. When he does good things, I say his name in a high voice and pet him and feed him a wax worm. Hope I helped!