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So My Female Crested Dropped A Third Egg She Dropped It About Two Weeks After She Dropped Her

Do non-pet birds die when humans touch them?

Some songbirds, both adult and juvenile, have little tolerance for being handled and could die suddenly of heart failure in your hands. I've experienced it myself and believe me, it's a hellish feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone. Therefore, it's important not to pick them up unless it seems necessary to save them.Birds have a very poor sense of smell and aren’t likely to pick up on a human scent. Babies will not be rejected by the parents simply because you've touched them. However, that doesn't mean we should feel free to intervene with every baby bird that looks like it might have been abandoned or fallen from its nest.In the case of a juvenile on the ground, chances are the bird is a fledgling. At this stage of life, the bird has been pushed from the nest as a precursor to learning to fly and fend for itself. The parents will be nearby protecting and feeding their brood, even if you can't see them. If you step back and wait, they should return once they determine it's safe to do so.This fledgling blue jay is meant to be out of the nest as it's fully feathered and able to stand on its own. Its parents are somewhere close and feeding it.​Fledglings have that 'bedhead' look and often appear bigger than their parents. They hop or fly a few feet at a time and can appear injured, but they're actually practicing for their first attempts at getting up into the sky.If a bird is out of its nest and is not fully feathered, then you could attempt to return it to the nest. Use common sense when deciding whether it's safe to do this.If a bird looks more like this and is on the ground, it probably fell or was pushed from the nest prematurely.​This mockingbird nestling won't survive without direct care from its parents or a human surrogate. Nestlings are recognizable by visible bald patches here and there.Robins are fairly hardy at the nestling/chick stage and can usually tolerate being handled carefully. In my area, we have more success raising orphaned robins than any other nestlings.​When it comes to eggs in a nest, it's best not to touch them at all. Some birds will take this as a sign that a predator has been poking around and they just might abandon the nest entirely.If you do need to pick up an adult bird to move it to safety, drape something soft over it, such as a t-shirt, before you pick it up. Grasp it gently. This will help to keep it calm and improve the chances of a successful outcome.

Is it a good idea to adopt a street dog as a pet? If so then what all should I consider before getting one?

Street dogs are damn smart + Zero maintenance!I have 8 street dogs, you can play with them (don't expect to play like golden retriever), no need to worry about food you can feed what you eat!It's OK if you don't spend time with them but freedom is must for them, it's in their genetics to roam freely!One of my dog opening the gate like a pro and going for a walk!Ticks are very common and dangerous, ₹400 for anti-ticks drops(for one time,for one dog)! Every time you see Ticks you should apply.Vaccination should be done when it's a puppy ! Don't force them to get it done after they are grown up definitely they will bite (it's their reaction to external force they don't do it on purpose, again it's in their genetics).They don't share food with each other so its little difficult to maintain multiple dogs.Street dog is for you,If youAre Ready to give 100% freedom for the dog!Are Ready to spend money on anti-tics medicines frequently!Don't force them for any reason !Pros:Zero maintenanceHigh resistance for diseaseZero drama compared to golden retrieversEdit 1 : Recent eventMy golden retriever : Wait Mr, Cuddle me for two minutes and goMe : only two minutes right?Him : Yeah! Paw promiseMe : Alright bud :)After 2 hours….Him : I think you need a break, go get some ice cream.Him : Wait!!! Too much sugar is not at all good for you lazy fellow, I'll eat your ice creamMe : You are the best dog ever! :/

My leopard gecko doesn't like to be touched and the other day she but me me when I tried to hold her.?

The advice I generally give for taming leos:

Step 1: stick your hand in the cage, and leave it there, not really moving, for about 15 minutes a day. Keep this up until your leo no longer seems frightened of your hand.

step 2: move your hand near the leo. Don't actually try to touch it yet, unless it approaches you.

step 3: pet or stroke it. Don't try to pick it up yet, unless it climbs on your hand.

step 4: if it doesn't walk on your hand on its own after a week or so of step 3, pick it up. If possible, herd it onto your hand, then lift; if it's not cooperating, scoop, don't grab. And never hold onto or pull the tail. Be careful not to drop it or let it fall any significant distance, especially onto a hard surface, as leopard geckos, being terrestrial, don't always recover from falls well.

What are some interesting facts about birds?

Flamingos pair for a lifetime. Some stay with their mates for 50 years or moreMost male birds do not have a penis, but the Argentine Lake Duck’s penis can extend 17 inches, the longest of any bird known. Even funnier is that the duck itself is only about 16 inches tallOstriches have the largest eye of any land animalMost birds do not have bladders to store urine to make them more lightweightA bird’s lungs compose about 1/5 of its body. To give you an idea, human’s lungs compose only 1/20 of their bodyOwls cannot swivel their eyes. Instead, they move their heads completely around to see straight behind themThe most talkative bird in the world is the African grey parrot. One parrot could say over 800 words. Most species of parrots can learn only 50A bird’s feathers weigh more than its skeletonThe ostrich is the only bird that willingly takes care of other females’ eggsThe heart of bird beats 400 times per minute while resting and up to 1000 beats per minute while flyingHummingbird is the smallest bird which measures around 5 cm and weighs 3 grams can fly backwardsPenguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the airThe Peregrine Falcon, when in its hunting dive can reach a maximum recorded airspeed of 389 km/h (242 mph)An albatross can sleep while it flies. It apparently dozes while cruising at 25 mphA woodpecker can peck twenty times a second(that’s insane)Ostriches are flightless birds but they can run up to sixty miles per hour(almost as fast as a tiger)The shell of an ostrich egg is about six times thicker than a chicken egg and an adult human could stand on one without it crackingKiwi birds are blind, so they hunt by smellChickens that lay brown eggs have red earlobes. There is a genetic link between the twoCrows have the largest cerebral hemispheres (brains), relative to body size, of any bird family

Why do my red eared sliders flutter their claws at each other's faces?

I have 3 sliders in a 55 gallon long tank with a flat floating "rock" and a light shining on it. They get turtle bites and there are always feeders living in the tank for the turtles' pleasure. They seem happy enough, recognize and follow our voices waiting for treats (small pieces of cooked meat). All three have long claws, so I'ma thinkin they're all male, but................ why do they bat each other in the face? Usually after I turn off their light, they get in a circle and flutter their claws in each other's faces. Its very bizarre and funny - I love to watch them do it. Are they just amusing themselves?

Walking a Bearded Dragon or Leopard Gecko?

Ok well i am thinking about getting a Leopard Gecko or Bearded Dragon for a pet but i was wondering if it was possible to take them outside? or if you can like put them on a little piece of string leash kinda thing to walk around with them etc? never had a reptile pet before but i was wondering

How to tell if my red eared slider turtle is pregnant?

i have two red eared sliders and after me and my brother found out their genders wich is a girl and a boy, (not quite sure, but we looked at their tails and claws like we were supposed to). and now all we want to know is if we are going to have newborns!!

Help!! My leopard gecko sleeps all the time?

ive been on many sites and never read that thing about feeding per inch. its not true but thats an interesting idea. every geckos diffrent eventualy ull get into a rhythm of how much your gecko will eat. but that is a bit too much slit that up into 2-4 days. The actual event of a cricket "eating" a lizard who doesnt have any wounds is rare. they eat the poop which if has worms can over infected the gecko. but anyway ive watched the un eated chrickets and they ANNOY your gecko. doest take them long to figure out when your gecko is full and wont eat them.

For the first few weeks he will be so careful not to be out around you that you will get that impression that he sleeps in one hide 24/7. but after a few weeks or months you, ll see em out on ocction or they will be compfortable enough to explore at night when yiur still hanging around. long as its warm enough.

first off to see wat you need for keeping the temp up ( if you dont have one i just assume cuase u hand tested) go to your local supermarket and pick up a $1-5 thermometur (preferable one with a hydromoter- again its only $5) The banket thing doesnt work- i learned that trying to incubate my eggs O.o cuase they were getting to warm so wraped them in a few blankets and moved them from the light over night but checking the thermometure it told me the lowest temp the eggs felt in the night was too cold ( i love that $5 thermometure it does low and high temps) you could buy one of the smaller undertank heaters and leave it on at night and have a day light to warm them to the 90degrees during the day on their hot side. again dont waste money with a basking light from the pet store 60watts is 60 watts weither you pay $8 for one or $3 for a 4pack

glad to see your doing research. i like to make sure the same information is on several sites before i trust it even then your gecko will suprize you with being diffrent

sorry for the spelling aparently yahoo answers gave up and wont even let me spell check after like 15 miss spellings XD

Leopard Gecko Help!?

I have a male leopard gecko right now and I recently bought a female. The female is a little smaller than the male right now. I was trying to put them in the same cage but my male bit my female and she freaked out! So I separated them. Then I tryed it again and he started wiggling his tail very fast and almost bit her head! Please help. Im trying to breed them.

Thanks alot.