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Socially Awkward Around Partners Family. Help

Why am I awkward around my girlfriend's family?

you want to impress them and your anxious and nervous about that. if you never go to her family events its only going to make things worse. If i were you i would go to one of her family events every once in awhile no matter how weird or awkward it is. eventually it will be less awkward. :)
btw i think you should tell your girlfriend the real reason why you wont go instead of making excuses. I am sure she will understand. :D

Why am i so socially awkward?

Don't kill yourself for one. People become socially awkward for many reasons. How was your childhood? U know both mom and dad, you have siblings or cousins? Did you spend much time alone in your room instead out with family. I wouldn't say your socially awkward. You probably just have a hard time expressing your feelings towards others, not because your awkward, but because they are. To you, people, esp. Popular girls, are like gods, and you think your a nobody. Outgoingness is a trait that isnt learned over night, you have to practice talking to new people, no matter how bad it is. If your in high school, this should be fairly easy. Go where everyone hangs out, and just sit in the middle. They may think your weird but oh well, u probably won't remember 80% of their names or how they affected you. I always found myself to be "different", and I get the feeling you do to. Being odd is not bad, and if you can stick to YOUR beliefs and not to conform to high school bs, then you'll be A-okay! Try finding someone who is more mature than your peers, like a teacher, and give it a whirl. I am friends with my high school advocate to this day. We text each other to catch up on old times, and I always thought of her as a second mother. Who knows...maybe the next person you interact with could interest u in something you love. Never be afraid of trying new things.

I am really socially awkward and quiet, around people?

I know what you mean. I used to have that problem. The solution is to be more outgoing and talk more.

You think: "WTF is this guy talking about? Is he a f*cking dumbass?"

No, seriously man. Think logically for a minute. You don't talk much and you're shy. What other solution is there going to be? Drink a magical anti-shyness potion? Obviously not.

Now, you can't just suddenly start being really talkative, that'll just look weird. Just gradually talk more when you're hanging out with people. When someone says something that sounds unlikely, say "Seriously?" or "Really?" Don't overdo it. Actually don't overdo anything. When someone talks about something really stupid that happened but that's kind of funny, say "Wow" sarcastically. Something like that, you know what I mean?

When you talk, you have to be confident. Yeah, it's hard at first. Think logically for a minute: Suppose someone asks you "Why don't you say anything?" What do you reply, and how do you reply? Uncomfortably? Don't. Be confident. If you say something stupid without confidence, everyone thinks you're stupid. If you say the exact same thing but as if it's a totally normal thing to say, people don't think you're stupid.

Trust me, it does work. I used to be in your situation but I got out of it. Just talk as if everything you say is normal. As if whatever you say is right. Not arrogantly, mind you. Not like "Hey, I'm right and you're wrong!" More like, "Hey, there's nothing wrong with what I'm saying, it's totally okay." If you have confidence then you can talk about random crap and unless it's incredibly stupid then nobody will bother you about it.

Like I mentioned, I used to be like you. But I figured out how to get out of there. Most people don't deserve to be like that, I can help you change. Email me if you want.

Are you awkward with one of your family members? If so, why?

One of my aunts, because we were close when I was kids, but like with most of my relatives, that closeness kind of went away when I moved abroad. During my first couple of visits back home, I don’t remember if I saw her, but if I did, things were fine. On my third visit home, she kind of gave the cold shoulder to me and I heard from my uncle and my cousins that it was because my aunt was jealous that her mom, my grandma, favored me over my aunt’s kids even though I was thousands of miles away. Even when I was still with them, I was my grandma’s favorite because I was the baby of the family, but my aunt wanted that same attention for her grandkids from my grandma. But during my most recent visit home, it seemed everything was okay again and it was like none of that cold shoulder stuff happened but sometimes I still feel like she doesn’t like me though I don’t think that’s the case. I still felt a little awkward but it started going away near the end of my stay back home.

My boyfriend is so awkward around my friends and family?

i know how he feels i feel like that too when we go to his families party.
the reason is because he usually doenst introduce me to anyone so i feel left out cuz he is always talking about things i dont know about.. so the best would be to start of by introducing him to the family and always try to include him to the conversations after a while his gonna get use to them and see them as friends and he wont need you next to him all the time =)

Awkward with my boyfriends spanish speaking family? help?

Aww it's ok! I know you've only been together for two months but you both like each other so I wouldn't worry too much about making a bad impression. I would just maybe try to learn some basic words or sentences and maybe if you stay together long enough in the future and you're serious about him then maybe take a college class or spanish class in high school or a class somewhere to start learning some Spanish, since I'm not sure how old you are or if you're in college. I've taken 3 years of Spanish in college and Spanish is a very easy language to learn and pickup compared to other languages. Also watching Spanish speaking tv shows really helps too if you can get that on your tv. You could also get a small dictionary of common Spanish words and try to know them such as the names of common items like fork, bathroom, ect. and I find that using flash cards really helps when trying to memorize Spanish words if you put the English word on one side of the card and on the other side is the English word in Spanish.

I also have a boyfriend that I've been dating for 2 years and he is Lebanese and his whole family speaks Lebanese and English but when they are at home they speak only Lebanese mostly so I don't understand what they're saying except for a few words since I only speak English and some Spanish. If you let it be awkward then it will be. Just make the best of it, and it sounds like they don't hate you since they are trying to speak to you with the little English that they know. And it's not your fault that you're being shy, it can be overwhelming when you're the only one in a room that can't understand anyone else haha. Just try your best to speak to them if they try to speak a little English with you and smile and look friendly because right now that's all you can do and they shouldn't not like you just because you don't speak Spanish, because they also don't speak English either. And don't be self conscious thinking that they are talking about you in Spanish, just try to be understanding and nice because at least you are trying to have small talk with them :] I hope that helps you and good luck!

How can I talk to my boyfriend when I'm socially awkward?

Well it's okay to be socially akward, but for me, whom is also uncomfortable in social situations, it only applies to people I don't know..therefore, if your not comfortable expressing yourself to your boyfriend, that's a bit different.You are unsure, you need to take time to learn how to find the right words to express to him what you want, need or just what you are trying to convey..if you have been struggling with this, and it's new to you, and you have never done this, it takes practice and a willing partner. This is called communication..and no matter whom you have a relationship with, co-workers, family, friends and especially significant others..this is a skill you need to use, improve, and practice.A partner that is kind, patient and willing to listen..does not interrupt, or demean you, this is important, if they do these things then you are making an effort towards a person whom does not value you or the effort you are making and therefore is unlikly to change…, another words, your wasting your your partner this kind of person?So, if he is not, the best approach is to first write down what you want to tell him..Let's say..You promised me that on Saturdays we will go excercise in the afternoon together, but the last two Saturdays you cancelled and met you friend Joe and played basketball instead..So..instead of blaming him for not keeping his promise and picking Joe over you..start out with..It's okay with me if you play basketball on Saturday with Joe, because I am going to meet monica for a girls day, would it be possible to schedule Sunday afternoon to excercise together instead?Writing down the situation is always better, it gives focus to your thoughts, lives the emotional aspect out of the situation, and gives a practical soloution.Most people faced with the above will automatically make their partner choose their friend over them, but it's not a competition, it's a partnership, and you don't know about Joes schedule, and why does your partner have to explain all that anyway..just him knowing you treat him like a an adult with respect will make him feel closer to you instead of pulling back feeling your immature and jealous.Exactly the kind of relationship an adult does not want in their life. Way to much work..Good luck!

Why am I so awkward around people? How can I improve myself?

TL;DR Think of awkwardness to be a disease , and awkward situations to be a vaccine. By infusing yourself with more social situations ( awkward situations for you ) , you'll ultimately kill the awkwardness.                             Let me tell you a personal storyIt's pretty normal , run on the mill kinds not the regular life changing stories you'll generally find on Quora.I am a pretty friendly guy and since my dad is in the Army , I've been to a lot of places and somehow met a lot of people. When I was 13 , I changed schools since my dad got posted to a new place and went to an all boys school. For 2 straight years , I was spending my entire day with 40 odd boys. For 2 straight years, I hardly talked to girls. I turned 15 and changed school again.I was now going to a normal co-ed school.I never realised that talking to girls would become a 'task' , an obstacle rather than a normal conversation.I spend one entire year being awkward around women ( very few of them realised this since I hardly talked to them , acted like I just wasn't interested ) I turned 16 ( decided I had to change) and forced myself to talk to girls.I make some of them laugh,I am sure I made some of them feel I was weird and I am also sure that I might have come off as a creep, because I did feel awkward.But I made friends. A lot of them. Most of them girls. I am 19 now. Whenever I tell people about my awkwardness a lot of them have difficulty believing it. But I know it was there and I know I've removed it , for good.The thing  about awkwardness , social anxiety , feeling left out and all sorts of things like that is that it harbours on your lack of self esteem.You develop that and suddenly you're the boss. Change whatever you don't like. Just change it. You think you don't look good , work out , make a change.You think you are lazy , just take the initiative , do it.You think you are less interesting ? Read, do things , make experiences worth talking about. You think you are awkward? Create more experiences where your awkwardness comes up. Believe me it'll start going away.BE RANDOM. DIVE INTO THINGS. YOU WILL COME UP