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Some Forced Marriages Manga With Arrogant And Forceful Guy

A manga where a rich arrogant guy force a girl into a relationship with him?

Hoshigari Love Dollar

SUZUKI Matsuri is riding the train to school one morning when she feels the unpleasant slide of a stranger’s fingers on her rear. Not one to be bashful, Matsuri turns and decks the guy behind her, yelling at him and accusing him of being a pervert. Unfortunately for Matsuri, she hits the wrong guy! Her victim is a young man named SUMERAGAWA Omi. He is rich. I mean…. REALLY rich. Ridiculously rich. He chose to ride the train that morning after one of his cars had engine trouble and he didn’t want to bother waiting for another car to be brought around. Of course it wasn’t Omi who had his hand on Matsuri’s behind, and when she realizes this, she apologizes profusely. Omi is not the type to let her off that easily, however. He decides that he likes Matsuri’s outgoing personality and sass, and he wants her… for his bride!


Hapi Mari

Men - they're the root of Takanashi Chiwa's problems, which is why she never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. A full-time office lady and a part-time hostess, she works night and day to pay off her dad's debt from his failed business. One night at her part-time job, a high-class customer has her fired. Then the next day, she's called in to see the president - whom she had never even seen before in the office - only to find out she's to marry him! But what kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto anyway? Will he become one of Chiwa's problems, or will he save her from them? And will this marriage even last?!


EDIT: Maybe, Not to sure about this one, still really good though.

The Bride of the Water God

Soah is a girl from a small village. The Water God is upset and so a long drought has been devastating the village people. In order to appease the god, they marry Soah off to him by sacrificing her to the Water God in exchange for rain. The Water God rescues her to his Water Kingdom, where her new life begins. For Soah, this is a story of her faith...her life...her love...


A Anime with forced or arranged marriages?

* Ai Yori Aoshi

The 2 characters Kaoru Hanabishi and Aoi Sakuraba are matched in an arranged marriage as young children, to cement a relationship between their powerful corporate households. This is an odd example, however, in that like the previously mentioned Gankutsuoh example, the engagement is technically broken off (Kaoru left his family after being orphaned and then terribly abused by his grandfather): the series' drama results from the two main characters genuinely falling in love and still wanting to get married, but not being able to do so for the whole scandal it'd bring.

* Ranma 1/2
Due to arrangement between their fathers, Ranma and Akane was set to marry each other. They first hated each other. They later on through a very long process of denial and funny moments, we know they love each other.

* Basilisk
Oboro Iga and Gennosuke Koga were engaged since childhood as a part of the truce between the Iga and Koga clans. It certainly helped that they came to genuinely like the idea when they knew each other better.

* Welcome to NHK
Yamazaki didn't want to go to an omiai (Japanese serious match making) but he later on fall in love with the woman he met)

Then there's manga/manwha:

- Cash no Kankei by Yu Asagiri
One of the best ones I've read about arranged marriage but can't seem to find online scanlation for it.
- Tail of the Moon
- Love Monster
- Let's Get Married
- Be My Sweet Darling
- Goong


Romance manga with forced marriage?

Here are some manga with the theme of 'forced marriage':

~Fated to Love You
~Haikara-san ga Tooru
~Hapi Mari
~Honey Mari
~Juuoku Shoujo
~Kamen no Hanayome
~Kazekaze no Hito
~Kitsune no Yomeiri
~Koi no Himitsu Kichi
~Faster than a Kiss
~Full House
~Adarushan no Hanayome
~Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen
~Billion Girl
More info/suggestions: marriage marriage marriage

Hope this helps!

What are some arranged/forced marriage manga to read?

Faster Than a Kiss:

Fumino's parents have died; she and her little brother Teppei (who's ADORABLE) have been passed around from relative to relative but no one wants to take responsibility for them (they must be DUMB and BLIND!!! Poor Teppei!!!). One day, Fumino has had enough and runs away from home to a train station. Dejected but determined to take care of Teppei, she decides she'll just have to drop out of high school and work nights to take care of him. Feeling a little sad that no ones come to find her, she's startled when her young teacher Kazuma has come for her. He offers her a place to stay with him, but she's angry and scared that he probably doesn't mean it and it's only out of pity. So she angrily replies "Are you gonna marry me to take care of me?!" and he angrily replies back "YES!". So they marry in secret and she moves in with the kind and handsome Kazuma. At first he kind and leaves her alone, and is always aware that she's a student and younger than him, but soon love slowly develops and they must always be aware of lines that must not be crossed, and how to keep their secret.
Very sweet, funny, and engaging story. (Plus her brother Teppei is too cute for words!!! Gyahh!!! - fangirl squee) ♥

Any manga with guy forced by girl to marry?

I read one where a girl with six kids and her brother were very poor and the girl went into an arranged marriage with a rich guy where they must not fall in love with each other. but they end up falling for each other, during that process the guy's friend fell in love with the girl and caused a big confusion. the name of this manga is Hadashi de bara wo fume i hope this fit ur description of wat ur looking 4 and i hope you enjoy it cause it's nice

A good smut romance manga where the guy is forceful and gets jelous alot?

I haven't read Love Strip, but I can think of a few like it. Here are a few off the top of my head and some I looked up. I hope they are what you're looking for!

Desire Climax- Omari Mio is a normal 17 year-old girl. She goes to school and works a part-time job to help support her family. Because her father is dead and her mother's sick, she often finds it hard to make ends meet. One night, she meets a handsome stranger who suddenly steals a kiss from her, and then throws money offering to buy her. Who is this mysterious stranger that stole Mio's first kiss?
This one is kinda long though.

Kemono Ni Koishita- Madoka accepted the odd temper of the beast-like guy, Misao, and continues to be his sex-friend. But, the truth is, she wants his heart, too. But she is afraid that she will be dumped, so she does not confess her feelings... In order to graduate from this relationship, Madoka must do something! 4 Chapters

Asa Madde Moto- Mitsuru is gentle and kind, and he’s deeply in love with Aoi. Ryo, Mitsuru’s twin brother, is stoic and brutish and loves to tease and torment Aoi. The choice should be clear, so why does Aoi find herself so much more attracted to Ryo…?! 7 chapters

Usagi No Koi- Synopsis- Nana Usami wants nothing more than to share her feelings with Shinobu, an aggressive boy who calls her by the nickname Usagi. Can Nana get past her quiet nature to be closer to the boy she cares for?
This one is one shot, so its short.

Hope I helped some ^^

Anime/Manga dealing with force marriage?

Here's some manga titles that involve some kind of forced relationship similar to marriage.

*Those marked with an asterisks (*) best relate to the examples you gave.

B-Shock - not exactly marriage but forced "attachment"
Bridge of the Water God
Cherry: - love at first sight, then elopment?
Kanokon - more like "fated meeting"
Love Lucky - marriage interview + obstacles
* Midori no Hibi - "forced attachment" / bonding
Omamori Himari - "forced engagement" (takes a while)
* Seto no Hanayame - forced "engagement." Made into an Anime
SPAS-PA - forced engagement + amnesia
To Love Ru - foced engagement. Made into an Anime
Umi no Misaki - Island religion, forces shrine maidens to marry the "reincarnation" of their deity.
Zero no Tsukaima - "forced attachment" between mage & familiar. Made into an Anime (2 series)

[Edit] And here are series that take your request & have a twist to it:

Kiss x Sis - Twincest, twin sisters + non-related step brother
Mirai Nikki - hella creepy stalker girl
Shina Dark - nations send sacrificial "fiancee's" in order to appease "Satan"

[Edit2] Added several more titles

There a few factors which dictate what you can and cannot do in this scenario.Firstly, you say your parents are ‘forcing’ you into this arranged marriage. Therefore, this is a forced marriage rather than arranged, which implies they must have some reason behind why they are ‘forcing’ you.Secondly, you seem to have an issue with the prospect earning less than you.Why is this?Today we are in a society where women and men are aspiring to work together and respect each other irrespective of their material worth such as earning capacity, their status or wealth.But this bothers you.This implies that you are not comfortable with a man who can earn less than you, which says your views are very much ‘looking down’ on the person just because of money and most likely what maybe ‘other people will think’ - “Oh my he earns less than you! What?!”You are looking for a partner for marriage which is not all about money. This boy could possibly have the most incredible personality, love you for you and willing to work hard in the marriage to make it work.Also, what says he will be earning less than you for the rest of your married life? People change jobs, develop more skills, increase their value.In another scenario, you could have a prospect who earns three times as much as you, is arrogant, has no time for you, will do as he wants and you will be ‘the wife’ to him.In addition, does the boy have an issue that you earn more than him? Does it make him feel that he cannot be a good husband?Therefore, you need to think very carefully about what you want in life and most importantly marriage.Marriage is a big step and should never be short changed due to material things such as earning capacity and similar things. It is a relationship which needs two people to work hard as a team.In your marriage your spending power should be together as a united couple - not competitive, surely as to who earns more?But if you are not happy and still feel this will affect you and your marriage then you must speak to your parents and tell them, what you feel and why you cannot marry him. They may not like it but will understand it if you communicate your concerns effectively.

Romance manga where the girl is forced to live with a guy?

Hm, the relationships in the manga that I'm suggesting aren't all "forced". More like the female/male lives in the other gender's home (whether by choice or force) and eventually falls in love with them. So you can try some of these manga:

<> Hapi Mari ::: 3 volumes / Publishing <>
<> Tokyo Crazy Paradise ::: 19 volumes <>
<> Kimi wa Pet ::: 14 volumes <>
<> Kamisama Hajimemashita ::: 6 volumes / Publishing <>
<> Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie ::: 8 volumes <>
<> Nanaco Robin ::: 3 volumes <>
<> Akuma de Sourou ::: 11 volumes <>
<> Ranma 1/2 ::: 38 volumes <>
<> Pastel ::: 25 volumes / Publishing <>
<> Yumemiru Taiyou ::: 6 volumes / Publishing <>

I hope that helps ^_^