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Someone At My Work Is Doing Drugs And Management Knows And Refuses To Do Anything What Should I Do

My 3 year old grandson saw his mother using drugs, what should I do?

You must get involved!!! These situations are not 'easy' - but your GS must be protected!

I am raising my 3 yr old grandchild because of drug usage by the parents.

If your GS's father is willing, let him get legal advise for gaining full custody - and only allowing supervised visitation for the mother. If he is not - then are YOU?

We must help these children. There are more and more that have to live in unsafe homes....and they are in danger.

Don't let him suffer any more. He is only him!!

BTW - do not get CPS involved. Anyone in the legal system will tell you that. You would be placing your GS's life in the hands of people who do not care....and do not do their job. (of course, there could be exceptions....but do you want to take that chance?)

Does anyone know how to pass a drug test?

If any of the little tricks suggested happen to work (and they probably will not) you will continue to use drugs since now you know how to "beat" the test. One day at work you will do or say something that will in turn cause management to order a random drug test for you and then they will fire you anyway. I've seen it all before.

Should I refuse a random drug test?

Unless you are in a union, the company can unilaterally impose work rules that protect the safety of the employees. If you are in a union, the rules are specified by contract and new rules must be negotiated with the union.

Many companies have drug treatment options available under their medical plan. If you work for a company that has this option, I would advise you to go to management and let them know you want to take advantage of the option. Many times the same company that will automatically fire you for a failed drug will support drug rehabilitation and welcome you back when you complete the program.

If your company does not offer drug treatment, you need to stop using and hope that you are not tested until the drugs clear your system. Instead of quitting your job, use this as a good excuse to stop using drugs. And if you are called for a test and you know there are drugs in your system, go to your manager and ask for a chance to be treated. If you are honest and forthright, you may have a chance to save your job.

Quitting in this economy may find you looking for a long time for a new job...

What to do if you know a pregnant woman is using drugs???

She is still a person. Just because she is pregnant doesn't mean she gives up her rights. You would do just as you would if she weren't pregnant. Drug addiction is not something that she can just stop doing. She needs to get some treatment. Talk to someone at NA

Calling the police will not help her or her baby. She needs help, not jail.

Why hasn't my boss fired my coworker for selling drugs at work?

Thank you for your quick responses!

I will use the call the cops while selling method, but only as a last resort.

I cannot give details of my works hierarchy without exposing the company I work for, but rest assured, she is the BOSS. She is it. I may be able to go to the Franchisor, but that would be a long and complicated process, and I am sure my boss would be unhappy employing someone who went over her head. Keep in mind, ideally I would still like to work here after this is all over.

Timothy, if you have nothing nice to say, why make yourself heard? It is my business because I have to work twice as hard for the same amount of pay. If I was getting his paycheck too? Fine. Sell drugs all damn day, I don't care. But, this is directly affecting my life as a "simple" manager. You have the same attitude as he does. I think I saw a Timothy on his phone during company time... You two must know each other. Misery loves company. Cheers "bro."

How to control your temper when someone keeps provoking you?

If people ignore him, he doesn't have any fun. You keep him going by getting angry. Learn to not care what a drunk says because they only delight in annoying people who can't control their temper. You are a great target. Never allow anyone to make you get out of control because you are actually giving them control over you. Turn and walk away. That type is useless.

They're BACK!! ! YET AGAIN. Pharmacists who refuse to sell the 'morning after pill". What should be done?

Why do these people become pharmacists in the first damn place, ugh!

SEATTLE - A federal judge has suspended Washington state's requirement that pharmacists sell "morning-after" birth control pills, a victory for druggists who claim their moral objections to the drug are being bulldozed by the government...Critics consider the pill tantamount to abortion, although it is different from the abortion pill RU-486 and has no effect on women who already are pregnant...."On the issue of free exercise of religion alone, the evidence before the court convinces it that plaintiffs ... have demonstrated both a likelihood of success on the merits and the possibility of irreparable injury," Leighton wrote.

The injunction effectively sets up a so-called "refuse and refer" system, allowing pharmacists who personally oppose Plan B to send customers to another pharmacy.

Can the drug advair stop the affect of birth control pills from working?

im also taking singulair. and have been on the pill for 2 months
now after having my daughter and i think i may be pregnant again even after taking them faithfully every day. i have all symptoms. so if someone could find this info out and let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.Also, should i keep taking the pill ? thanks.