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Someone Sent Email To Random Contacts From Iphone Without Access

A friend from your phone contacts is also on messenger, you added them on a certain date. Does that mean that I added them on Facebook messenger?

No not necessarily. You don’t have to manually add names or phone numbers for someone to show up in messenger.People who show up in your messenger range from email contacts, contacts/phone numbers that you have manually entered into your mobile device, including random incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your mobile device. This is the default setting, although you may not notice it unless you’re aware of it. To prevent these random numbers from being synchronized you will need to immediately delete incoming and outgoing phone numbers that you have not and do not want as contacts. This is tricky because you don’t know when Facebook synchronizes these numbers.All that’s required for someone to show up in your Facebook messenger is either a phone number, and/or email address that's linked to a Facebook account, and you and the person have had some prior contact via or email, (this can include random incoming and outgoing calls, if they remain in your phone long enough to be synchronized by Facebook, and so long as your settings are left to Facebook's default), or you’re on each other’s friend list, which will then be automatic.However, if the contact doesn't have the messenger app installed, but they do have Facebook account, you will still see their Facebook profile name in your messenger app and you will have an option to send them an invite.There are some exceptions where a contact won’t show up, for instance, if a phone number, email, or random number isn't linked with Facebook, the account holder will not show up even if you manually attempt to add them in messenger, obviously because the information isn't linked with Facebook.Or let’s say you get a new phone number or you change the email address that was linked to your Facebook account, and you don’t update the new number or the new email to your Facebook, this leaves your old number still linked to your Facebook, and the person who eventually gets your old number as their new number and this person isn't affiliated at all with Facebook or messenger, and they don’t know that you didn’t update your Facebook information, in this case your old phone number along with your Facebook profile will continue to show on messenger, and will remain until the information is updated by either you or the new account holder.For the latest updates and information, I recommend that you check your Facebook security settings and messenger settings so you can personalize them to suit your needs.

Why is the access site for email listed as OR for and iphone in WA?

You are a little short on details, but this would either be based on incomplete information about your location, or the most appropriate site for you actually is in Oregon.

How to fix a virus sending e-mail from my contacts list?

Someone has hacked your account and is still sending Spam to those in your address book.
Each one will have a person's name in the subject line. When opened, there is a link to some advertising sight. If you click on the link, you get Mal-ware, Spyware or a Virus.

1: Do a spyware scan on your computer to find the malware which is sending those messages and remove it.

2: After your hard drive is cleaned, change your password, not before!

3. Clean your cache, delete history of visited websites and "Sign Out" of your account completely before leaving the computer. Click the "Sign Out" button.
4. If you leave it open, anyone can open and read your email. They can also go to the history function, or just hit the back button and get into your account. Never open emails from someone you do not know. That's how the hackers get your account info.

Don't forget your new password though. You will need it the next time you sign into your Yahoo account.

How hard is it to hack someone's cell phone if you just know their phone number?

Hacking a smartphone would require a high level of qualification and knowledges in hacking methods. To be honest, not everyone can do this, unless you are ready to spend hours learning about hacking methods. And it’s also very hard to exploit an Android device without having some type of physical access at some point.Your smartphone may be tracking you : On the off chance that you have an iPhone or an Android, odds are that each and every move you make is being followed, area by area, including the correct circumstances you were there. Furthermore, if it's an Android, all that following information is being sent straight to Google.Apple discloses to NBC News they use the data to give customized administrations and that "it's kept exclusively on your gadget and won't be sent to apple without your assent." Google, the creator of Android, revealed to NBC News that clients can "empower or impair area abilities both on their Android gadget and Google Account.

How can we send WhatsApp messages without using a number?

First download whatsaap in your smart phone from your mobile app store, if you are old user than delete your mobile number from whatsapp account.After download completes install whatsapp in your smart phone and then close it. Don’t move on to next step.Now we need to verify mobile number, so to verify mobile number we need toinstall one another application called “Text +“. We have to install Text+ app because to verify mobile number.Now after install Text+ app, open the app >> navigate to “settings” panel >> move forward and select “contact“.Now you will get a private number in that app for your use, copy that given mobile number in Text+ app.Open your whatsapp messenger app and at the phone verification paste that copied number and press continue.Now wait for a few seconds you will receive a verification code in your Text+ app.After getting whatsapp verification code, copy that code and use it for whatsappverification.That’s it now continue to start chatting on whatsapp without phone number.

How do I link my Yahoo email address book to my iPhone?

Just go to settings
Tap on emails
Add Account
Select Yahoo as your email provider

My WhatsApp is sending random messages to people. They're not just random, they're actual messages. I think my account is hacked. How do I stop it?

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