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Someone Tell Me If This Is A Normal Full Time Schedule Or Should I Be Taking More

How many classes does a normal full time college student have?

It is kind of weird. I am going to northwest nazarene university, which is a private christian college. I am a bit confused too, because I always thought you chose what classes and when. But at this school, they had us fill out an educational objectioniare, which basically has you say what classes you are interested in, you intended major, your interests basically, and then they make your schedule based on this. I have some control, I mean if I don't like a class or I don't like the time, if there is a better time available I can change that. I think it's just freshman year that is like that, since everyone has required classes regardless of your major. Cornerstone is a required class, because of the fact that it is like to help you adjust to college life I guess. Biblical studies is also required since it is a christian school. I am interested in psychology and english. It just seemed like some long days which I didn't expect so much. I think second semester is very tentative.

How many hours should a full-time college student work?

I had one semester where I really busted my butt.I mean really, really busted my butt.I had everything planned out, seven days a week, to 15 minute intervals.Here’s what this looked like, in scheduled form:M-F: 7:30–8:30am breakfast.8:45–1pm: class1–1:45pm: lunch1:45–2:45pm: exercise2:45–3pm: shower/change3pm-5:30pm: homework5:30pm-6:30pm: dinner6:30–8:00pm: more homework8–11pm: extracurriculars, more homework, and socializing11–7:30: sleep.So… within those five days, you have about 50 hours of work.I’ll spare you the details of my weekends, but to summarize, I’d do approximately five hours a day Saturday and Sunday, bringing us to a grand total of ….60 hours.The outcome: I had a GPA in the high 3.8’s and would’ve had a 4.0 at Cornell this semester if I didn’t get destroyed by computers class (not my forte).I really “gave it my all” that semester. When I think of sacrifice, discipline, and motivation, that semester always comes to mind.I did every reading, every assignment, and went to every class.I still got over seven hours of sleep a night, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. :)

How do you schedule therapy around a full time job?

How do you schedule therapy around a full time job?I work with many people who have full-time jobs. Some come during a lunch hour. Some can get away during an afternoon and go back to work. Some come before they start work, and many come after work or weekends. Granted, if you have full-time job with hours that are very long it’s more challenging, but there are many therapist who work long hours and weekends as well. Many employers are also sympathetic, and will understand employee needing to leave for an hour once a week, for a standing appointment related to their well-being.

Is it normal to be offered a serving job at 1 day a week?

I was offered a serving job for one night a week when I’m looking for full time. Should I be insulted? Do restaurant managers really want servers who are willing to only work one day a week? She knows I’m looking for full time, so she can’t possibly think she’s doing me a favor. I’m honestly insulted that she would even offer, am I wrong? She couldn’t get her collective staff to pick up one extra shift a week? What?

How many hours is a part-time job at sonic?

Usually 35-40 hours a week is considered full time. Below 30 hours is a part time job.

1) is working 7 to 3 normal for part time? or is that just training? Will I be working everyday? (he didn't give me a schedule or anything). working 48 hours does not seem like a part time job.

-Working 48 hours is not a part time job. Be sure to set limits so you don't end up being a slave. A girl I use to work with quit because she was in the work program at school. She would come in at noon everyday, 10 minutes after school let out, our Sonic is basically down the street from out high school and work until close. On the weekends she'd come in at 10 AM. She'd get maybe one day off. I'm not trying to scare you, I love working at Sonic, but not having any time for anything else sucks. Usually your hours will be about the same everyday you work. Your boss will give you the schedule when you go in for your next day of work, if you weren't given another day call them up

2) Can I have some tips for the drinks, slushies, limeades, malts, shakes, etc.? I sometimes mix them up but I think I'm doing okay so far since it was my first day.

-Uhm. Don't add TOO much flavoring in the slushies, I've had a customer complain because we put too much syrup in a slushie and on the ice cream blender, blasts especially, blend slowly until your confident with it, popping cups sucks, especially when its really busy.

3) I haven't working the switchboard yet but I've listened in and it seems hard to understand people. I'm kinda worried about that. any advise?

-You can tell the people to speak up or repeat themselves. Some people are just really hard to understand

4) any other help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my "book" of a question! :)

I'll help you with anything if you want to email me. Like I said, I work there and can give you any 411 on Sonic lol email me if you have more questions

Is taking 13 credit hours not enough?

Hey. . . I took 12-13 hours most semesters when I was an undergrad. So did everyone else in my major, and we still just barely had enough time to eat and perhaps sleep a few hours a night and only hoping for at least B's. Some from other fields who were taking 17, 18, or 19 hours were partying every night and still got A's in their classes.

In simplest terms, all credit hours are *not* equal in time demands. Only you can tell what kind of time you might or might not have for the 13 hours you're already signed up to take, and you shouldn't let this "average" dictate otherwise to you since maybe you're not taking "average" classes. The lab is going to take quite a bit of time purely because you have to be there a few hours a week for probably what equals only 1 credit hour, so I wouldn't see a major problem with stopping at just 4 classes.

I am an international student in Canada. I have 20 hours work permit per week. What happens if I exceed 20 hours?

well……you know the saying “been there, done that”SO, in this case, lets say I knew a guy who did it. keep this between you and me, but he worked more than 20 hrs as a full time student. He took the risk because thats what he does. he does stupid things. He worked minimum 40 hrs/week.However, he did not get flagged or deported. In fact, it worked out just fine for him. Do not follow my advice “wink wink” ( seriously don’t !)If you really do need the money and extra hours, don’t do what he did. Theres are better ways, but you have to work your way around it.Do your 20 hours legally and use your immigrant mentality to figure the rest out.The word on the streets is that drug dealing is pretty profitable, but what do I know. I watch a lot of movies.His employer did ask him if he had any restrictions since other kids could only do 20 hours, and he straight up lied and said he’s a part time student so he can work more than 20 hrs. He continued taking the risk.If you do take the risk, make sure your designation is part time and not full time. clock in the extra hours accordingly. a couple of hours here and there don’t hurt.In the end, it all worked out for him. k’nahmsayin. Everyones situation is different, and we got to do what we got to do. Don’t blame other people for your actions if it back fires on you.Goodluck !!