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Someone Was Using My Email Today That Email Was That To Happen

My business email account disappeared?

I am having the SAME issue! I've called the customer service line and have been on hold for over an hour. They say you can request a call back by signing in. If I could sign in, I WOULDN'T NEED TO BE CALLING YOU!! I am soooo frustrated and I have no idea what is wrong.

UPDATE: I got cut off (may have been my fault) so I called back. I also left a message on the small business page on Facebook. How did you find out about the billing? I can't even remember how I paid and I thought it was annually but I'm not sure. PLEASE, WHOEVER SPEAKS TO SOMEONE FIRST POST THEIR "ANSWER" HERE.

UPDATE: I just looked at the Yahoo Small business Facebook page and saw that lots of people are having the same issue. Here is one woman's post that may be helpful however the phone number seems to take you to the same wait listed answering service.

"Yes I was on the phone for 2 hours this morning with them. Our account is 8 years old, we started through SBC Global and that is why there was such a problem. Had to set up a new email through Yahoo then reset up all of our accounts. Such a pain! but we got it fixed. The number I called is 408-916-2130 that's small business email. Hope that helps you."

Yahoo Mail notepad disappeared today!??! HELP!?

Hi Goddessdra,

If you are using the newest version of Yahoo! mail, you will be able to find the Notepad application under 'Applications' on the left side of your Yahoo! inbox page. Click on the small arrow button if your application menu isn't expanded by default.

Alternatively, you can also load the Notepad tab on your Yahoo! mail by going to

My Yahoo Email toolbar disappeared. How do I get it back?

My Yahoo Email toolbar disappeared. How do I get it back?
When I go to the Compose a Message to do an Email, I have noticed that my "email toolbar (i.e., Spell Check / Font face / Font Size / Bold / Italic / Underline / Text Color / Highlight Color / Insert emotion icon / etc.) These buttons (and the icons) have disappeared. The only way I can see them is if I run the cursor across the button face. How do I get the buttons to show up again?

To LoneStar:
I have tried that one and it may have worked in other situations but (unfortunately) not for me.
I fixed it by going to the toolbar menu and scrolled down to the "Options" button, then clicked the "Content Tab" and then do the appropriate action "block or allow" said issue. It worked. It had somehow considered the email toolbar buttons (I assume) to be like pop-ups and blocked the icons from showing up. Thank You all the same. At least I did try what you suggested.

I marked an email as not spam and it disappeared, how do i get it back?

It will be somewhere in your inbox. Search for it. You'll eventually find it.

My university sent an email but it has disappeared from my inbox. Is it possible they recalled the email?

If the university is running Exchange Server they can recall it ONLY if you have not read it. If you opened it then that email can not be recalled. Obviously, you should always open and read any email you plan to read more carefully later.The way it works in older versions (Exchange Server 2003) of Exchange is the person will try to recall the email and the Exchange server will send an email asking if you will allow that email to be recalled. If you say yes, it disappears from your inbox. If no, then it stays. Once you have read it recall will not work. I believe newer versions work the same way.There are many other email servers that may have this email recall feature. Gmail does not. You can recall in Gmail but that is nothing more than a 30 second send delay where you can stop the send before 30 seconds is out.If you had opened it I suggest you try to undelete it, search the junk email folder, and search the deleted email folder to try to recover it.Here is the recover procedure if you use Outlook for Windows.Good luck.

My girlfriend's yahoo email account has disappeared!?

This happened to me when i had a virgin account - someone was using my details to spam - best thing is email or call yahoo and ask them to reinstate the account and that it had been hijacked - ask if you can reset the password so that THEY know YOU are not 'the' ( presumed) spammer. I managed to get my account up long enough to contact all my friends - change the email address and passwords and zthen closed the account down for good. Goodluck