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Son And Daughters Stepmother Wants To Have The Ability To Make Decisions For Them

Can my child's stepmother make medical decisions without my authority?

K, so last week, my two year old has a doctor's appointment. It was during her scheduled visitation time with her dad, so I told him he was responsible for getting her there. Turns out he had to work, so he had new wife bring her. That was fine, it was just a checkup. Well, while at the appointment, new wife decides to "double check" with the doctor about the instructions I gave them for my daughter's breathing medicine. I'll add here that the doctor she saw that day isn't even the one that prescribes that medicine. She saw her pediatrician, and her lung doctor prescribes her breathing medications. Well, her pediatrician tells stepmom that he's pretty sure my daughter is supposed to have it twice a day, even though the lung doctor told me once a day, and I have checked, that's even what it says on the prescription. That's not even the bad part. They get home tuesday, and without calling me or even texting me, no communication whatsoever, she gives my child another dose of this medicine and continues to give her double doses until I get her back on Saturday, which is when I find out from my x husband that all of this has gone on. I've talked to her and let her know that she is not my child's mother and that I need to be notified about all medical issues. I'm calling the doctor's office tomorrow to ban her from bringing my daughter in for appointments without my x. My question is, was it legal for the doctor to give her, as a stepparent, not a biological parent, those instructions, and was it legal for her to implement them without my consent? For clarification, my x and I have joint custody with me being primary, but he also was not present at this appointment.

Stepmother -daughter jealousy?

Thank you all for your input. You all have very good points but I feel like I have tried all of them.
My daughter is 13 and lives with us.
I have no idea where she is coming from when she says"inappropriate". I wonder some times if something happened to her that shae has blocked out.
My daughter, even at 13, is a very kind person. She has told me that she has no problem with my wife except when she's being mean.
My wife claims that my daughter is manipulative and is trying to split us up but this is not the case.
I'm about to have a coronary over this. My wife and I are in counseling once a week, but these issues seem to come up between sessions.

Is the stepmother guardian of my daughter?

Its funny how some of you give advise as if you are attorneys - First of all - she has not committed a crime - Second If she is living in the step-mom's home, even though Dad is parent - she is considered a guardian, she is doing her laundry, cooking for her, providing for her, sounds like you as a mother is jealous of Step-mom for doing something for her step-daughter, that you as her mom should step up to the plate, and be doing, if she is bouncing back and forth, and let me guess, when she is with you, you probally grill her as to what goews on in Dad's house, and bad mouth Dad and Step mom. Have you ever stopped to think, that your ex, is aware of all of this, and has given permission, he as the Father has that right, as well as your new husband, would have that right given your permission.

Stop being so nit picky about things, she can't be that bad if she is taking your daughter for counseling, she is not trying to replace you as her mother, just trying to help her. By you being so nitpicky you are not going to do anything but eventually turn your daughter against you. As she gets older, she will resent you for causing so many problems while she was growing up.

I've been down this road with my husbands' ex - he is now 18, lives with us, and wants nothing to do with his mom, because she couldn't go with the flow, she caused probems from the time he was 8.

I know you are hurt, and she is your daughter, but take a step back for a minute, is she hurting your daughter in any way, just by what you have stated, she is just tring to help.

A daughter as she or any woman has that inbuilt power. Most of the time sons stay away rather out of city n even out of their own counrty so they are helpless. Daughter knows the each n every minute tbings n tantrums of her parents. She can handle it more properly and parents do listen to her. She may scild them some times where as same can't be done with inlaws. She knows parents would normal after few minutes. Sons being with their wives are in awkward position. Actual they should not. Being a daughter I have served my parents a lot rather today also. My sister too is with me for 20 years. My dad is no more but we two sisters share all household old chores of my mom altbough she is not living witb us yet we two sisters have taken full responsibility of her. Brother is very loving but stays away so its not possible for him to attend her. He everyday calls her, no doubt. Ultimately Daughters rock. This is the scenario . Son in laws do look into the crushal situations. Just keep it in mind that keep serving who ever it is.

It is not control, but caution to raise children safely. Mother want to be sure that her children should not be misled by out side influences and stay straight on their career path.

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Help! I don't like my stepmother?

Having been both an athelete , coach , and parent . I believe this from what I have read you have both a caring and smart mother and father . They both were right in what they told you in that your father wants you to share and be happy with the step-mother and she is going about gaining that by trying to be what she is not , your mother . Your mother gave you really good advice to be polite and walk the high road regardless of the situation .
I think the next time that you sit down with your dad and stepmom , you should ask them both to listen to what you have to say and then tell them what and how you think.
Tell them that as a athelete you respect all of your coaches ( not because you like them all ) but because they have earned your respect and trust . Tell your stepmom that you have not known her long enough to like or dislike her , You love your mom because she and your dad brought you into this world and no one can take that love away , but she ( the step-mom needs to give you time and space to get used to the situation and not try to be his mother, because you already have one that you love dearly . Be polite and stay calm ; maybe you should just talk with your dad first. it seems that you and he have a pretty good relationship.
Hang in there and give the situation time to work itself out . I know that we as adults sometimes ( really frequently ) do things that are really not very smart and we do not ask anyone if its ok . Sometimes things do not work out they way we want , and we just have to be mature about how we do and say things.
It souds to me like you have a great Mom and a great Dad that really love you , just not each other. Let them work that out and you just be a young man that they raised . You do not have to like the situation or some of the people in it,
but you do need to continue to love Mom and Dad and use the things like respect that they have instilled in you . Talk to them all and let them know how you feel . It ain't easy.
I hope this helps you some and I wish you the best of luck . May God bless you .

My step mother wasn't very nice to me and my sister. My father married her when I was 5 and we all moved into her house. She favored her own daughter and saw us as the trouble makers and the house cleaners.Now, the problem with step parents is two sides. One, you have the authoritarian who treats you like an inconvenience or a problem child and you have the “nice” step parents who just wants to be “friends.” The second one wont get more love and respect. They will get taken advantage of.Kids don't like intruders into their world. Espcially ines who seem as though they are taking away their parenrs tine and attention. They dont automatically bind with you or like you. You are ultimately trying to be a replacement.I remember when I was 5 or 6 my dad asked me why I wouldn't call my step lother “mom.” I answered, “Because she isn't.” After that my step mother came to my room in tears and told me that love can not be forced essentially guilting me into calling her “mom.”I still kind if resent the emotional manipulation that was imlosed on me.The best thing to do is to be yourself, be the adult, and let the kids express themselves. Don't let them abuse you, but don't expect to become their parent. Be a teacher who needs to earn their respect.